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Segmentación de mercado en Inglés


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Hello, my name is Marcos Núñez. I own a catering service startup, it is dedicated to prepare cocktails using a portable bar. Market segmentation: It aims to a target who have a higher income and are more likely to celebrate weddings, corporate events and all kind of parties hiring this service. Demographic segmentation: It is directed to men and women between 25 and 50 years old with a high income. You can find us in Instagram as: @tubarportatil.
I believe Tech Trail had success with their gadget because was clar to the audience the purpose of the gadget, that means that they had a great product strategy. Furthermore, they sent videos that helped they to make their target audience, then they generated engage with the contests creating their USP.
Hi, I'm Gabriel and I'm currently working at an ecommerce company who sells blank apparel and customizable clothes for B2B and B2C clients at worldwide. Our primary clients are B2B, mostly men between 25-45 years who resells our clothes customized with their brands.
Hello, my name is Sara Hoyos, I'm call center agent, and what we're selling are consolidation programs for unsecured debts over 2k, Market segmentation: It aims to people who have debts over 2k, have a constant income for making the once-month payment, and wants to save up their debt. Demographic segmentation: people older than 20 that are working or with a constant income (like SSI SSDI) and desire to lower their debts.
In regards to the success of TechTrail, it was mainly their use of videos as ads to increase that Click to Rate (CTR). They used the hashtags in the platform as SEO so people could have a better way of finding the post. Also, involving the audience is a great way of applying that CRM, and making the audience see the added value (USP) the product has while they're reviewing and using it. Overall, a great product strategy
Hello! My name's Anna. I'm a language teacher! Market segmentation: People from all ages that need help with academic or business language skills, that live in my region or abroad Based on experience I would determine my Target Market to be: Adults older than 25, that are looking to improve conversational skills and overall performance at work. Also, living abroad
Hi! mi name is Angel, i am a travel blogger, i love to explore nature. Now i am creating my blog in english to expand my market segmentation, specifically my demografic sefmentation is Americans or European Travelers between 25 and 30 years old who want to lear about latin american culture and activities to do when they visit our country.

In JAYA Tejidos
We make handmade fabrics made with natural fibers for home decoration. Our purpose is to open new opportunities for rural artisans to exhibit and revalue their work through our social networks and Online Store.

Our clients are people who love handmade fabrics and people who are looking for decorative fabrics to give as a gift to a family member or friend who lives abroad.
Age: 30 to 55 years
Interests: Sustainable living, interior design, handmade crafts, supporting fair trade, conscious consumerism.

TechTrail achieved success in their campaign, creating a connection between people, the more they shared, the more people joined.

The company “TechTrail” had a jaw-dropping success on social media by implementing a CRM’s system, the company used resources like short videos and online contests to connect easily with their audience and to enhance the attachment they include a catchy hashtag (#ConnectEverywhere).

It should also be mentioned that the strategy with the most impact and that generated credibility in the audience was the live webinar where tech experts talked about the benefits of staying connected with “GizmoBeam”.

I would like to offer an app destined to young students (18-25 years old) that are foreigners in the city and are looking for some accommodations with all the basic services near their universities. It would be like booking but for students.

This launch the "GizmoBeam," was successful because the company found its target market and made a unique selling proposition and its case study was successful. also, the company knows psychographic segmentation and has done a competitive analysis
Hi, my name is Adan, my service is for building companys, I help them to sell houses, or any proyect of construction, my target are arqutects, imobiliary agents, and brokers, Demogrphic segmentation: Mens and woman of 25 to 60 years in México
I would like to sell my service as a English speaker, I am aiming for call centers and classes of musin in English to kids.
i sell digital course for spanish audience. A mentoringr program aimed to entreprenurs of all ages who want a great lifestyle