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C贸mo usar "tell" y "give" | Ditransitive Verbs


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The ditransitive verb helps us express actions involving two objects. Remember the phrase 鈥淚 was given the opportunity to work on a big marketing campaign鈥? This structure is useful when we want to highlight the action and the recipient, without necessarily mentioning the giver.

  • Let鈥檚 look at three simple examples:
    Sarah showed me the car.
    Anna told me a story.
    Ravi gave me a pen.

  • When we use the ditransitive verb structure, the emphasis is on the action and the receiver. For instance:
    I was shown the car by Sarah.
    I was told a story.
    I was given a pen.

Common ditransitive verbs include buy, give, pass, send, show, tell, make, grant, land, serve, and teach. These verbs help us convey actions involving two objects in a clear and concise manner.

  • I recently joined a cooking class. During the first lesson, I was given a recipe by the chef. As I followed the recipe, I was told to add a pinch of salt for better flavor. Later, I was taught how to properly chop vegetables, which greatly improved my cooking skills.

  • Last week, I attended a photography workshop. While taking photos, I was given some tips by the instructor. When I showed my photos, I was told that I should focus on lighting techniques. Then, I was taught how to adjust camera settings for better exposure, and that鈥檚 how I enhanced my photography skills.

  • I was given the responsibility lo lead a complete consultant service.

  • I was told to finish de service in 3 months

  • I was taught many things such as: how to speak in front of an audience, how to manage with different people, how to make work procedures, etc.

A few weeks ago, I was given a new task at work. I was told that I had to complete the task within a couple of days. I was taught how to do it because it was a new task for me.

Currently, I'm diving into photography as a personal project. I give myself the task of capturing everyday moments through my lens. With online tutorials, I quickly learn the techniques of framing, lighting, and composition. Excited about my photographic journey, I tell my friends and family. They express interest, so I decide to teach them a bit about photography. We have occasional photo walks, and I teach them the basics of capturing beautiful moments.
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The company that I work with specializes in distributing products in large quantities, two months ago we started a conversation with a new potential customer willing to buy single cases of the products. Last week I was given the task of identifying and evaluating the costs along the process of shipping a single case. I was told that we needed to put a 3pl focus so we scheduled a meeting and I was taught how to do it.

I am currently developing a project, so I was given the tools that I need to finish it; last week, I was told I have until the final day of the year to complete my tasks, Additionally, I was taught two different approaches to achieve my goal and present the project to my boss.

* In my last project i was given so many responsabilities * And also I was constantly told that I needed to improve my skills * but I was taught how to deal with social media
* I was given a house tour for an investment. * I was told the best prices to invest in. * I was taught that this agency was the best in the market.
i was gave activities to do the proyect i was told about it by my boss I was tought how do that

For my community service, in the lab , I was given the task of researching the form to use the new equipment.
I was told to be careful because the equipment is expensive.
Then, the equipment was used for the team of the project and the team was taught by me how to operate it.

1. I was given a hand with my musical sheets by my assessor. 2. I was told to think bigger, so I did. 3. I was taught by an old friend, who is also a vocal coach, for free.

I gave my best, I was told my students they are the best, they said that I taught very well.

I was given a project where we have to create an app to predict results. I was told that we can鈥檛 do it alone, so I was taught by my AI teacher.

I was given a better job offer in my last project.
I was told that I need to analyse the data.
I was taught how to prepare an ETL process.

my task

They was gave me a job in a factory,
but also at the same time they was told me that I should give up
I was taught to the boss and learned a lot of things about the factory.

thanks to read =D

  • After making a presentation, I was given some piece of advice.

  • In my first job, I was told never to take my eyes off the children, not even a second.

  • I was taught to face my fears and speak out (by my au-pair experience).

I was given an advice for applying my knowledge , I was told that create a creative project is the way to externalize it. I was taught to share it with my personal brand.
  • My leader was bought a birthday gift.

  • Cesar was made an offer.

  • She was granted an entry visa. (because of her)

  • A birthday gift was bought for my leader.
  • Cesar was made an offer
  • She was granted an entry visa
  • A new project was given
  • He was granted to teach English.
  • My leader was bought a birthday gift.
  • Cesar was made an offer.
  • She was granted an entry visa.
  • My leader was bought a birthday gift.

My mother was told me I need go to the hospital for fix my vision.

when i was in college i was studied the history of the middle east.
at that time i was tough the arabic languajes and i was given homework to do.

I was taught how manage with children.

I was taken the responsability of leader an orquest.

My leader was bought a birthday gift.
Cesar was made an offer.
She was granted an entry visa.

She baked (ditransitive verb) her friend (indirect object) a delicious cake (direct object).

He taught (ditransitive verb) the students (indirect object) mathematics (direct object).

They showed (ditransitive verb) me (indirect object) the new movie trailer (direct object).

We bought (ditransitive verb) our mother (indirect object) a beautiful necklace (direct object).

He lent (ditransitive verb) his brother (indirect object) his car (direct object).

She gave (ditransitive verb) him (indirect object) a book

In my last project that was an extension i was given a feedback to solve a small issue, so i was told about a posibble solution but i did not have no information to handle this problem because apparently it is a rare issue, so watching some videos i was tought about the topic an then i was able to solve the issue.

I was bought
I was given
I was passed
I was sent
I was shown
I was told
I was made
I was granted
I was lent
I was served
I was taught

I birthday gift was bought to my leader
Cesar was made an offer
She was granted an entry visa

In my previous job, I was told to develop a marketplace app, to do that I was given a series of tasks, and every time I was struggle, I was taught by my leader how to solve those problems.

In my previous work experience I was given the opportunity to create some reports which explained the economy on some projects that the company did. And I was taught how to use new tools so as to calculate new outputs and finally I was told that I needed to take some Portuguese lessons because the company had to explain my reports using many languages.

  • I was given a organizer to my handicrafts.

  • My father was told me I need go to the hospital.

  • She was taught about soft skills.

  • I was given a new role in the company.
  • I was told to train a new group.
  • I was taught about how to improve my writing skills.

I am studying Analysis and Development of Information Systems, and I was asked to delivering the evidence of learning as soon as possible and in this way to be able to start with the productive project before SENA as soon as possible.

I was given a new project, and I was taught the rules at the office.

  • I was given a new better position
  • They were told about the position.
  • He was taught for the position