#30DaysofEnglish - Day #2

Let’s improve our vocabulary! ✍🏽 Today you are going to:

  1. Label things in your house. Use sticky notes to name 5 objects you don’t know the name in English.
  2. Share the words you learned and and give an example using those words. 😎



I have a globe on my shelf.
Take your English class on parts of the house and furniture 🏡
The #30DaysofEnglish challenge

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  • I have clothes in my closet or wardrobe
    wardrobe /ˈwɔːr.droʊb/
  • I have a lot of dishes in the dishwaser
    dishwaser /ˈdɪʃˌwɑː.ʃɚ/
  • I have enough of food in the cupboard
    cupboard /ˈkʌb.ɚd/
6 meses

IPA!, nice! 👌🏼


Blender = Licuadora (with this challenge I noticed I didn’t know such a daily-basis word xD)
Sink = lavamanos (Used to confuse me lol)
Hammock = hamaca
Stool = butaca
Rocking chair = silla mecedora

  • I use my blender everyday to make smoothiesand I relax in the hammock while drinking it.
  • When I was a kid, I had to use a stool to reach the sink and wash my hands.
  • My grandmother’s old rocking chair is a treasure for the family
6 meses

Great comment! I didn’t know how to say “hamaca” in English.

<h1>Item (spanish)</h1>
  • Catulina
  • Vela
  • Ventilador
  • Módem de internet
  • Estufa
<h1>Item translated</h1>
  • cardboard
  • Candle
  • Fan
  • Modem
  • Stove
  • My daughter asked me for carboard for her school homework
  • In many years I haven’t lightened a candle
  • Unfortunately my fan broke
  • My mother’s modem is very old
  • Be careful, the stove is on
6 meses

I didn´t know that stove is “estufa”.
Good job Dogie.

6 meses

Why did you use HTML?. Do you want to practice?

  • Pizarron - blackboard (blak-bord)
  • Serrucho - Saw (Sau)
  • Cubrebocas - Face mask (feis-mask)
  • Escoba - Broom (broom)
  • Trapeador - Mop (moopt)

-My girlfriend gift me a blackboard ❤️
-In the last month my dad buy a new saw because we dont have it.
-I bought some face mask to self to the people
-I have problems with the translate of “escoba” I never know hot to write on english, but now I know it, it’s called broom.
-The broom of my house are really dirty with sand, I need to clean it.


I keep my clothes on the dresser
I like to buy books for my bookshelf
My mom always turns on the gas heater on winter
I always connect my electric guitar to the amplifier
The groceries we buy at home are stored in the cupboard

6 meses

Amazing examples buddy, I like you amplifier and take care with gas heater.

Well Done.


Humidifier (hjuːˈmɪdəˌfaiər): I always use the humidifier far from my laptop.
Stapler (steɪpləʳ): The stapler only have ten staples left.
Audio Splitter (ɔːdioʊ splɪt): I won that audio splitter in a Coca-Cola event last year
Dispensing Bottle (dɪspɛnsɪŋ ˈbɑtəl): I always go out with my dispensing bottle fill with alcohol for about a year.
Sunglasses Case (sʌnglɑːsɪz keɪs): The inside of this sunglasses case is smooth.


1- Almohada = Pillow
2- Cesto de ropa = Laundry basket
3- Ventilador = Fan
4- Guante = Glove
5- Saca punta = Sharpener

I am going to do this activity every day


Day #2
Put that jacket in the coat rack
In the night, I wash my face in the sink
There is a huge coat in the wardrobe
If you are cold, there is a Blanket in the closet of my room
I sleep in the bunk. I sleep below and above Spain xD


I have two pillows on my bed.
I have four cushions on my sofa.
I wash my hands in the sink.
I prepare my juice in the blender.
I have a keyboard on my desk.


Ok guys! My five objects are:

  • Rice cooker

  • Mop

  • Coffee table

  • Broom

  • Cupboards


  • Everday I make the lunch using the rice cooker

  • When the house is very dirty, I clean the floor with my broom and mop

  • On weekends me and my family met around the coffee table
    to speaking about storys.


cupboard -> alacena
fireplace -> chimenea
end table -> mesa final
broom -> escoba
crib -> cuna

In front of the fireplace there is a crib and next to the fireplace there is a broom.
Upstairs at the end of the hall there’s a end table and a little cupboard.


