#30DaysOfEnglish - Day #6

Practicing with songs 🎶 🎤

  1. Choose your favorite kind of English music. 👩‍🎤 🕺🏻👨🏻‍🎤 💃
  2. Listen to a song that you really like and follow the lyrics as you listen.
  3. Write five new words that you learned from the song. ✍️
  4. Write a sentence with each word and share them with us in the comments and also on Twitter with the hashtag #30DaysOfEnglish @Platzi 💚

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Lyrics: I bless the rains down in Africa.
Bless: to give honour or glory to (a person or thing) as divine or holy.

  • Bless and protect his work and family.

Lyrics: I seek to cure what’s deep inside.
Seek: to try to obtain or acquire.

  • Seek for advice when you can’t control the situation.

Lyrics:frightened of this thing that I’ve become.
Frighten: make suddenly afraid; scare; terrify.

  • Horror films frighten him.

Lyrics: she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation.
Whispers: to speak secretly or furtively, as in promoting intrigue, gossip, etc.

  • I had not heard a whisper about him.

Lyrics:longing for some solitary company.
Longing: strong desire.

  • The band is longing to get home now.
6 meses

Song: Two doors down Mystery jets
take it
Courage up
in love

She was so toxic and I couldn’y take it anymore.

I lost my mom a few months ago so I need get courage up from anywhere.

If I have a lot of money I could take for a spin around the world.

Since I finished with my ex I always thinking I should call her up but I hold back.

in love
I use to think I wanst** in love** but I had attachments for my ex.


I love the romantic music and my favorite song is: Rolling in the deep by Adele

Unknown words:

  1. Fever
    I am fever, maybe I have fever :c

  2. Underestimate
    You do not underestimate you, just do it

  3. Tear
    I do not like to see tears in your face

  4. Pitch
    Pitch your fears

  5. Breathless
    You are not breathless, take a break


I chose: fix you - Coldplay
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzbbZHRddoQ

  1. Succeed / triunfar
  • I am optimistic that we shall succeed.
  1. stuck / atascado
  • They were stuck and could not get out.
  1. streaming down / fluyendo hacia abajo
    strēmiNG doun
  • Tears streaming down his face.
  1. ignite / encerder, prender fuego
  • Once you ignite the flame, add kindling to build the fire.
  1. worth / valor; merecedor de
  • So you say, was it worth it?
6 meses

Beautiful song, excellent exercise


Hi, guys👩‍🎤 !

The song I sang along was Hook by Blues Traveler.
The words I learned from the song are:

Lyrics: 🎵There is something amiss🎶
Another sentence: there was something amiss about his calculations.

Abide & Tide:
Lyrics:🎵And only then shall I abide this tide🎶
Another sentence: I can’t abide noisy people.
The tide is at its lowest level.

Lyrics: 🎵So long as I sing with inflection🎶
Another sentence: She spoke slowly and without inflection.

Lyrics: 🎵I wanna bust all your balloons🎶
Another sentence: I busted my camera.


Hey guys, the song I chose to do this exercise was dele - Set Fire To The Rain LYRICS!

words I didn´t know
Set= poner
I set the table before the guests arrived.

Burned= quemado
Most of the victims were reportedly burned alive in their huts.

Scream out= pedir a gritos
If no one’s screaming out for child care, who’s going to fight for it?

Threw= lanzó
He later threw himself into painting

Flames= Llamas
Never shall I forget those flames which consumed my faith forever.


Queen - Radio Ga Ga The best challenge yet, I love it.

Teenage: I wish I knew this back in my teenage years.
Gave: The teacher gave me some tips for the exam.
Laugh: I always laugh at my girlfriend’s jokes.
Background: The software automatically updates in the background on your cellphone.
Backdrop: A robust economy is a perfect backdrop for investment. It hurts that we are far away.
Finest hour: Let us make this the era of Latin Americans and the Organization’s finest hour.


Good morning everyone!
One of my favorite songs that also brings back sweet memories is “Kiss Me” from the extinct band Sixpence None The Richer 😄
Five words that I learned from that song will be used in the following sentences:

  • This beer was made with the finest barley.
  • Michael thinks this job is beneath him.
  • Can you see the moonlit tree over there?
  • The band strikes up “Dancing with myself” before the show.
  • Let’s follow this trail in the woods.
6 meses

really nice song 🎶🎵


hey, what’s up?
I chose the song 34+35 by Ariana Grande because I like romantic musics too. It is pretty nice :v

crave: beg for (something).

