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Cómo hablar sobre diferentes ejercicios


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* I'll be allowed to take a partner with me for free 3 times per month. * I'll be allowed to join group classes everyday. * I'll be allowed to access to the pool for 1 hour per day.
You will be able to take a warm shower. You will be able to check your whattsapp. You will be able to rest soon.
Meditation, jogging and crunching
* Meditation * Jogging/running * Squats * Lying sit-ups
<> Here is my record, let me know your comments :)

"How to talk about different exercises"
I have a mini gym at home, so I can do whatever I want, like working out on the machine, I can also jogging, running, do squats, I do some exercise videos on YouTube and lastly I do some abdominal variations.

Well I have a home gym, so I'm allowed to do whatever I want, like: * recording myself * play rock music * scream (feels necessary sometimes)
* jogging / running * squats * some variation of crunches