Take the glass of wine frome te showcase

Put the vase of flowers at the table

The water tap is broken, I will buy a new

I must finish reading the book tonight, turn on the lamp please


I want to see the sun down, please open the curtains


Hello friends!

Five objects which I didn’t know what were their english translation.

1a. Agujereadora >>> Hole punch
2a. Picaporte >>> Latch
3a. Persiana >>> Blind (Yep, as a person which couldn’t see)
4a. Rejilla de ventilación de aire >>> Air Louver
5a. Maceta >>> Flowerpot

1b. Minutes ago I drilled some sheets to put them into a folder.
2b. My house’s latch wasn’t working well at the past days.
3b. Rigth now I have my blinds down beacuse It’s a big windy day in my city and still is dark outside.
4b. Some months ago I put three more air louvers into my house to battle humidity.
5b. I need to buy a bigger flowerpot for a little palm tree which I have into my house.


  • mattress: colchón
  • fan: ventilador
  • photo frame: portarretrato
  • Dresser: cómoda
  • Plug: Enchufe
  1. I need to buy a mattress
  2. the fan is silver
  3. She has a picture on her desk of a grandchild
  4. You put it over my dresser
  5. could you fix this plug?
6 meses

No, that plug is working, you don’t know how to use it.

  • Speaker. I have a speaker on my desk.
  • Coat rack. I have two coat racks in my bedroom.
  • Comb. I usually set my hair with a comb.
  • Fan. My sister turns on the fan when it’s hot.
  • Lotion. My doctor recommended a special lotion for sore skin.

- Fan: ventilador
My computer is above the fan
- Air freshener: aromatizante
- Scent: aroma
In my desk, I have an air freshener with five blue sticks that realease the scent
- Blind: persiana
My rooms window has a gray blind
- Towel: toalla
- Ink: tinta
I have a little towell to clean my rocket book from the ink


Day #2
A.The bookshelf is at living room
B.The drawer of my table is broken
3.Coffee maker☕
C. I love my new Coffee maker
4.Frying pan🍳
D. My grandmother buyed a new frying pan
E. Stapler ran out of staples


Night table

We are a need refrigerator.
My curtains are ugly.
The microwave hot my food.
They are night tables in the bedroom.
She has a have toilet.

  1. Light bulbs = focos de luz

  2. Wardrobe = armario

  3. Medal = medalla

  4. Case = estuche

  5. Fan = ventilador

  6. Cushion = cojín

  • In the night the light bulbs are on
  • There are a lot of old clothe in the wardrobe
  • A medal is a symbol to honor
  • Always have my case on hand
  • the Fan is spinning in 180°
  • The cushion is dirty but is comfortable

I find phrases no common, I think


Ok. Here is my list:

  • broom
  • dishwasher
  • cupboard
  • armchair
  • cardboard

How am I going to clean the floor if I can’t find my broom?
Dishwasher is not working again!
I don’t like this cupboard.
There is nothing like a comfy armchair to read and chill out.
where can i get a cardboard on a sunday night?

  • talco = talco

  • librero (no biblioteca) = bookcase

  • perfume = perfume or fragance

  • adaptador de red = network adapter

  • chapa = veneer


  1. She put talc in her feet
  2. I like bookcases with a lot of books. They look so beautiful.
  3. He uses fragance when goes out with his girlfriend.
  4. I use a network adapter because my PC doesn´t have one in the motherboard.
  5. The technician changed the veneer because it broke.

Frutero = Fruit platter
Estante = shelf
lavadora = washer
estufa = stove
prensa para tortillas = tortilla press
In the kitchen there is a stove, fruit platter, shelf and tortilla press
The washing machine is in the laundry area


1.Cup holder- porta vasos
My cup holder has figure of disket.
I have a special spoon was i’m eat cereal and soup.
I use the fork only for eat pasta.
The glass makes noise when is falls.
The door handle it’s very cold.


SAUCEPAN: Cacerola
GRATER: Rallador
WHISK: Batidor
CAN OPENER: Abrelatas.

My sister gave me a whisk so I can make desserts.
Please, give me the grater.
Give me can opener for open the beer.
You can fry the meat in the frying-pan.
Put the eggs in the_ saucepan_


I Choose this words:

  • Shelving/Shelves.
    Phrase: - All my books are in the shelves.

