#30DaysofEnglish - Day #14

🍂 Take a breath, and just enjoy your life. Dil ki Awaaz 🍃_
👀 Describe the view from your window, what can you see?
Be creative and write as many details as possible 🌞🌻🚙🛩️🚦
Take your English class describing it idioms
The #30DaysofEnglish challenge

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The view from my window

  • Today is a sunny day ☀️
  • I can hear the birds outside 🐦
  • I can see the dogs resting in the grass, they are as calm as a little baby 👶🏻
  • The trees 🌳 are moving because of the wind
  • I can feel a lot of peace 🍃
  • The sky looks as beautiful as the ocean 🌊
  • The song of the birds is as charming as an amazing concert 🎶
  • Today looks perfect to be calm 🧘🏻‍♀️
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Where do you live?

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I live in Oaxaca, Mexico 😄

  • It’s a pink and cloudy sunset
  • The mountains are not too far
  • I can see the university in front and seems not small
  • Most of the time is mild here
  • This is a vibrant city
  • I like the beautiful colors in the sky
  • At this moment is a little noisy because I live in front of an avenue.
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Where do you live?

			what can you see🌞🌻🚙🛩️🚦?

From my window, I can see my neighbors a camp with cows🐮, dogs🐕‍🦺, chickens🐔, and pigs🐷, cars 🚔🏎️passing by the road, the beautiful blue 💙✈️sky, and houses in front of mine🏡🏘️.


Describe the view from your window, what can you see?
I can see the street. In front of my room, there is a blacksmith workshop, so it is usually as noisy as a weekend in the market. At least the best that I can see from my window is the Malinche mountain, one of the highest mountains in my state

  • Describe the view from your window, what can you see?

When I see through my window I can see a green and tall pine, It is located in my neighbor´s back yard, and behind it is new construction. I think it will be inhabited soon. Too I can see some houses and roofs from my neighborhood. But I love to see the big pine because it is home to many animals especially birds that want to rest and eat. I can see a piece of my city I have a great view from my window, sometimes I can see a rainbow through the city, even I can see smoke when there´s a fire. I can see when is raining in some places in the city. It is a great view.

#30DaysofEnglish #Day14


Hello there

  • I´m watching a beautiful sunset right now
  • i´m watching houses as similar as mine
  • It´s feels as pacify as the sea
  • The landscape is as beautiful as the life

Describe the view from your window, what can you see?

  • I can see other houses very similar as mine 🏠🏠🏠.

  • I can see a beautiful sky which is full of clouds 🌥🌤.

  • I see a construction of a big house 🛠🏡.

  • I see two cars, one of this is red and the other is grey 🚗.


I will describe the view from my bedroom window. Today it’s a sunny day, it isn’t very hot the weather is mild and the sky is clear. I can see my neighbor’s house that is quite similar to mine because I live in a neighborhood.


**What can you see? **

  • I can see outside a beautiful sunset have a orange color, I see a little garden with red, pink and purple flowers. I see the birds they are different colors like yellow, black, green, red. I can see a hummingbird in the pink flowers, finally I see a big tree with a lot of iguanas above. 😄

I have a great view in my window right now. It’s 9 o’clock and there is full moon. The moon lights the dark and beautiful night. There aren’t clouds in the sky. Also, the weather is great. It’s warm and nice.


My window’s Sight xd

Right now it’s a beautiful day, it’s sunny and therse almost no clouds. I can see my garden and the houses of my neighbors and the mini makert that is closed to my home.


Describe the view from your window, what can you see?

Since my bedroom’s windows I can see my grandma’s house. She’s my neighboor. But I can also see the entire field, with its trees, plants, birds, and the beatiful sky.

The field is plenty of trees and grass, so it looks very nice, as green as always. Sky is a wonderful, as clear blue as the water of a reef island.


Describe the view from your window, what can you see?
From my window, I can see the sunset, the sky is very beautiful today, the weather is cold but it doesn’t matter because it is not raining. I live in front of a convent, so I can see their garden, dog, and a little house that they have next to the convent. Beyond the convent, I can see residential buildings and far away, the mountain.


A view from my window:

  • 🌄 From my bedroom’s window I can see my garden with a lot of vegetation, flowers and a hammock. The sky is clear and a bright sunshine. I always see my window’s view to get relax and continue my daily tasks.

    I hope you are having a great weekend 💚


Hi Everyone!
I live downtown, from my living room window, I can see 12 buildings. It is a rainy day, I can see dark clouds, it looks like it might pour later. Very far from my place, I can see part of a lake called Lake union. Everything is dark, actually, kind of depressing.

