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I am an environmental engineer with over five years of experience in Sustainable Development Project Design and Solid Waste Management.

I am growth-oriented, autonomous, and passionate about everything I do. I am someone who takes ownership of the project, easily adapts to any situation, has leadership skills to drive solutions and ideas, and works effectively in multidisciplinary environments.

I develop technical documents such as Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Management Plans (EMP), Occupational Health and Safety Plans, licenses, and environmental registrations.

Currently, I am developing expertise as an environmental leader in climate change negotiations and data science to contribute to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conferences of the Parties (COP). Learn more about the Climate Reality Project:

I am a member of IAAS: the world’s largest network of students in agriculture and related sciences with +10,000 members, where we promote the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and ideas to enhance mutual understanding among students worldwide. Find out how to join here:

I have an advanced level of English, allowing me to easily adapt to different work environments.

I’m Isabel Cristina Henao Pino. I studied business administration at Universidad de Antioquia, I did an human-resources’ specialization and I had a master’s degree in organizational development on 2022. Since 2018, I have been working in Stop Jeans company as a Training-Welfare Coordinator. I have twenty-two-years-working experience and seven years as teams’ leadership. I like read, dance, walk and share with my family and friends. I want to continue improving in personal and profesional way. I work very hard to meet my goals, and I don’t like dishonesty. I’m a responsable-honest person.

I´m Lisi, an argentinian girl who born in the same city of Lionel Messi in 1989. I lived there since I born until 1998, when me and my family moved to Patagonia region, in Argentina too. I lived a couple of years there and studied as Spanish teacher, and I used to worked like this in different high schools in the region. All my life, I´ve practiced roller skating. Since I was three years-old girl and, for now, participating in many events and competitions. As I´ve said, I started this sport when I was a little girl, cause I found it passionate. Me and my whole family used to participate in an association that is very common in Argentina for the Italian families and descendents, called “Círculo Italiano”, or “Sociedad Italiana”, and they fommented this sport that is very popular in Italy. As a lot of Argentinians, I have double citizenship, Argentinian-Italian, cause a million of Italians left Europe in the years after the 1st and the 2nd world war, and a lot of them choose Argentina for the similarities in the geography and the weather. They established in groups of agricultures mostly in Litoral region. At the moment, I´m living in Bergen, Norway, since the middle of 2023. I´m improving my English skills and I´m learning Norwegian too. Is Important to speak the local language to learn more about the culture of the country and to have better opportunities to work. Now, we´re in winter and these days has been snowing a lot, we have aproximately 50cm of snow accumulate, and this is perfect to practicing ski everywhere, also in the streets! And many children enjoy playing with their sleds on any little mountain. it´s so funny!

Santiago is an Electrical engineer, with one year of experience in protection and control applied to electrical substations, he has developed several projects such as breaker replacement, battery replacement, installation of new relay systems, among others. He is a committed, outstanding, and leader.
Santiago is looking to apply his knowledge and experience in the electronic field, contributing to different projects, and is willing to learn about new cutting-edge technologies.

My profile.
I am writing this profile so I can remember the things I’ve done in my life.
Hello, I am Obdaly Garay, I am a seventeen-year-old marketer, who is studying hard so I can accomplish amazing things.
I am an athlete in Bogota, I am an inline skater. Skating is one of the sports I’ve done throughout my life, but for me, it is the most important. Skating changed my life in 2020, I never thought that just one class would lead me to dream and live for this fabulous sport.
My favorite hobby is watching films, and that’s why I started to study languages like English and French.
It’s actually an experience that makes you feel like you rule the world like a ceasar and at the same time being naive and learning new cultures, habits, words, and people.

My profile

I hope we can know better throughout this profile. I am 21-year-old, I’m from Colombia and I live near to the capital, Bogotá. My dad is teacher of music, that’s why I am connected with music since I was a child. Actually I work with him, we’ve a small school of music, work in that I can mantain my cost of life, but also enjoy learning more and more music. I have to admit that it isn’t an eassy work, like others, but I really try my best and put my effort in getting better.
First instrument that I have learned was piano, with the time I’ve started with violin and cello. I consider myself as a person that has to strive a lot, because is difficult for me, but learned to don’t give up, has been helping me in many things.
My goal is get outside from my home and live by myself, I think my parents need to live their lives.
In conclusion I’m living my life, I hope you’re doing well.
Thanks for reading me!

I'm Systems Enginner, I finished studies referents my career. I have work experience in hardware-software mantenience, realizing issues as corrective and preventive maintenance computer-systems, documents control fill and process instalation. To able team-work, conflicts solution and responsability.
My name is Carolina Echeverría, I am Chilean, I lived all my childhood and youth in the capital, Santiago. I studied Business Administration, where I worked for almost 15 years. I like sports, I train as simple as I can. I like music, reading, learning languages. I currently live in Mexico with my family, a country where we loved its culture, its people, food and beautiful places to enjoy.
I am Armando Munive, a 22-years-old artist, aiming to become a music-star, currently finishing my last semester of Master in Music at the UPC, where I'm developing my final project about the start of my professional musical career. I decided to learn english to increase my opportunities, but also to complement my music career, I've reached an advanced level and will keep improving it.
Passionate for cutting-edge technologies as well as the state-of-the-art biomedical field. I am a 31-year-old Engineering, who loves cooking in his free time and keeping long-talks. From the country located in the middle of the world “Ecuador”, I’m always learning various subjects of my interest from engineering fields until spiritual mindset. During my preparation to be more proficiency in English, I kept a long way to pursue my dreams. In fact, I overcame the TOEFL with a strenuous preparation during a year. In my opinion, the only way to get success in this exam is being focused on develop and enhance the 4 skills. Do not forget to keep practicing because it is the unique way to reach your dreams and boost your career in the tech world.
My Personal Profile This is what I have to say about me. I am a 19-year-old Colombian guy, who loves learning English and playing football. I have been living in Ibague all my life. It is a small but cozy city. Every now and then, I wonder how my life would be if I were residing in another city, or even in a different country. However, I am aware of how much Colombia has to offer and how beautiful it is. I went to UT (University of Tolima) to start a career as be English teacher, but I dropped it because I realized that, besides I enjoy learning the language, I don’t like to teach it. Nowadays, most of my days consist of discovering new words, phrases, and idioms in English, and studying cybersecurity, I would like to work in that field.
My name is ximena soriano, im 22 years old, I have a degree in internacional bussines, that universitary degree is about logistics, customs and many processes, now I live in mexico, but I would like to live in chicago or new york. some of my hoobies are go to bike, I like to know new places like towns, or cities, and when I have free time I like watch movies o series.

My name is Omar Fraile, I’m a thirty-two Venezuelan buyer, who had been working as a procurement analyst since 2013. I graduated with a degree in Customs and Foreign Trade.
Currently I live in Bogota, it is a beautiful but cold city. I don’t know many attractions in this city, but I really like many restaurants I have visited in the last few months. I remember an Argentinian restaurant in Usaquen and another one located in La Candelaria, where I ate Ajiaco, both of them very good restaurants.
Some of my hobbies include reading, watching tv series and playing videogames. In this moment my most important goal is to learn English; I want to improve my English level in order to get a better job.
So, the most exciting event in my life was when I traveled as a backpacker across Venezuela, I visited a few states, and I met a lot of people in the process. I would like to go to Europe in a couple of years.