30DaysofEnglish - Day #22

😎 “Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits”.
If you woke up suddenly because your house is on fire, what item would you save first and why?
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The #30DaysofEnglish challenge

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	Hey guys! I hope you are having a great day 👋
  • 🔥 If my house were on fire, I would save my life and may famliy‘s life too. But if I had enought time to save a couple of things, I would save my laptop, my phone and my wallet.

💚 The other things can be replaced but my laptop has a lot of value information, also my phone, and in my wallet I have all my important documents.


Hi Everyone!

Wow, what a difficult question!!
If I wake up suddenly because my house is on fire, and everyone in my household is fine, I would save my stuffed animals. They mean so much to me! All of them are in the same place so I would take as many as I can if not all of them. But in the case I have to save just one, I would choose the one that is a red panda.

I hope you are having a great day!
Thanks for reading!


I would yell at everyone in the house that the house is on fire

meanwhile I take the money, I take my dog, and jump🐱‍🏍 out the

window to call the watchers and the fire-fighter🔥👨‍🚒👩‍🚒.


Hello there
If my house were on fire, i would save my pig with my money, my phone, and my Five Hargreeves t-shirt xD, but if i had more time, i would save my xbox too
I would save that because those things are important to me, i mean, i need my money, i need my phone everywhere, i needd that t-shirt because it´s my favorite t-shirt in the world xD, and i need my xbox because there are many games that i didn´t play


Wow, I don’t want to imagine that 😮

If I woke up and my house is on fire…,
…, I would have to call the firefighters 🧑‍🚒
…, I would bring water or a fire extinguisher to put out fire.
…, I get out with my family and pet.
…, I would break a window.


I think I would save my PS4. Everything can be set on fire, except my precious PS4 lol.

On a serious note though, I’d honestly go with my laptop. I do all my work and study from it, so losing my laptop would be losing my door to knowledge and my possibility to work (and buy a PS5 xd)


If I woke up suddenly because my house is on fire…

I could …

  1. Put my shoes on
  2. Take my backpack and put on my computer, iPad, cellphone and if I had enough time, some important documents and money too.
  3. Take the dog leashes and put them on
  4. Check that my parents have already left
  5. And I would look for the best way to get out of the house.


  • I could save my dogs because they are important to me, I love them, and the items that I could put on my backpack I could save them because I can communicate and work with them.
  • The truth is that in that cases the only thing that you want to do is to be safe you and your relatives and obviously your pets, because they are part of the family too ❤️.

If I woke up because my house is on fire, I would take my moneybox because I have saved my money for a long time.
And if I could have the opportunity to rescue other thing, I would rescue my laptop, because I need it for work and learn on Platzi.


Mnnn! could be, that my parents and sister have already left, then I would think more about my life than anything else, if have the chance I save my computer, at least the Pc and my cell phone, the rest can be lost.


An extreme day! 🥵🔥🔥

I saving my 2 cats because they can’t replace :c
The next things that I would save are My cellphone, my memory box, and my computer.

Because these are things that easily I wouldn’t have again. There I have my life and memories.


I think I’d save my laptop first if my house were on fire. I’m a software engineering student, so all I need in order to keep moving forward is my laptop. Our celphone is always with us or al least near to us, so it would easy save it as well.


If I woke up and my house is on fire

First, I take out my family and then go for help.

First, Women and children.


If my house were on fire, I would wake everyone up and look for my dog because I know Luna (my dog’s name) would be the most defenseless and I know my mom could save herself. I would definitely save my loved ones If that were the situation, material things don’t matter. My mom and Luna are everything to me.


My dog and computer

Because, he is my best friends and I can’t allow to lost him :c

My computer because all my works is there and i need it to study, too


Mmm well if my house is on fire I save myself and my partner firstly, quickly I save the laptops and the important documents. xD


If my house were on fire, I could save my pets or my brothers or parents, because in the end you loved ones and health are the most important things. We would make our house again if we work together but If we all in safe.


If you woke up suddenly because your house was on fire, what item would you save first and why?