Is the first week of spring so from my window I can see how some flowers are starting to bloom, that’s beautiful! Even though I live downtown the city seems to be very calm. I see just a few cars on the street and there are no sirens. Just calm. It seems like a perfect day to stay at home watching a movie.


Well, I can’t see a lot of things from my window. So, I’ll describe the view that I would like to have…
I can see an amazing landscape, there are mountains and in the top of these there is fog. It is a cloudy day, I can only see the shadow of the sun behind of the clouds. There are many flowers of different colors, a dog is running trying to hunt the insects and some birds are fluttering in the trees, it’s a beautiful moment seeing through the window and enjoying the melody birds.


Describe the view from your window, what can you see?
Be creative and write as many details as possible.

From my window, I can see very tall trees, surrounding an immense beautiful lake. In the distance, I can see some mountains, I can see a lot of birds flying in the sky and I can hear their amazing birdsong. I can see an enormous black bear and three lovely baby bears.
The sun is shining, the weather is a little bit cold but when I see through the window I can feel myself so free, happy and at peace.
Was amazing can imagine this, I think that I really need to go out and live the experience of being in another place, like in a cabin. We have been at home since a year ago and sometimes is difficult don’t miss the freedom we had to go everywhere before the pandemic.


It would be awesome that my window would point to a beautiful and relaxing view. But sadly that’s not the case. I only see my messy backyard. Well, it’s not so bad. I can see my vegetable garden. Tomato, chard and basil plants. I can’t avoid noticing that i should mow the lawn. I had a busy week and didn’t have the time to take care of the backyard. The dog is playing with the cat, making as much noise as possible. I see the weather it’s not particularly friendly today. The sky is cloudy, and it’s getting worse every second, so i guess it will rain soon. And that’s all i can tell. Maybe the next time i’ll open a different window, with a whole different world behind it.

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Your view is well.


Hello everyone!

Describe the view from your window, what can you see?

My window have a landscape view of the city, the sky is as clear as water, the sound of environment is more calm than the other days of the week. The buildings are as colorful as a rainbow and the people are as happy as a clam. The sun shines but the weather feels cool.

I really like the view!



Well, my view is beautiful although sometimes is noisy and the neighborhood that is in front of it a little dangerous. However, my wife and I enjoy living here from our window is possible to see the distance places interesting of Bogotá such as the airport, I like to see to take off the airplanes and how to disappear in the horizon. Also, I can see the tower Colpatria and Monserrate. In the mornings is possible to feel quiet amazing. Sometimes I wake up very early and practice meditation and yoga. Today day the weather is cloudy and cold maybe at night is an ideal moment for watching a movie. 😃


Day #14

  • 🔥Today there were many fires and that is why I cannot see a beautiful sky through my window.

  • 🌌But at night the wind began to blow and the haze from the fires was gone.

  • I can see a full moon, quite a cool atmosphere,

  • Also on the road I see a lot of cars. 🚕🚗

  • I can also see the city lights. 🌃

  • There are people walking the streets despite the pandemic. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

  • And next to me is my dog. 🐕🐶


The view from my window:

Despite the rainy days today has been a nice day, sunny and with a great blue sky. This holy week I’m out of town on my family’s farm. So through the window I can see little birds of different colors. There is also a great green mountain surrounded by huge trees. Peacocks roam the whole farm and the dogs run free. It has been a great day!


When I look out the window I see an avenue that is usually very busy, with few people since the weather is very ugly, very gray and raining. There is little movement of people and cars. This avenue has many trees, green grass that beautify it. Usually people do sports on this avenue 😃, I go out for a run eventually


A Sunday night
It’s a night very quiet in my neighborhood. There is a woman walking with her pet. When the wind is crossing by my window move my curtains and I feel a cold wind that refreshes a warm summer night.

The woman that was walking, It is getting in a car now. It’s a little strange however her husband moves the car to go to leave.

It’s a wonderful night with a beautiful full moon, only a star is in the sky without clouds.

A moment to write down lyrics like a poem or poesy.



#30DaysofEnglish - Day #14
Describe the view from your window, what can you see?

In my bedroom there is a window that connects to the laundry patio, you can see clothes, a washing machine, mop, brooms, and cleaning supplies. In the living room there is another window that connects with the balcony and the outside, in this one you can see a great part of the center and the east of Medellin; many buildings, a shopping mall, and two parks.

  • Across my window
    I can see a big tree that touch the glass of my window, too I can see that the day is very sunny and beautiful. In street of front there is a primary school that have 5 floors, but is empty. The name of school is very visible and is in red letters. On both sides of school there are big houses where live a lot of people with many pets that bark all time.
    On the street there are many cars parked in both sides of street and there are some people selling breakfast to other people that walk in the street.
    In mornings the street is very noisy, because although is small is a principal track and many motorcycles and trucks are frequents.

