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Wherever, whatever, whoever


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  • Wherever you work you always do it the best.

  • doesn‚Äôt matter however you design if do you like it‚Äôs great .

  • Whatever your study it‚Äôs okay, the important is you learn so much.

  • whoever you talk it‚Äôs not my problem.

  • call me in the morning or at the night whichever you can.

  • Wherever you decide to travel, remember to take lots of pictures.

  • Whoever stole my phone should return it immediately.

  • I‚Äôll support you in whatever decision you make.

  • She can go wherever she pleases; she‚Äôs an independent woman.

  • Whatever you do, don‚Äôt give up on your dreams.

If your mother calls you, stop whatever you're working on. However I design the logo, I don't feel inspired from the brand. Whenever I study, I feel excited to learn new things. Whoever I talk to, I want to be friends with them. Whichever member you call, they'll answer you immediately.
  1. Wherever you work, always be a good co-worker.
  2. Whatever you design, make sure it is complete.
  3. Whenever you study, try to get focused and pay attention to details.
  4. Whoever you talk to, always be polite.
  5. You can call me whenever you need to.
  1. Wherever you work, do not forget to be happy.
  2. Whatever you design, try to be very creative.
  3. Whatever you study, never give up.
  4. Whoever you talk to, try to stay calm.
  5. whoever calls you, do not be afraid to answer the phone.

wherever you work,never be late
whatever you design, always focus on giving the most idea
whenever you want to talk to, please call me
whoever call me, say i ¬īm busy in the meeting
whatever you want to study, do it soon time goes faster

* Whatever you work on, trying your best. * Whenever I'm desinging, I prefer do it with music * You can study whoever you want, but you have to pass the exam. * Wherever I go, I find someone to talk with. * However you feel, you can count with me.
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I went to listen to the recommended song :P

I know you have a hangover from the party last night, however, you need to study for the exam.
Whenever you speak to her, be careful, she is a very gossip person.
Please call whoever you like but get this machine issue fixed now!
You will look great in whichever design you choose for that event.
I brought many coats from my trip to Europe, you can pick whatever you want.

* whatever you are working on right now make sure yo are doing it with all the pasion that involves your heart * whoever is designing this need to be fired inmediatly * whenever you want to study for finals is okay, however, we aren't doing to pass * which one should I buy? whichever
* Hi, I think i didnt got how to use wichever I woul like you guys to help me understand this word, thaks a lot
Wherever you work, remember to arrive early and always do your best. Choose whichever course to study at Platzy this year. You can choose to talk about whatever theme during your elevator pitch next week.
1. He works at whatever for whoever offers money. 2. We'll design the house wherever you want. 3. She studies whenever she has free time. 4. I've tried to talk to her, however. 5. She'll call whichever of you, preferably if you have money.
Wherever you work, remember to be the best Whatever you design, make it great Whoever you talk, remember to be polite You can call me whenever you need it Whichever you want to study, remember enjoy it
\- Wherever you work, i'm sure you will work as a team \- Whatever architecture design is better than none \- Whenever that you study, you always give your best \- Whoever you talking, you awalys be polite \- Call me whenever you want baby xd

whatever you work, you have to give your 100%
however you design as long as work it in our project
you’ll pass the exam whoever you study
whenever you call her, she contests you

  • Whatever work if you don‚Äôt know how do it always ask for help.

  • There‚Äôs a creative mind behind whichever design.

  • Wherever you study choose something you love.

  • Whoever want to talk first should raise their hand.

  • Whenever you need help, just ask ChatGPT.

Wherever you work, make sure to give it your best effort.
Whatever design you choose for the website, ensure it’s user-friendly.
Whoever studies diligently will likely excel in their exams.
Talk to whoever is in charge to resolve the issue.
Call me whenever you need assistance with the project.

Whatever you study, enjoy it¬°

  • Wherever you work, you have to be responsible.
  • You can design whatever you imagine.
  • You can choose whichever subjects to study.
  • You must talk to whoever with politeness and respect.
  • Call me whenever; I‚Äôm available.

Wherever you work let a good presentation.

Whatever you design, ask for feedback.

Whenever you study, learn as if we’re the last time.

Whoever with you talk, remember be polite.

Whatever the call, remember identify the number before answering

whichever have done this, did a good work.
Whatever you design is, it needs to be funded.
Wherever the city you will be living, you have to study English.
Whoever you talk to, they won’t answer you.
However you decided to do it, you need to call her.