  • Frame/Framed.
    Phrase: - I have a photo, I think that this picture have to be in a frame for the other people can see it better.

  • Container.
    Phrase: - This container have my stuffs in her inside.

  • Pills.
    Phrase: - I forget bought the pills in the farmacy.

  • Keyboard.
    Phrase: - This keybord have a lack of keys, the keys of lack are in the floor, please help me for pick up this things.


My 5 words

  1. Light switches - encendedor/ apagador
  2. Shelf - repisa
  3. Wardrobe - guardarropa
  4. Rug - alfombra
  5. Curtain - Cortina
    I need to change the light switch of my room
    The shelf is very pretty
    I would like to change my wardrobe
    I’ve ( I have) a new rug in the in entrance of the house.
    I need a new curtain for the living room
  1. Blackboard
  2. Trash can
  3. Phone charger
  4. Coffee table
  5. memo pad
  6. Bookcase

We use a blackboard to write our ideas.
The trash can is full.
I lost my phone charger. My smartphone is dead.
The cups is on coffee table.
He writes the numbers in his memo pad.
Your books are in the bookcase.


In my work I use for my documents the stapler and the perforator, I have a computer and it has a cables for connection with the screen. When I’m working in the computer I use the footrest. In the wall I have a board for put things that I need remember

  • Cortina: Curtain
    Yesterday, I changed the curtain in my room

  • Portarretratos: Picture frame
    I have a picture frame on my wall

  • Mueble: Furniture
    On the weekend, my boyfriend helped me put the furniture together

  • Tapete/alfombra: Rug
    My cat loves to sleep on the rug

  • Cobija: Blanket
    These days at night have been very cold, I sleep with two blankets

  • I have a microphone to record videos for my youtube channel
  • I have a big screen to edit videos
  • I listen to music with my headphones
  • I use my keyboard to develop software

Hi, everyone!

These are my 5 objects:

  1. Ornament

  2. Keyholder

  3. Fridge

  4. Stationary bicycle

  5. Wooden stool

There are not many ornaments in my house.
I have a beautiful keyholder that is a gift from my sister-in-law.
Our fridge is not big but is not small either.
I have a stationary bicycle that I do not use as often as I would like to.
My cat likes to sleep on one wooden stool by the window.

  • Drawing block / Sketchbook
    I usually draw on my sketchbook that is on my desk.

  • Ink cartridge
    I can’t print because my printer needs a new ink cartridge.

  • Antibacterial gel
    Everybody has an antibacterial gel in his house since the pandemic.



  • baúl
  • Sacapuntas
  • Cesta
  • Cartelera
  • Archivador


  • Trunk
  • Sharpener
  • Basket
  • Billboard
  • File cabinet


  • I have a trunk in my room
  • Could you lend me your sharpener?
  • I put my clothe on the basket
  • I put all my notes and things to do on my billboard
  • I use a File cabinet to get all my things to study in order

Pot: I like to make the rice in the black pot
Oven: The fish prepared in the oven is delicious
Cupboard: It is necessary to organize the food in the cupboard
Tablecloth: The tablecloth is too long for that little table
Curtain: Please close the curtain, a lot of light is coming in


This morning I take the mop because my apartment was dirty.
Last Friday I was with my friends in my apartment and we open the sliding roof because It was a sunny day.
I’m going to light the fire place later
I’m entering the stove now
A few minutes when I arrived at my apartment hang the jacket on the coat rack

  • I need to turn the door lock when I want get in my bedroom
  • I use a bowl when I want to eat cereal
  • I use the salt shaker when my food doesn’t have flavor
  • I use the coaster under my coffee mug so that my desk doesn’t get dirty
  • When something is dirty I use a napkin to clean it.

Hi class mates! Here are the objects that I labelled

photo_2021-03-17_20-40-11 (2).jpg
6 meses

Yesterday I put my jacket on the hook. Where is it now?

My blanket is soft, but I prefer the blanket of my girlfriend.

The last night was a cockroach (New word too) in my pillow. It was awful.

** Curtain**
The cat has scratched twice the curtain of my mom.

** Chandelier **
When I was a kid, I broke the chandelier. My mom was so angry with me because the chandelier was made of glass.


