#30DaysofEnglish - Day #20

Let’s practice our listening and vocabulary skills!
Listen to this podcast
Write down the words that you learned and use them in an example😉
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The #30DaysofEnglish challenge

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Hi everyone!

I learned these words:

Assumption (n.): Something that you think is true without having any proof.
He is just making assumptions.

Accurate (adj.): Correct or exact.
The report is not accurate, you need more data.

Reliable (adj.): Able to be trusted or believed.
This tool is the most reliable.


Hello there

  • Fortune teller
    My aunt came to a fortune teller, she needed more answers about her way
  • Assumption
    My friends assumption that i´m obsessed with The Umbrella Academy, but it´s not true! xD
  • Reliable
    My beste friend, Jessica, it´r very reliable and loyal, I can keep my secrets with her

Fortune teller: A person who tells you what they think would happen to you in the future.
I went to a market and a fortune-teller told me my future: You will never stop learning… and see me here 😄

assertiveness: confident and forceful behavior.
she has difficulty standing up for herself, even when assertiveness may be warranted


Hey guys!
Here are the words that I learned:

  • Reliable: (adjective) consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted.

    Platzi is a reliable source of information.

    (Noun) a person or thing with trustworthy qualities.

    You are one of the most reliable persons I have met.

  • Fortune teller: A person who tells you what they think would happen to you in the future.

    I don’t believe in fortune tellers and the authenticity of their practice.

  • Assumption: a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.

    A theory must be based on facts, not on an assumption.

  • Impose: force (something unwelcome or unfamiliar) to be accepted or put in place.

    I do not want to impose strict rules on my children.

  • Accuracy: the quality or state of being correct or precise.

    The mathematician checked the accuracy of her calculations.


I lerned this words:

  • A fortune teller said I’m going to win the lotery tomorrow.
  • I have the assumption that my dog broke something.
  • His assertiveness is correct, he passed the exam.
  1. Believe
    I couldn’t believe it.
  2. Thought
    It’s worse than we thought
  3. Trust
    You must trust me
  4. Fortune teller
    I am not a fortune teller 🔮
  5. Assumption
    It is just an assumption

I Believe that my country makes more opportunities to the entrepreneurs
My thoughts about education change when I met Platzi
I need to Trust in my abilities to learn more.
I never see a Fortuneteller.
I sometimes have assumptions about other persons.


New words

  • Thought: She’s trying to improve her creative thought with music and books.
  • Assumption: They did an assumption about the final score of the game.
  • Fortune teller: I don’t believe in fortune tellers. I think it’s just assumptions and beliefs.
  • Assertiveness: Study other languages improve your assertiveness to comunicate.
  • Emphasising: He was emphasising his ideas about the importance to learn English.
  • Confident: She feels more confident when talks in public

Someone or something that is reliable can be trusted or believed because he, she, or it works or behaves well in the way you expect.

  • The contact that you gave me, is reliable?

something that you accept as true without question or proof

  • Society usually makes wrong assumptions about people, based on how it looks, dress, lives, etc.

The only two words a recognize were:

  1. Thought
  2. Trust
  • It’s good to learn new things everyday, it helps us to generate new ideas and landing new thoughts.
  • We must trust in education.


I learned these words:

Assumption: Something that you think is true without having any proof.
He lie or so just make assumptions.

Accurate : Exact or clear.
When I speak I don’t usually say the right things, it is not accurate

Assertively :the ability to express our wishes in a kind, frank, open, direct and appropriate way

Assertiveness is the ability to set limits


Reliable: some to be trusted.
This app is very reliable.

Trust : To belive or someone is good o a honest o is realiable.
My father is a people trust

Fortune teller: A person who tells you what they think would to happend in the future.

My friend is fortune teller

Assumption: when to think some is accepted or true

I assumption what theory is true


My vocabulary:

1. thought

2. Fortune telle

3. Reliabler

4. Assumption


These podcasts was 😫
I don’t know how to write the words :c

Some words were:

Reliable: To learn is incredible for me to be a reliable person.

Fortune teller: I have never seen a fortune teller, and I don’t care about it. 😋

Assumption: People like to do assumptions about all things because it’s feel good.


fortune teller /ˈfɔːr.tʃuːn ˌtel.ɚ/
A person who tells you what they think will happen to you in the future

  • Ohh god! don’t belive in the fortune teller just believe in yourself, I know you can do it

assumption /əˈsʌmp.ʃən/
something that you accept as true without question

  • He assumption that I will travel without him that makes me feel hungry

Accurate /ˈæk.jɚ.ət/
Clear, correct without mistakes

  • We have an accurate machine


Assumption: (noun) the thought of that something is true or will happen in the future.
I made the false assumption that I was the only one in his life

Impose: (verb) force someone to do or believe something as you do.
Schools shouldn’t impose the belief on children that the traditional family (mother-father) is the only kind of family there is.

