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Escucha activa en negociación de Marketing en Inglés


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Why is the customer not convinced about this proposal? * She is not convinced about the budget. Do you think this was a successful negotation? Why or why not? Although the saleswoman doesn't give to a specific budget to the customer, later she approched the opportunity of gave clear examples of each package and she presented case studies. At the end, the customer feel reassuring. In my opinion this negotiation has a great chance of closing.
The customer is concerned about the budget and she wants more details. I think the saleswoman could have given more details in regards to price, or at least tell her that they need to discuss in more detail what her package is going to include so she can send her a realistic budget accompanied by the case studies

Do you think this was a successful negotiation? Why or hy not?

I consider the negotiation to have been successful, as the features of the marketing services were clearly outlined. Additionally, tailored recommendations were provided to meet the specific needs of the company, which proved to be a complete success.