Cómo aprender inglés con este curso


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I am deeply thankful for the chance to improve my English skills through this course.

Let´s go!

I am learning English because I need to it for my job.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. Third Conditional: The course will cover the usage of the third conditional, a form of conditional sentence. This involves expressing hypothetical situations in the past and their potential outcomes. An example is: “If I hadn’t worked so much, I wouldn’t have burned out.”

  2. Demonstrative Words: You will become proficient in using words like “wherever,” “whatever,” and “whenever” to convey different meanings in conversations. For instance, “whoever comes to the party needs to wear a costume.”

  3. Polite Requests with “Think” and “Wonder”: You’ll learn to use “think” and “wonder” to make polite requests or orders, adding a level of formality to your communication. For example: “I wonder if we could schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the progress.”

  4. Alternate Usage of “Get,” “Have,” and “Make”: Although you’re familiar with these words, the course will teach you advanced ways to use them.
    For instance: “The manager had the team members attend a training session to improve their skills.”

  5. Transitive Verbs: You will master the use of transitive verbs to construct sentences like: “I was given a promotion after six months of working as a teacher.”

  6. Present Continuous Passive: The course will guide you in utilizing the present continuous passive to discuss ongoing actions in the current moment with a fresh approach, such as: “Donations are being collected at the moment.”

  7. Cause and Consequence with “Due To” and “Owing To”: You’ll be able to express cause and consequence in a more sophisticated manner using “due to” and “owing to,” as seen in: “The project was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.”

  8. Giving Strong Advice: You will gain expertise in giving strong advice by using “had better.” For example: “If you don’t want to be late, you’d better leave now.”

Me as a Spanish Teacher , I can tell what a good teacher César Cordero is 🤯 he as Colombian knows perfectly well how we all speak so he knows exactly the phrases we want to learn to say.

this new course looks great,
it’s time to let’s continue learning

Here we go!!!

I am learning English, because I would like to work in Canada.

I am learning English because it is the language of William Shakespeare, and my dream is to be able to read all his plays in the original version!
Excellent course!!
I need improve my English, because i work like as a software engineer and i need to communicate with my clients
I was living in London years ago so I want to keep improving my lengua
I'm learning English because in the past I thought that I couldn't learn a new language, now I know I can, and to learn and speak is so fun, and challenging and keeps my mind in a constant learning process. I really enjoy learning English.

This new course looks great.

I´m learning english because I would love to get a new job and I think the best opportunities required this language.

It’s been a while since I took English courses from Platzi. I go back to this school. Let’s begin!

So starting the course already looks incredible!

  • I need to improve my level of english because is very important for my new role and place where I’m living.

English is a part of my live.

Everyday I have to use it to deal with my partners at job. I want to improve it to can apply for a promotion.

for the works and academy

I started learning English as an option to get job, it is still my purpose but, I have to admit that I have loved the process and it becomes such interesting for me.

I am excited to start

Great! many things to learn!

I decided to improve my English because I want to work as a sales development representative in a hi-tech company and one of the requirements to get the job is to have a high proficiency level. 😃

I am currently studying marketing, and once I finish my university degree, I want to move to Sydney and improve my English skills, and successfully, I will be able to study my postgraduate abroad.

I’m learning english because y want to see movies or series in the original language

I am learning English because I want to communicate with many people, some relatives live in the EU, I also want to understand all the information available on the Internet. And also, of course, I want to get a great new job.

I´m very excited to start this course and be one of the first
I´m learning English to improve my knowledge and get a better job.