Lata de cerveza = Beer can
Cargador = Charger
Pared = Wall


the beer can is empty.

i don’t found my charger, have you seen it?

the white wall is behin the laptop


my bookshelf loudspeaker is on my bookcase.
my air ventilator is very small and the weather is very hot.
my brown trunk is in front of our bunk bed.


When I am in the motorcycle of my boyfriend, I use the helmet.
My house always smells good, because there is an air freshener.
Every days, each one hour I drink water of my thermos.
I like the pinneapple juice that I make in mom’s blender.
My mom always listens to music on the sound speaker every morning when she prepares lunch.

  • Flower pot = maceta

  • cooking pot = olla

  • rug = alfombra

  • toothbrush = cepillo de dientes

  • blender = licuadora


  • I love to having plants in my house, so I’m painting my own flower pots

  • I need to buy a big cooking pot because tomorrow my mother and my brothers are going to visit me and they love eating pasta.

  • Maria has an modern apartment, her rugs are beautiful.

  • Your blender makes a weird sound, I think it’s damaged.

6 meses


  • I love having plants in my house, so I’m painting my own flower pots

In my kitchen there is larges cupsboards, a range roof up my stove, drawers down it, and a outlet in the wall.


Hi everyone! I have learned that is very useful to read the meaning in English or see images and try to guess the word in English that’s why I am going to avoid the meaning in Spanish!

  1. a nightstand: a small low bedside table, typically having drawers.
    • before falling asleep I usually put my glasses on the nightstand.
  2. dish rack: a rack that dishes are placed on so they can dry.
    • Sometimes, I want to get rid of my dish rack, my kitchen is small and I would like to have more space.
  3. Hair Straightener: an agent (as heat or a chemical preparation) used for straightening kinky hair
    • there are many kinds of hair straighteners, some of them are good for our hair and some of them could damage it.
  • flat iron: a device used for straightening hair by pressing and pulling sections between two heated metal or ceramic, flat, rectangular plates
    • I usually straighten my hair with a flat iron
  1. Comforter: This is a thick, quilted, fluffy blanket that is used to keep you warm.

    • I saw a blue comforter that combines with my bedsheets.
  2. Peeler: A peeler is a kitchen tool consisting of a metal blade with a slot with a sharp edge attached to a handle, used to remove the outer layer of some vegetables such as potatoes, broccoli stalks, and carrots, and fruits such as apples and pears.

    • When I want to make mashed potato I use the peeler to get everything done as fast as I can

Dish Dryer
Drying Rack
Key Organizer / Key Holders


Five things in my bedroom
Pillow, perfume, fan, deodorant, light table

  • Are many perfumes in my light table
  • the pillow is very comfortable
    -The fan is silent
  • when it’s very hot I wear a lot of deodorant

1.- Pen holder or pencil holder
I’ve lost the pencil holder of my daughter.
2.- Photo frame
My brother gave me a new digital photo frame for my office.
3.- Saucepan
I need a new saucepan because this is very old
4.- Eiderdown
My dog bit the eiderdown that my grandmother made me
5.- Banisters
My son likes down over the banisters


° My backup battery is on the desk.
° The thread I use it for sew sequin in my jacket.
° My eraser and my stapler I bought them at the stationery shop from the neighborhood.


Armario = wardrobe
Crema de manos = Handcream
Mesa de noche = Nightstand
Estufa= Stove
Cucharón= ladle

-I have a lot of clothes that I don’t like in my wardrobe

  • I need a special handcream, my hands are delicate
  • I don’t have a nightstand since I broke the last one
  • I need a new ladle

Wow! This challenge gave me a great idea, thanks so much, I just realized I don’t know how to say common words in our house, and that we see everyday, since now I’ll label everything in order to inmerse in the language hahaha

  • earphones / headphones = Audifonos / Auricolares
    I always use my earphones to study online.
  • sandals = sandalias / chanclas
    My mom says it’s better wear sandals when we go to the beach.
  • Fan = Ventilador
    My dad likes fans on the ceeling.
  • bulb / light bulb = bombilla / foco de luz
    I need to climb on the chair to replace the bulb.
  • the lights = las luces
    I couldn’t find the switch to turn on the lights.
  • switch = interruptor
    I dont use the switch anymore since I have Alexa in my bedroom.

1. Could you turn on the fan, please?
2. Close the blinds before leaving.
3. I borrowed the pruner.
4. I need some hooks to hang my clothes.
5. The stair rail is black.