My task

  • Whichever your work , you must always give the best of you.

  • Don‚Äôt matter wherever you have made your design , the customer must pay you.

  • If you are good , you study in whichever book, it doesn‚Äôt matter.

  • Please talk me for any problem, you know whatever, ok.

  • What happen? though, don‚Äôt worry , you have a big problem, only remember , however call me babe.

Thanks to read =D

  • If you enjoy what you do, whatever work you choose you are going to be happy.

  • Choose whichever design you like, I will pay for that this time

  • She is so smart that whenever she study she gets a good grade.

  • I need to talk to you right now, send me you location wherever you are

  • Whoever answer the phone, you need to give an apologize.

  • However hard I worked, it never seemed to be enough.

  • Wherever comes your inspiration from, design with your heart.

  • You can learn whatever you set your mind to, as long as you keep on studying and commit yourself to it.

  • Just remember you can count on me and talk whenever you need to.

  • When feeling low, at least try calling whoever you trust the most at that moment.

  • Please take whatever you want from the fridge if you feel hungry
  • Choose whichever time suits you best and confirm your appointment
  • Call me whenever you need me. I‚Äôm always available for you.
  • Wherever you go, make sure you always keep your ID with you.
  • Whoever you talk to, remember to be polite.
  • Wherever you study, try to meet new people.
  • Whoever you talk to, remember to be respectful.
  • Wherever you work, try to find good places to eat.
  • I had worked on the project for weeks. However, the unexpected challenges that arose required me to rethink my approach.

  • You can choose whatever colors you prefer for the logo design.

  • The scholarship will be awarded to whoever demonstrates a strong commitment to their studies.

  • Wherever you go, don‚Äôt hesitate to talk to people and make connections. Networking can be valuable in any situation.

  • Please choose whichever option is most convenient for you, and I‚Äôll be happy to arrange the conference call.

  • Please take whatever you want from the fridge if you feel hungry.
  • Choose whichever time suits you best and confirm your appointment.
  • Call me whenever you need me. I‚Äôm always available for you.
  • Where you go, make sure you always keep your ID.
  • Whoever you talk to, remember be polite.
  • Wherever you work, do alway your best.
  • Whoever call you, always try to answer the phone.

nice class

‚≠źWherever you work , strive for effective communication.

‚≠źWhatever you design, it has to be adapted to your environment

‚≠źWhichever you are studying , be sure to create a schedule and a list of projects.

‚≠źWhoever you talk to, find a way to connect your ideas.

‚≠źWhenever you call me, I‚Äôll get back to you.

Whatever you study, you never gave less of your 100 porcent.
  • Wherever you go, I will support you.

  • Whatever you decide, I‚Äôll be happy for you.

  • Whoever wins the race will receive a trophy.

  • Wherever there is a problem, there is an opportunity for growth.

  • Whatever you do, do it with passion.

  • Whoever broke the vase should take responsibility and apologize.

Call me whenever yo need me
Whoever you talk to, be polite
Study whatever you want
Give your best wherever you work
Make that design however cost

  • Wherever you work, remember to always give your best.
  • Whatever I design it‚Äôs amazing.
  • Whenever you study, you should be focusing.
  • Whichever topic I can select to talk about needs a deep experience.
  • Whoever you call, remember to offer our products.

Whatever they study, they’d better to be the best in their field.
If you don’t put into practice all you had learned so far, you wouldn’t take advantage of all this learning process.
If you had called to reserve the tickets yesterday, we had traveled at first thing in the morning.

Wherever he goes, he makes friends.
Whatever happens, I’ll always be with you.
Whoever wants it may take it.

Wherever you work, be happy.
Whatever you study, be responsable.
Whoever you talk, be respectful.
Whichever design, it is the same price.

  • Wherever you work, be the best
  • Whatever design you make, do it with your heart.
  • Whatever you study, be the number one
  • Whoever you talk to on the phone, don‚Äôt say anything
  • Whenever you want to talk, call me
  • Wherever you work, remember to be polite.
  • Whichever design you want to create, you must create a mood board beforehand.
  • Whatever subject you study, you have to practice what you learn.
  • I will answer my phone to whoever calls, no matter the time.
  • We can talk whenever you want.