Prejudice: (noun) the previous opinion you have of something or someone, that may cause unreasonable dislikes.
The biggest enemy of humanity is discrimination and prejudice.


Fortune teller: /ˈfɔːr.tʃuːn ˌtel.ɚ/ a person who tells you what they think will happen to you in the future.
I would like to find an old fortune teller from medium Orient.

Prejudice: /ˈpredʒ.ə.dɪs/ an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling, especially when formed without enough thought or knowledge.
We have been evoluting even in prejudice, that we leave them in another point of view.


Juan showed assertiveness when he was in the interview.


The words that I learned this time were:

  • The thought of kissing him made me go weak at the knees.


  • I am not a fortuneteller to know the answer.


  • I have a lot of assumptions about this, but I’m not sure.


  • You have a good communication when you speak assertively and clearly


Well, this podcast was challenging for me. In general, understand the definition for each word was difficult however after listened to it a lot of times I can understand a little more.

  • In the last year in my mind have had a thought that involves learning new technologies
  • I begin a new company with my best friend because are both of trust.
  • We can assumption that the new product is good because overcame all tests


Fortune teller
Before you leave, the fortune teller reminds you that the future is never set in stone. 😄 😄

I would like to think of an assumption to find out something that I never knew. 🤔🤔


Only 3 words

I thought is a good idea this challenge
I impose my style
the Accuracy of this algorithm is perfect


- Accuracy: The computer will calculate your position with pinpoint accuracy.
- Impose: The council has imposed a ban on alcohol in the city parks.
- Assumption: People tend to make assumptions about you when you have a disability.


Hey guys!

I had to look for some words that I was not sure about the right way to write them.
These words were: assumption, assertiveness, and prejudice.

Nice podcast 💚 I have to keep in mind that “words are powerful”


Hi everyone!
These are words I learned:

  • Thought (noun): I thought that I could do more things on these easter days.
  • Fortune teller (noun): I’ve never gone where a fortune teller for to know my future.
  • Assumption (noun): Asking a question is always better than an assumption.


These are the new words for me:

  • He already knew all the match results, he must be a fortune teller.

  • We are going to prepare the business plan with the assumption of a 20% increase in sales

  • Assertiveness in communication is very important to deliver a clear and positive message to your team


Day #20
1.Fortune teller

  • Please tell me what happen, I’m not fortune teller
    -Also i can’t do an assumption
    -The plan is working, just trust me.

These are my learned words in this podcast.

Reliable: We obtained the information from a reliable source, its name is Platzi.
Assumption: The results confirm the validity of the assumption.
Assertive: My boss decided to be more assertive with that staff.
Trivia: we fill our days with meaningless trivia
Fortune teller: He went to a fortune teller to ask for advice, Is it a good idea?


The words that I learned with Platzi English Podcast

1. Fortune teller: My aunt went with a fortune teller to know about her future.
2. Assumption: You can have an assumption or a paradigm about a scientific topic.
3. Assertiveness: I need to find the way to be assertiveness when I talk about my life project.

  • Fortune Teller:
    Most fortune tellers are liars (lol).

Aw, I really liked this episode!


Hi! I’m learned this words:
Believe: The feeling of believing that something exist our is true.
Trust: To believe that someone is good and honest. Trust is super important in any relationship.
Fortune teller: A person who tells you what they things happen to you in the future.
Assumption: something what you think when you don’t have proof of the events.


Hello 👋!

The words that I learned were:

  • Fortune teller (noun). /ˈfɔːr.tʃuːn ˌtel.ɚ/ A person who tells you what they think will happen to you in the future
    I’ve never gone with a fortune teller, because I don’t believe in that
  • Assertiveness (noun). /əˈsɝː.t̬ɪv.nəs/ the quality of being confident and not frightened to say what you want or believe
    She was appreciated for her quick mind and assertiveness and for being a key part of the team

See you soon!


Hi everyone!
Today I learned the words:
- Assertiveness: Is the ability to expressing thoughts, feelings, and believes in a direct and honest way:
if you want to succeed in your job you have to have many characteristics of assertiveness in communication.
- Fortune teller: **A person who tells you what they think would happen to you in the future
don’t believe in those that think are fortune tellers. You decide how to build your future
-Assumption: something that you accept as true without a question
always ask if you are not sure about something. Assumption could be bad for your carreer