  • Since I was a child I have been craving for a smartphone, now I’ve got it.

keep up:continue a course of action.

  • You’re doing well guys. Keep you up motivated to improve

save up :accumulate money for future use

  • My mother used to save up money on an ashtray

squeaky:having or making a high-pitched sound or cry.

  • Can you guys explain me why always a witch house has squeaky doors?

even though:despite the fact that.

  • Even though I want it, I can’t fool around with my girlfriend beacuse I have to study for an important exam tomorrow.



Happy together.

Unknown words:

  1. Tight
    I can’t open the honey jar, it’s too tight.
  2. Belong
    we belong to the platzi community
  3. Toss
    My friends tossed me in the pool
  4. Dice
    I lose my money in the dice games
  5. Ease
    This bag of ice ease my leg pain

My Song is Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood.

The words that I choose are:

  1. Sleeves: I need more clothes for wear in the winter as a t-shirts with long sleeves.
  2. Blouse: Ah I think my favorite blouse is damaged in the middle I need other for the meet with the boss.
  3. Minds: I have my mind in other world, I need a rest.
  4. Goosebumps: you are scared, look you are tremble and I think you have the goosebumps skin.
  5. Warm : This climate is too much warm, I’m sweat inside of this shirt.

South of the Border (Ed Sheeran)

I love her hips, curves, lips say the words
Until the sun’s rising
Go explore in something foreign
suddenly, I’m glad I came
The flawless diamonds


Radio Ga Ga by Queen.

Lyrics: My only friend through teenage nights.

  • it was raining through all the night.

Lyrics: You gave them all those old time stars.

  • You gave love them always.

Lyrics: A backdrop for the girls and boys.

  • Raise the backdrop, the show is coming.

Hello there
I think i´m in love- Kat Dahlia

Lyrics: But i crave us hugging, yeah, i stay stubborn

  • My best friend is very stubborn, he never follows my advice

Lyrics: And we get so high, we always get the munchies

  • Sometimes I want some munchies when i see a movie

Lyrics: And we go for early brunches, that turn into late lunches

  • yesterday i woke up late, so i went to a restaurant for a brunch time

Lyrics: I make fun of your belly and tell you to do some crunches

  • In my in my exercise routine, i do twelve crunches

Lyrics: 'Cause I can’t admit that you got all the strings And know just how tug 'em

  • My favorite guitar has a beautiful strings

Rosè - Gone

Unknown Words:

Hit: Golpear
He hit to his friend

Numb: Entumecido
I was numb when she falls

Curse: Maldiciòn
I have a really bad look today, is like someone put a curse on me



  1. CAGE





#neverstoplearning #30DaysOfEnglish


Imagine Dragons - Believer

fired up
build me up
break me down

  • I’m fired up with platzi’s online courses
  • Don’t let someone else’s sulkiness ruin your day.
  • You don’t know how a heartache feels until she says you’re like a brother to her.
  • Strong experiences build up a stronger person
  • The whole system broke down yesterday

Boulevard of broken dreams

  • New words:
    Shallow, beating, till, borderline, alright

  • Sentences
    The river is shallow
    My neighbor is beating a door
    I walk every day till my home
    The borderline of the country is near from here
    Everything in the life is alright


Eagles- I can’t tell you why

I was so Tearing when my dog died one month ago

Those pants are so tight for me


I have the arm numb.

When I listen that song I get goosebumps.

I would like to be sippin margaritas on the beach.

If it weren’t to my cellphone I would be misinformed

Someday ill translate the songs with ease.


One of my favorite songs is: Polaroid by Jonas Blue with Liam Payne and Lennon Stella 🎶

Sight /saɪt/
My sister suffers from a sight defect.

Sudden /ˈsʌd.ən/
He has a sudden heart attack.

Swore /swɔːr/
She said in court she didn’t know what had happened, she swore it.

My glass slipped off the table.

Blink /blɪŋk/
I need to blink many times on the recommendation of my optometrist.


What’s up, guys?
My favorite music is Heathens and Gangsters Paradise but today I’m going to work with Heathens from Twenty one Pilots:

  1. Heathens/ Paganos 😅
  2. Docked / acoplado 🔐
  3. Outsiders / Forasteros 💣
  4. Certain / Cierto, Seguridad ✔☑
  5. Freakshow / Espectaculo de mounstros 🧙‍♂️🧛‍♂️🧜‍♂️🧟‍♂️
  6. Weird / Extraño👁‍🗨
  7. Bust / Arrestar 🕟🕡🕚
<h1>Song: When I war your man - Bruno Mars</h1>
  • Hold: To take and keep something in your hand or arms. (past simple: held).