I can see with my little eye

The bathroom
My pet Hunter
A mango tree
Two birds
The full moon…it is beatiful!
The stars


From the window of the room where I am right now the only thing I can see is my neighbor’s window kitchen, these houses are a little bit close to each other, and at this moment, the only real thing I can see is … nothing, because it’s at dawn, and there is no sunlight out. Going back in time, in the previous room where I used to work I got a different view, the house’s backyard, well, not exactly, it was a warehouse and then the backyard. Thinking about the view from the window at the office in the city, it is a whole different situation, from there the view is an open space with an artificial lake with a fountain, a small square with some benches to rest, and some hills in the background.


The view from my window

Today was a rare day, with changes in the weather. 🌞☔🌀
There are many bricks, windows, and dirty roofs. 🏠
I can hear different music of mi neighbors.🎧
I feel anxious or discouraged.😣


By looking from my window, I see one side of my house’s backyard, I am facing the wall that separates our house from the neighbor’s house. We have quite a few plants, I don’t know the names, but my cousin knows all of them lol and a small portion of the yard is grass, we used to have a pool there. The wall is pretty high so I can’t see other houses or anything more than our plants and our cats playing around, chasing insects xD


Hello everybody, I live in Ecuador, a country, that compared with your neighbors, is as small as a chihuahua together to a pit bull.
I live in Loja, a small city, yeah as small as a flea in a chihuahua, but I like this city, is small, quiet, calm, and has a lot of green areas.
From my window, I can see some things like:

  • some clouds as white as the sugar
  • a lot of trees
  • some people walking to their jobs, they look like as an ant walking to its anthill
  • a river
  • the wind turbines that are the eco-friendly energy alternative in my city
  • some buildings like hospitals, govern buildings, houses, churches,

Today is a windy cold day, the sky is cloudy; I love this weather. The street is noisy because my neighbors have a party. I can’t focus on studying. This is a typical Sunday in my neighborhood.


I want to describe the window that is in my work
Today is a cloudy day, I can see some hills and now a industrial warehouse is being created so there are much land. I work at a company where is in San Miguel de Allende so there is a lot of tranquility and silence.


Outside, I see a big line of cars because the traffic is very common in the street.
I see my five dogs are playing in the yard.
My bother is hanging his clothes.
I see many mountains, those are a beautiful landscape because my house is in the edge of the city.


Describe the view from your window, what can you see?
Today is warm ☀️
I can listen the dogs barks 🐕‍🦺
I can see the people walk🚶‍♀️
I can feel the incomin air🧘🏻‍♀️
I can listen the people speak🚶‍♀️ 🎶
I can seen and listen the cars🚗


Hello Classmate!

In my view from my window I can see the other houses around my house, because I’m living in a condominium outside the city.
In the view also there are the gardens of my neighbors and the behind of houses of them.
Today is sunny in the evening but I feel a little cold temperature I think this is my house is very cold inside.
The winter is coming. OMG

I don’t like the winter.


view from my window:

Where i am is night and I can see some stars in the sky, actually is very calm, in the street infront of m my neighbor has the light on, I can breath more pure air, obviously not totally but here I can see more stars than in the city


The view from my window is not inspiring; from my window, I can see other buildings and a little tiny bit of sky. From my kitchen window, I can see my neighbor´s cat, Mota. He likes to talk with my cat, Tom, mostly in the morning.


Unfortunately, there’s no much to see from my window. There’s a building as tall as a giant and I cant’s see the sky so clearly. What I can see is the patio that’s full of junk from the rebuilt we made at the house some months ago, but there’s a little bit of life in that abandoned patio, which are the new vertical gardens we started growing a week ago, that plant haven’t grown that much, but at least you can see life growing. 🌿

It’s better if I describe what I hear, I’m near a big road in Mexico city, and you can always hear the traffic and the sirens of the ambulances rushing for an emergency. Also, the neighbors are really loud, and you can hear whenever they are having a few drinks.🍻 Dogs bark all the time, they don’t mind if it’s midday or midnight, their barking concert is never missed.


It’s night, I can see a dark sky, without any starts, actually, It’s not so dark, it is a little white, maybe because of the city lights, even though, I don’t live in a city, but, I live between the City of Mexico and the Toluca City. I think that the lights of those cities are that illuminate the sky. From my window I also see some closer lights, that are illuminating houses or streets. Finally, I can see an incredible waning crescent moon, as radiant as ever.


From my window just i look the neighbor’s windows so not much to look at however, I know that today is a sunny day because it’s hot