I need to search the GLASSES CASE, because it isn´t mine.

The LOUDSPEAKER is broken.

My sister wants to buy a MICROWAVE.

I want to cook some vegetables in theAIR FRYER.

I forgot to put the meat in the FRIDGE.


For me these are new words:
Florero = Flower vase
Macetero = Flower pots
Vajilla = Tableware
Tetera = Teapot
Foco de Luz = Light bulbs


1. I’m putting the yeast in the Kitchen Scale
2. She is cleaning the Bathtub at this moment
3. Take Take the shampoo out of the Cabinet
4. The earthware is in the Cupboards
5. I’m making all the meats at the same time in the Grill

  1. Iron
  2. Stove
  3. Heater
  4. Pitcher Water
  5. Sewing machine
  • I use the Iron every week for my clothes.
  • My father use the stove when he is cooking.
  • We use a heater when the day it’s very cold.
  • I need a pitcher water everyday.
  • My sister use her sewing machine in her job.
  • Speakers: I hear music of YouTube in my PC speakers
  • Voltage regulator: I connected my PC on a voltage regulator
  • Fan: I use fans to cool my PC
  • Medicine cabinet: There is a medicine cabinet in my bathroom for emergencies
  • light switch: I turn off the lights with room light switch
  • 👨🏻‍🍳 I use a strainer every time I cook fries, and if I can’t find it I use tongs, not thongs if you were wondering 🤦🏻‍♂️😒😄
    strainer /ˈstreɪnər/; tongs /tɑŋz/; thongs /θɔŋz/
  • ☕️ Before I got an espresso machine, I used a frother to texture the milk
    frother /ˈfrɔθər/
  • 🍞 Coffee and buns is always a good match to start the day
    bun /bʌn/
  • ⛔️ We are slowly leaving behind those days of hard curfew restrictions
    curfew /ˈkɜrfju/

Bote de basura

garbage can

I use my_ dishwasher_ very often. I don’t like to see it dirty.

I love my blender to make some good breakfast like pancakes.

I don’t like when my garbage can smell bad. The problem is that its very small.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I always used my sink to wash my hands


teddy = peluche
sprayer = pulverizador
phone charger = Cargador de telefono
bookcase = estante
screwdriver = destornillador


I learn this words:
jarra: jug - I put the water on the jug
cortinas: curtains - Jorge, please open the curtains
ladrillo: brick - I bought a thousand of bricks
peine: hair comb - I can’t use a hair comb because i’m bald
parrilla: grill - Today we will cook in the grill

  • I have a lot of things on my coat rack, I have to organize it.
  • I think my curtains are a bit dirty, I should go wash them right now.
  • Whenever I want to get rid of something, I take it to my cellar or to the trash
  • When I am a little hungry, normally I’m looking for a snack in the cupboard or in the fridge.
  • Yesterday I almost fell down the stairs

Didn’t have post-its at the time this activity was done 😕
I´ll use images instead…

Please turn the faucet off
Clean the door handle every time you use it.
We need to buy a new kick plate for the front door.
Would you consider installing a downspout for this house?
This hall is well-lit during daylight thanks to this skylight.


Desk = Escritorio
Oven = horno
water heater = calefon
intercom = intercomunicador
rag = trapo xd

  • I use the rag to clean the glass of the oven
  • Today the security guard of the building where I live called me from the intercom to tell me that there is a package at the reception.
  • I need to call a water heater technician because it is no longer heating
  • I spend more than eight hours a day at a desk.

My favorite shirt is inside my wardrobe. (Guardarropa)
I have sandals in my shoerack. (Mueble para zapatos)
My bedframe has a drawer where I store some clothes. (Base de cama) (cajón)
I have a wood nightstand near my bed. (Mesa de noche)

  • Pencil holder: Porta lápices.
    I have all my pens and pencils in a pencil holder.

  • Piggybank / Money box: Alcancía.
    I’m trying to save money in my piggy bank to buy an Expert+

  • Soldering iron: Cautin / soldador.
    I was building a robot but did no find the soldering iron.

  • Oats: Avena
    I always eat oats at night.

  • Shelf: Estante
    My brother was cleaning the house and he broke the shelf.

