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C贸mo usar "due to" y "owing to"


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Characteristics of 鈥渄ue to鈥 and 鈥渙wing to鈥:

  • Meaning: Both 鈥渄ue to鈥 and 鈥渙wing to鈥 are used to indicate the cause or reason for a particular consequence or outcome. They can be considered synonyms of 鈥渂ecause of,鈥 expressing a causal relationship between two events.
    Example: 鈥淭he project was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances .鈥 Here, 鈥渄ue to鈥 connects the consequence (delayed project) with the cause (unforeseen circumstances).

  • Formality: While 鈥渄ue to鈥 and 鈥渙wing to鈥 are slightly more formal, they are interchangeable with 鈥渂ecause of鈥 in many cases.
    Noun Usage: Both phrases are followed by a noun (cause) that explains the reason for the consequence.

  • Placement: 鈥淒ue to鈥 and 鈥渙wing to鈥 can appear at the beginning (example 1) or within a sentence (example 2), connecting the cause and consequence.
    Example 1: 鈥淥wing to the bad weather, the outdoor event has been rescheduled鈥.
    In this example, 鈥渙wing to鈥 links the cause (bad weather) to the consequence (rescheduled event).
    Example 2: 鈥淚 arrived late due to the traffic jam on Main Ave.鈥 The phrase 鈥渄ue to鈥 is used to explain the cause (traffic jam) of the consequence (arriving late).

  • Comma Usage: When these phrases are used at the beginning of a sentence, a comma is typically placed after them.
    Example : 鈥淥wing to the pandemic, many people had to work from home.鈥 Here, 鈥渙wing to鈥 connects the cause (pandemic) to the consequence (people working from home).

Due to the amount of projects and the lack of money I am going to learn to use men. not the good ones , just the stupid ones who see women as objects. now they are going to be wallets. my wallets.

  • I鈥檝e felt the need to adopt a daily routine due to procrastination, as it has become a significant problem for my personal and professional development. Whenever I鈥檓 about to study, there is a voice that tells me I could do it later. I realized I had to fix this because I believe that without a daily plan, I could lead a disordered life.

Due to the missing information, we weren鈥檛 able to ship our last order on time.n

* The last project I worked on was in a group of social media content creators where we had to create videos and stuff for an instituci贸n to be honest it was a shitty situation cause co workers there were having such a horrible actitud when trying to be agree on something due to the lack of companionship I decided to take a break from that project but then I came back owning to the desire of continue with the project and now everything is fluent
Due to the amount of weight that I have, I need to be careful with the food
The proyect was stopped doe to the client changed the prioritys
\- Due to my university class i can't work full time

猸恛wing to its powdery texture , the milk ends up spreading everywhere.

Due to lack of knowledge, I haven鈥檛 started the project

Due to lack of money, I wasn鈥檛 able to finish the project on time.

  • I had to take a 5-day sick leave due to an acute gastroenteritis outbreak.

  • Charlie Bucket got a bad stomachache due to the loads of chocolate he鈥檇 eaten.

  • Veruca Salt did not obtain her desired squirrel owing to the company鈥檚 policies.

My task :

  • I had to begin again due to my last project not finished good.
  • I鈥檇 rather meet my partner due to in my past relationship I had bad luck.
  • In this moment I have a good opportunity due to a internship invitation.

thanks to read =D

  • I had to start learning AutoCAD again due to the new project.
  • For my last project, I had to learn more about the anti-islanding scheme due to the requirements of the electrical system in case of failure.
  • During my last trip I had to spend more money, due to the currency that is used in Europe.
  • I didn鈥檛 bring my homework due to my dog ate my notebook.

What was the last project that you worked on?

  • The last project that I worked was in a concert, and due to the stress I felt incredibly tired after.

What challenges did you face?

  • I felt stress owing to the short time to prepared us.


  • Due to the importance of the event for me.

Due to the lack of projects, I鈥檓 in the bench right now.
I have a lot of time to advance in my personal project owing to the reeschedule of my company.
My changes weren鈥檛 used due to the client鈥檚 way of work.

owing to the internal conflict in israel. I decided to get my portuguese passport in case of a civil war.

I had been working on a project that consisted in resolving side effects over some antibiotics but I couldn鈥檛 finish it due to the budget.

This year I鈥檓 worked in an entrepreneurship. I need work so hard and constantly every day due to I wan to create a online store and sell a lot of my creations.

  • On Saturday, I had to work until 1:00 a.m. due to the client project being difficult.

owing to my lack of knowledge of Gatsby and contentful, I had to learn these technologies

Recently I have been working on my studies pending to finish the teaching part of technology in analysis and development of information systems with SENA. The process of learning to program and everything related to the field of information systems, databases, etc., has been complex, but it will surely be very gratifying to successfully complete this academic process this year.

Due to my job, I am studying English language.
We use _due to_in sentences owing to noun causes.