  • In my case i will save my computer because with it i can work and i can learn in platzi, also i think in this moments thats the most important item in my house personally in the other hand if cannt save my computer the next items will be my phone because thats is like a little computer and when get out from my home i could call the firestation to ask for help

in this case, the first my life and my family, after that my computer, because I can continue learn in Platzi.


If I woke up suddenly and my house is on fire, I save first my cellphone, because with this tool I can call to fire department and alert about the event.


If my house were on fire, I would wake up all my family and I search for an extinguisher. But if the flames were too intense and I’m alone, probably I would search the Id documents and a souvenir that my father lets me years ago.


Hi everyone🤟
WOW that’s a very tough question 🔥🔥
Definitely the first thing I have to do is help my family out.While I take my dog out .My dog is my best friend .If I have to pull one valuable thing it would be my computer .And finally I will run and I will call the firefighers.Fire stations are close to my house so I think they come quickly.👩‍🚒👨‍🚒🚒


My laptop for sure. In it is almost my entire life, my projects, my photos, my college’s classes, etc. It also helps me to study in Platzi. After that, and if I have enough time I would also pick up my wallet and my cellphone.


Definitely, I would bring a bag with my computer and its accessories because if I don’t have a computer, I lose my job. Also in my bag there is space for my little dog.


If you woke up suddenly because your house is on fire, what item would you save first and why?

I would first daycare my dollars, my computer, because I live in Argentina and dollars are very important and my computer because I have jobs that I cannot stop having and also very nice personal things that I want to keep


Hy everyone!
I think I would save my cell phone because the news flies and it’s necessary to notify the family that my husband and I are safe. Maybe, I would save my laptop because it’s practically new and is passing between my bedroom and the exit door. And also, my bag because in it are our wallets with important documents and money.


Hello guys!

If I have to choose something material I will choose my bag and my laptop. I hope all my family is safe and sound. Because my bag is always ready with my mobile, wallet and makeup. And my laptop because It has important information.


If I suddenly woke up because my house is on fire, the first thing I would do is yell at my entire family to wake up and get out. As long as I was yelling at my family, I would go get my pets to get them out. And finally, just if I had time, I would go for my personal items, especially by electronic devices like my laptop, cell phone and other things that I could save.


In my house, the kennel is always prepared if I have to go out in the middle of the night with my cat.
In several times I have packed a bag with an emergency kit with food, medicine, documents, etc. but right now is not packed.
Maybe it is time to pack those things again.


Hi everyone!!
If my house were on fire I would save first my husband and then maybe my laptop and my cellphone and my important documents.

(I asked my husband the same question and he said without a doubt that he would save his laptop, so I have to reconsider my answer now… 😤😏😅)



If my house is on fire, I save first my kitty because she distracts me when I’m feeling sad, and she gives me a lot of happier and if she is, I have all.


As I keep my phone next to my bed, that’s the first thing I would take. Then, I think I would grab my purse where I have my ID and cards; if there’s enough time, I would take my laptop, because it’s my working tool. Hopefully, my dog would run to the door by itself, but if she doesn’t I would take her with me.

I hope never have to live that experience, just the thought of it worried me.


In my case, I will probably save mi cellphone and my computer. Then I’ll run fastest and scream loudly as I can. 😄

5 meses

Hahaha 😆
I think the correct sentences could be:

I could probably save my cellphone and my computer.
Then I would run as fast as possible and scream as loud as I can.


Hi everyone,
If my house were on fire and my family were safe, I would save first my dog and seeing that I couldn’t save all my computer so I only would save the CPU because It has a lot of important information.


If you woke up suddenly because your house is on fire, what item would you save first and why?

-If my house were on fire, I would save first myself, cause If I weren’t good I couldn’t save my family and my pet… also I would save my computer.
My family, my pet and my computer are very important for me, I couldn’t life without they.


Obviously, I will save my family (dogs included) and my life first, if I have enough time I can go for the emergency backpack, the belts of my dogs, my laptop, and the phones.


if I woke up suddenlyand because my house is on fire 🔥🔥

  • I saved my computer because with this I can work and obtain money.

  • After I saved my personal documents because it is very important and is very difficult make the tramit for obtain them.

  • Finally I save my cell phone because with my cell phone I can communication with my family.


I would save my laptop, obviously!