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C贸mo dar consejos usando "had better"


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Using HAD BETTER. Differences with SHOULD and MUST.

  • Strong Advice with Consequences: 鈥淗ad better鈥 is used to give strong advice with a sense of consequences if the advice is not followed.
    Example: 鈥淚t鈥檚 5:00 o鈥檆lock. I鈥檇 better go before traffic gets too bad.鈥

  • No 鈥淭o鈥 After 鈥淗ad Better鈥: Similar to 鈥渟hould,鈥 鈥渉ad better鈥 is used without 鈥渢o鈥 before the verb.
    Example: 鈥淵ou鈥檇 better arrive on time if you don鈥檛 want to miss the opening ceremony.鈥

  • Formal and Informal Usage: While 鈥渉ad better鈥 is more formal than 鈥渟hould鈥 and 鈥渕ust鈥. But contractions like 鈥渟he鈥檇 better鈥 or even omitting 鈥渉ad鈥 like 鈥渟he better鈥 can be used informally.
    Example: 鈥淪he had better double-check her work before submitting it to the boss.鈥

  • Negative Question Form: In questions, 鈥渉ad better鈥 can be used in a formal way to ask for advice or suggestions.
    Example: 鈥淗ad I better speak to him before sending the form?鈥


  • Recommendation: 鈥淪hould鈥 is used to give advice or make suggestions.
    Example: 鈥淵ou should go to the doctor.鈥


  • Strong Obligation: 鈥淢ust鈥 is used to express a strong sense of necessity or obligation.
    Example: 鈥淵ou must brush your teeth.鈥

  • Rule or Requirement: It can indicate a requirement or a rule that needs to be followed.
    Example: 鈥淵ou must not touch the lion.鈥

If we do not comply with the delivery of the report on the assigned deadline, our boss may become uncomfortable with us.
We鈥檇 better study very hard for the test, if we want to pass the test next week.
I鈥檇 better come on time to the interview for avoiding to be discarded from the selection process for the position in question.

Example of 鈥渟tudy and Tests鈥, 鈥渞eport and deadline鈥 and 鈥渓ate and interview鈥:
You鈥檇 better review your notes before the exam to do well.
You鈥檇 better start working on the report now to meet the deadline.
If you want to make a good impression, you鈥檇 better arrive at the interview early.
You must take practice tests to assess your understanding of the material.
You must meet the deadline for submitting the report to avoid any penalties.
You must not let unexpected delays prevent you from reaching the interview punctually.
You should not underestimate the importance of consistent studying for good grades in your tests.
You should not wait until the day before the deadline to begin drafting your report.
You should not take any chances with delays that might cause you to be late to your interview.

  • You鈥檇 better finish the report two days before the deadline.
  • I鈥檇 better study this night due to the test.
  • She hadn鈥檛 better get late at the interview if she wants to get the job.
* You had better finish your report if you do not want to reach the deadline and get stressed. * Hadnt you better study for your final test? * We had better leave now if we dont want to arrive late to the interview

She had better finish the report before the deadline.
You had better study a lot if you want to pass the exam.
You had better not be late for the interview or you are not going to get hired.

  1. You鈥檇 better finish the report before next Friday or they will cancel the project
  2. I鈥檇 better study every day if I want to pass the exam
  3. You had better not be late for the interview; otherwise, he will not attend to you
* I had better do this report before the deadline * you'd better study cause if you do not do it you're going to lose that test * she had better hurry up if she wants to be early for her interview * sould i do this report before the deadline? * You must study for this test
You'd better come up with the report, even if it ain't perfect, but bring it before the deadline. Hadn't I better study for the test? I feel prepare for it but more knowledge ain't a waste. she'd better not be late for this interview, It's her last opportunity.
You had better report this problem before the deadline We had better study today to tomorrow test She had better not go out late to her first job interview
\- The report is incomplete. You better complete it now if you want to finish the deadline. \- Its late i'd better go to the interview if i want to arrive early

猸怚 had better hurry from now on, if i want to be ready before the deadline.
猸怚鈥檇 better study obsessively if i want to pass the test quietly.
猸 She had better wake up early , so she鈥檚 not late for the interview

  • You鈥檇 better report the project before the deadline
  • You鈥檇 better study if you want to pass the test
  • You鈥檇 better hurry up if you don鈥檛 want arrive late for the interview

The deadline is near, so you had better finish your report on time.

You should study more than just a few minutes if you want to pass the test.

You must not be late, or you will fail your interview.

  • We鈥檇 better finish our report beore the deadline.

  • One had better study hard to achieve good results on tests.

  • You had better never be late for an interview if you want to be taken seriously from the beginning.

You麓d better do the report before dealine.
You had better study English if you want to find a new job.
If you have an interview You had better not arrive late.

My task

  • Report/deadline : you shoud deliver the report before they ask you.
  • Study/ test : you had better study before test.
  • Late/ interview: you musn鈥檛 arrive late anywhere and less to an interview.

thanks to read =D

  • You鈥檇 better answer the phone if you don鈥檛 want to get in trouble with your fianc茅.
  • You鈥檇 better hand out the report before the deadline.
  • She鈥檇 better study for the test if she wants to pass it.
  • You hadn鈥檛 better arrive late to the interview, they might not hire you because of that.

You must not arrive late to the interview, this is a bad signal

She鈥檇 better report their tasks to not pass the deadline
I鈥檇 better study if I want to pass the examen
He hadn鈥檛 better arrived late to the work interview.

  • You had better report the progress of the proyect before the deadline.
  • You had better study fo the exam if you want to pass the english test.
  • I had better not going late to the tren station or I won鈥檛 be on time for the interview.

I鈥檇 better study if I don鈥檛 want to fail

  • You鈥檇 better report the list of guests by Monday, including the deadline to confirm their assistance.
  • I鈥檇 better study English so hard to pass a written exam and an oral exam.
  • You鈥檇 better not arrive late to your interview if you do that. It鈥檚 a bad aspect about yourself.
  • If you want to deliver the report on time you had better work with seriously and responsibility.

  • Had better study a lot if you want pass the test.

  • If you don鈥檛 want come late to the interview you must take the first bus.


  • You鈥檇 better finish the report before the deadline.
  • You must study for the test.
  • You should not be late for the interview.

I鈥檇 better study more English if I want to get a better job.