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Cómo hablar sobre retos y objetivos en inglés


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"How to talk about challenges and objectives in English"

  1. I hope to run faster.
  2. I hope to go to the gym 3 times a week.
  3. I hope to have more strength.
  • I hope to gain weight
  • I hope to run faster
  • I hope to go to the gym 5 times a week
  • I hope to have more strength

My record

  • He would like to gain weight but in a clean way, increasing the muscles and haven’t too much fat.

  • One of the bad habits that he has is eating junk food and doesn’t skipping the dessert. Could have good results if he reduces his portions and the frequency.

I hope to do excercise everyday. I hope that I can eat in better way. I hope to be more responsible with my health.

I hope to exercise at least four times a week

I aspire to feel a lot of energy during the day and stay healthy.

I want to have the leanest body possible.

* My record <>
What primary objective does the client want to reach? * He wants to add muscle mass and get rid of fat. * Build bigger muscles, especially his arms. * He hopes to gain 2 pounds <> What unhealthy habits does the client have? * Andrew sometimes skips meals and doesn't have time to eat properly because of his work. Basically, he eats lots of junk food.