    • Lyrics: That I should have bought you flowers and held your hand.
    • Example: He held her in his arms.
  • Pride: A feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get because you or people connected with you have done or got something good.

    • Lyrics: My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways
    • Example: He’s a pride for his family.
  • Selfish: Someone who only thinks of their own advantage.

    • Lyrics: My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways.
    • Example: Don’t be so selfish!
  • Mess: Something or someone that looks dirty or untidy.

    • Lyrics: Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made.
    • Example: My room is a mess.
  • Haunt: To cause repeated suffering or anxiety.

    • Lyrics: And that haunts me every time I close my eyes
    • Example: This feeling haunts me.

Hey guys!

Slave:One who is the property of another and who must obey him or her.
The slaves was very common in ancient time,but now that word don’t exist.
Pray:To offer praise or thanks to or to petition (God or an object of worship)
People usually pray in the church or in a bedroom,because they are sacred places.
Shine:To glow with light.
Sun shine like you when speak in English
Mold:A hollow form for giving a particular shape to a liquid
Molds help to create objects faster.
Melody:Musical sounds in agreeable succession or arrangement.
We are in our flow when like us a melody of a sing.

I receive feedback about my sentences 😄

6 meses

The song is bittersweet symphony.


Lyrics: Lover - Taylor Swift

dazzling haze - I found this phrase but I don’t understand what it’s mean

borrowed - I would like to borrow a book from the library

end up - If someone or something ends up somewhere, they eventually arrive there, usually by accident.

dirtiest jokers - Some couples share dirtiest jokers in private


I choose: Is this love-Bob Marley

Unknown words:

  • Shelter.
    The cat needs a shelter
  • Treat
    I treat you with love
  • Willing
    I’m willing to get up more early
  • Throw
    I throw my things on my bed
  • Roof
    In the park there isn’t roof

death bed - powfu, beabadoobee

goofy => I always watch goofy videos with my mom
cuddle =>I love to cuddle my dog ​​when I get home.
awake => I stay up all day so as not to miss the big launch
bark => my aunt’s dog bark all the time when we leave
sheets => When my sister get scared, she runs to her bed to cover under her sheets


Yellow - Coldplay
Bones: Drinking milk is good for your bones.
Swam: I swam all day in the pool yesterday.
Drew: My sister drew our family as a homework for school.
Bleed: I’d bleed for my mom.
Shine: I like to appreciate the moon, it;s beautiful how it shines.


Exile by Taylor Swift ft Bon Iver

Homeland: Patria / Tierra natal.
Lots of people from Latin America are leaving their homeland because of the hard living conditions. This is a real problem.

Exile: Exilio
Jews lived in exile during The Second World War.

Pack Up: Empacar
I had to pack up and leave my house as soon as possible, the flight was in 1 hour.

knuckles: Nudillos
I was practicing boxing and I hurt my knuckles.

++ injury++: Lesion / Herida.
Working out in the gym, I got an injury in my left leg.


Song: False confidense by Noah Kahan

  • You’re split and uneven
  1. Split /splɪt/ to dive in to parts or more
    Sentence: They going to split in to groups
  2. Uneven /ʌnˈiː.vən/ not level, equal or flat.
    Sentence: The height between you and me is uneven
  • Surrender yourself
  1. Surrender /səˈren.dɚ/ when you stop trying to prevent or control an experience or emotion
    Sentence: I could do nothing I will surrender
  • I tear myself down
  1. Tear /ter/
    Sentence I tear all my books aren’t helpfull
  • I fill the void up with polisheddoubt
  1. Fill: /fɪl/ To use space more than the enough we have
    sentence Martha fill the laptop with a lot of documents
  2. Void up: /vɔɪd/ clear, excluded, free…
    sentence I will void up all of my answers in this exam
  3. Polished /ˈpɑː.lɪʃt/ showing great skill
    sentence You have a polished status
  4. Doubt /daʊt/ not being certain about something, specially about how good or true it is
    sentence I believe you doubt about your position here