  1. Frame - Cuadro
  2. Fan - Ventilador
  3. Vase - florero
  4. Fence - Cerca (madera)
  5. Carpet - alfombra
  • There are two frames in the wall.
  • I will paint the fence this weekend.
  • The vase is full, I bought flowers yesterday.

Night Table >>>>> Mesa de Noche
Books >>>>> Libros
Pillows >>>> Almohadas
Chargers >>>> Cargadores
Laptop >>>>>> Laptop
Phone >>>>> Telefono

Every night I take my book from the night table and I organise few pillows to stay comfortable and switch off my laptop,phone and connect to the chargers.


Serrucho = Saw
Tapete = Rug
Tomacorriente = Outlet
Sala = Living room
Cajón = Drawer

I save the saw in the tools drawer
I have a rug in the entrance of my house
The computer is connected to the outlet
My father have a big living room


1.Peluche - Teddy (got me a lot of interest this word)
2.Sandalias - Flip flops (another very interest word)
3.Cenicero - ashtray
4.Plumon (de cama) - featherbed (ft bed?)
5.Tarro - Jar
1.¡brother give me back my little teddy!
2.I don’t know where are my flip flops
3.Maybe i have to clean my ashtray is(No se si se escribe “is” o “it’s”) already full
4.This featherbed is so warm
5.i’m gonna use this jar as a piggy bank


I found the next things:

  • Shelf
  • Blanket
  • Washing machine
  • Oven
  • Liquidator


  • The books are in the shelf.
  • Your blankets are in the closet.
  • Daniel came to fix the washing machine.
  • The chicken is in the oven.
  • Put the fruits in the liquidator.
  • clothes line : tendedero. I hang the clothes on the clothesline

  • jargon: jerga. I use the jargon to dry the water

  • latch: cerrojo. When the night comes i lock the door with the latch.

  • leggins: polainas. I wear leggings for running

-broom: escoba .I use the broom to sweep the dirt


• I have a air freshener in my room
• I have a lot of skin cream in my bedside table
• beside the TV I have a ozonifier
• There are two handy chargers in my desk
• I have a scent candle in my other bedside table

  • Costa uñas - Nail clipper.
  • Enchufe - Plug.
  • Cableado - Wired.
  • Calentado - Heater
  • Sartén - Frying pan or Pan
    Day #2

I have a cat, my cat is feeling sick. I have to clean the cat litter box
My plant is growing so big. I need a new flowerpot
My girlfriend is drying is hair with the dryier
it’s too cold inside. I need more blankets

  • Washing machine
  • Music speaker
  • Wardrobe
  • Belt
  • Glue
    Some sentences
    I hate use washing machine, but I need to clean my clothes
    I never use belt or glue
    My wardrobe is a bit messy
    When I start my workout, I play music on my music speaker

Nightstand : I have a nightstand in my room.
Ashtray : My dad has an ashtray.
Shutter : My house has two shutter.

  • Washer = Lavadora
  • Mop = Trapeador
  • Lectern = Atril
  • Curtain = Cortina
  • Orange juicer = Exprimidor de naranjas
  • In home we laundly in the washer twice a week.
  • My mom clean the floor using the mop.
  • I use a lectern to read.
  • I have in my room black curtains.
  • My family use the orange juicer every morning to have breackfast.

In my room I have two drawers
I have a toaster oven on my kitchen
My mom has three tongs with different color
My girlfriend gives me a kitchen scale to control my diet
I have a food processor on my kitchen cabinet


Padlock ( /ˈpæd.lɑːk/)= a small metal lock with a U-shaped bar.
Electrical outlet (/iˌlek.trɪ.kəl ˈaʊt.let/)= a device to which a piece of electrical equipment can be connected in order to provide it with electricity.
Drill (/drɪl/)=a tool or machine that makes holes:
rope (roʊp)=a piece of strong, thick string made of long twisted threads.
Terrace (/ˈter.əs/)=a row of often small houses joined together along their side walls

  • In my door there is a brown padlock.
  • My house has a lot of electrical outlets.
  • I use a black drill to make holes in my sheets.
  • My mom bought a rope to do excessive.
  • My dog sleep in my house’s terrace.
  1. I was doing a strawberry juice in my blender.
    Blender= Licuadora

2.3. A whisk and a cake mold are essencial tools for to make a birthday cake.
Whisk= Batidor
Cake Mold= Molde de torta

4.Today we will make chicken in the oven
= Horno

5.After lunch we go to wash the pans.
Pans= Ollas


In my bedroom I have a nightstand with three drawers. My ball is in a mesh, and I save money in an ashtray which is on the furniture of my computer

6 meses

Where I live it’s too cold so I sleep with 5 thick blankets, and I do not use sheets I only use blankets.

