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The marketing strategy it's telling the benefits about our program and the possibility or lower down the interest rate as well as the debt up to half of it
Service: Language classes Marketing strategy: Free sample class (already do it), so the person can see if I'm a good fit for them as a teacher. Marketing channels: Post articles in a blog,; use Pinterest so I can sell downloadable content; promote myself in freelance sites like Fiverr; use Instagram and Tik tok Referral programs and discounts

The marketing strategy that we carry out at JAYA Tejidos is brand positioning on social networks and participation in events and entrepreneurship fairs.

Service Sale of trips to Europe and Africa. Plan. The promotion and advertising in my business will be brand positioning for social media, in Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, using graphic pieces such as videos or images with moves. The buyer persona are people older with higt monetary sources. My campaign will be online 3 weeks and the people who leave your details will have one advisory free
Service: Music Teacher for Kids. Plan: Creating content in their social media, showcasting the way they play, teach and love music. They can start in one channel, but proving in other channels in generally are music lovers. It is important create a buyer persona, in this case we can think in a child of seven-years-old. But also In a father or mother that wanna support their kid. To finally, create an advertising campaing, where we can highlight the possible important facts for the costumer.