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Vocabulario sobre comida y nutrición en inglés


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Here all the avocado lovers!

My breakfast usually is like this:

  • oatmeal
  • milk
  • banana
  • peanut butter

the 3 macros in one healthy and delicious meal!

I LOVE 🥦🥦![](![](
Hello,I hope I did well :v <>

“I work out every day, and that’s what makes me feel better.”

Let me show you an overview of my eating habits and thoughts to laugh together about our human weaknesses when it comes to FOOOOOD 😄

P.S.: I’ll share my recorded audio once I’ve finished it. ^^

MEANWHILE, here go my notes on the topic (minute 5:22) 😃

I enjoy eating fruits, vegetables, meats, diaries, cereals and grains, as well as drinkinng water. I often crave for sugars, like pastries, cakes or pies, cookies and other sweet stuff like Dulce de leche <3 or dulce de batata. It sometimes urges me the need for salty, greasy foods, not snacks precisely, though, but rather traditional Argentinian products. Long story short, I do my best to keep a hydrated, balanced, varied diet, rich in fibers and prebiotics, while I'm mooving and nurturing my brain, soul and <3.

\[My audio]\( Here is my audio, your feedback is greatly appreciated

“Vocabulary about food and nutrition in English”

  • My breakfast is usually like this
    Cereal, Milk, Banana, Big wave.