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Proyecto Final - Entrevista en Ingles


Course Name: Curso de Ingl茅s Intermedio B1: Voz Pasiva y Consejos
Dean: Jess Harris
School Owner: Jhon Carvajal
Teacher: C茅sar Cordero
Course Director: Ravee Lakhmani
**Production OPS: ** Santiago Jimenez
Audiovisual Creator: Andres Giraldo Diaz
Graphic Designer: Carol Baquero
Coordination: Andr茅s Arizmendy, Daniel Guti茅rrez, Carol Baquero & Sura Cede帽o.
Revision: Reinaldo Espinoza & Keisy Lares

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o inicia sesi贸n.

Great course. Thank you Professor Cesar.

  • Third conditional: one of the most challenging conditionals in English.

  • Whatever, Wherever, Whoever and so on.

  • Think and Wonder: how to be more polite and how to make polite requests.

  • Get, Have, and Make: convince, force, give a responsibility to do something.

  • Give or Tell: as the transitive verbs. I was given, I was told.

  • Present Continuous Passive.

  • Due to and Owing to: to talk about cause and consequence.

  • Had Better: how to give strong advice.

This is an amazing course. I liked the methodology that Cesar used to teach each topic easily .

This is my final project:


I didn鈥檛 read anything. I just spoke. Thanks!

This is my project:

  1. I have worked like a teacher. I have had experiencie working with teenagers.
  2. I was give supervisor job, I was told the job rules.
  3. If I had spoken English I would have had better opportunities.
  4. I get my friend to lend me money. I had my child go to the supermarket. I made my students do their homework.

I鈥檝e learned many things, thanks!!

excellent course, important topics to reaffirm to achieve l Objective of a good use of the English language!

Thank you Professor Cesar