  • I have a fan in my room, in order o get a bit of fresh.

  • There are one air conditioner in my houce, below the main window.

  • I have bought a bed at the last month.


*My (fan) is on
*My mother use her (blender) for prepare a juice of strawberry
*My husband want buy a (stove) new
*My grandfather use the (rocking chair) all day
*the (cutlery) is on the table


licuadora/ blender
the blender is black
despensa / pantry
The pantry is very high and I can’t reach it
ventilador / fan
the fan makes a lot of noise


iron : plancha
screwdriver : desarmador
strainer : colador
outlet: tomacorriente
alacena: cupboard

  • After 30 seconds, the iron will be hot.
  • This screw requires a star-shaped screwdriver.
  • Use a strainer to remove the noodles from the water.
  • Do not allow the child to play with the outlet.
  • We need a small cupboard to store condiments.
Frame 2.png

-I put lights with some photos of my favorites moments I had at the headboard.
-Everyday I wash my face in the sink
-I take my suitcase when I will visit my parents
-I love take photos with my camera and my tripode.
-I usually clean my house on Sunday even the toilet


Curtain Cortina
Flowerpot Maceta
Fork Tenedor
Fan Ventilador
Coat rack Perchero

  • The curtain in the room is color blue

  • My neighbors have a lot of flowerpots

  • For eating pasta you should use a fork

  • Is hot, I’ll light the fan

  • I have two pants in the coat rack


my broom is very big and my brush is very small.
the bed has blankeds and pillow.
i have a deodorant in de bathroom.
my bag is full of garbage.


Carpet – Alfombra
Cushions – Cojines
Armchair – Silla
Bathtub – Bañera
Stove – Estufa


The laptop is on carpet
The orange cushions are on the sofa
The blue armchair is at living room
I’m taking a shower in the bathtub
I have a stove in my apartament

  • I have two dressers in my room.
Horno microondas - Microwave.png
  • I usually heat my food in the microwave
  • My father usually listens to music on his speaker.
Sartén - Frying pan.png
  • My mother bought a new frying pan.
  • I always use my fan in summer.

Hi Guys! 👋🏻

I found some things that I didn´t know:

📌Incienso: incense /ˈɪnsɛns/
Example: I use incense every day for my meditation time

📌Candelabro de techo: chandelier /ˌʃændəˈlɪər/
Ex: Although, I don´t have any chandelier in my home, I have listened recently the Sia’s song with that name.

📌Grapadora (in Colombia we call it “cosedora”): stapler /ˈsteɪplər/
Ex: In pandemic time the use of the stapler has decreased, because we don´t print too much.

  • I have a curtain next to my computer.

  • I have a phone failed in my bedroom.

  • I have a notebook in my desk.


Hi! I don’t have sticky notes around, but I named several objects I didn’t know its name in English:

  • I have some clothes in the dresser
  • The cushions are really soft
  • We keep our condiments on the cupboard
  • I put my personal hygiene products in the cabinet
  • The sink is silver

When I am cleaning the house, I forgive to clean the light switch always!

I received a Slipper as a Christmas present.

I think that my closet is broken because every day appears a new screw on the floor.

The bathroom of my new apartment is so nice, but there is just a problem, the door handle is broken.

Always my family uses the Fanny pack to take their personal things, usually I use a backpack.


Ok, here we go…
My words list:
1.** Heater:** Typical phase in my house: Is the water heater on?
2. Clothesline or clothes horse:
I usually dry my laundry on the clothesline when the weather is sunny
3. Gas burning stove: We have in our room a gas burning stove.
4.** Hanky or hankies:** My daughter has a pink hanky of unicorns.
5. Wires: I have a lot of tangled electrical wire under my desk right now
Did you know them?


i have a desk in my room, behind my desk i have my chair gaming and on my desk are my sunglasses, my headphones and my laptop


1.I have two pillows on my bed.
2.There is a stapler on my desk.
3.There is a balloon in my bedroom.
4.I have a hair dryer in my closet.
5.There are two hair comb in my bathroom.