Jack Johnson - Better Together

Lyrics: Sometimes life can be deceiving

Lyrics: beneath I’ll sit beneath the rain


Juice WRLD - "Legends"
Lyrics: Ain’t nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence.
uncertainty: Incertidumbre
eeriness: Misterioso
1. i have uncertainty about what will happend in this week
2: the eeriness of that light in the sky is freeking me out
Lyrics: My mind is foggy, I’m so confused
foggy: Neblinoso
3: This morning looks very foggy
Lyrics: Last time, it was the drugs he was lacing
Lacing: Atado
4: i’m lacing with you my love
Lyrics: Maybe flex with some diamonds and pearls, yeah
Flex: Flexionar(Jerga inglesa: Presumir, demostrar)
5. i’m going to flex my new car


Song: Selfless, The Strokes
words that I don’t know
selfless desinteresado

Selfless: When someone asks me to help, I give my selfless support
Dark: My room was too dark even in the morning
Lay: I lays my shoes in my suit case
muck: I always put in the muck of mys dogs in the garbage
Can the dark side: light my way? Oh, yeah, yeah
Lay your hand across my face, yeah, yeah
Time we lost, that’s all my fault
Please don’t be long, ‘cause I want your love
I don’t have love without your arm
Life is too short, but I will live for you
How did this fit in your story? Yeah
Why’d you let them judge your body? Yeah
I’ll be waitin’ there outside, yeah
Please don’t be long, 'cause I want your arm
I don’t have fun without your love
Life is too short, but I will live for you
You’re mucking off, but I will live for you, my selfless love
Bite my tongue and wait my turn
I waited for a century
Waste my breath, no lessons learned
I turn and face the enemy
I’m not scared, just don’t care
I’m not listening, you hear?
He’s never dead, but I don’t care
I can’t tell you what and where


I ever like Hotel California for the instrumental music in the start, now seeing the lyric i found new words since the first phrase
i would like to drive in a empty hightway
Jesus was rising up before he died
I would like to be a good dev throught platzi
Up ahead i will learn some IA and data science
When i died i will see a shimmering light
Lit up the grill we will cook
I like so much the courtyards especially when the kids play
I have to invent an alibis to get out free
Today we gathered for my birthday
You can stab me but you will never can kill me
woww now that y understand all the song i can say that Hotel California is one of the best song that i ever heard woow reeally good lyric


Day #6🤟
🎵🎸📻This is one of my favorite songs : Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face
Words I learned :
Lyrics: Deceive (It’s Easy To Deceive)
Sentence :There are deceive in the people
Lyrics: Tease(It’s Easy To Tease)
Sentence: My cousin likes to tease to the people
Lyrics :Despise(I Don’t Despise)
Sentence: Can´t decide if I admire your sentimentality or despice it.
Lyrics : Slip(Into Someone Else’s Pocket Then Make A Slip)
Sentence: We have come too far to let this slip away
Lyrics:Bring (One More Bad Dream Could Bring A Fall)
Sentence: Don´t Bring Me Down


One of my favorites songs is The Seed by Aurora.

1.seed: a flowering plant’s unit of reproduction, capable of developing into another such plant.
2. struggle: a forceful or violent effort to get free of restraint or resist attack.
3. chasing. drive or cause to go in a specified direction.
4. unravel. an act of pursuing someone or something.
5. reaching. arrive at; get as far as.

I was reaching the truth way with the life’s seed.Suddenly, I had a big struggle because I was chasing the dark side. I realized that I need to unravel myself to save the life’s seed.


Thunder by 99 Neighbors

  1. Vessel: Vessel breaking all of the time.
  • Meaning: a container, usually for liquid.
    Phrase: There are many vessels to share with them.
  1. whispers: Sat through all my fuckin’ whispers
  • Meaning: to speak very quietly so that other people cannot hear.
    Phrase: Sometimes when we are talking in public space, we autosuggestion to talk lowly and with whispers.
  1. curfew: I was missing curfew when I had a curfew.
  • Meaning: a rule that everyone must stay at home between particular times, usually at night, especially during a war or a period of political trouble.
    Phrase: The last night we forgot to accomplish the curfew.
  1. overrated: Life been really toxic, overrated
  • Meaning: If something or someone is overrated, that person or thing is considered to be better or more important than they really are.
    Phrase: Sometimes We overrated ourselves to make decisions.

5: Wavelength: Known numbers tryna check my wavelength

  • Meaning: the distance between two waves of energy, or the length of the radio wave used by a particular radio station for broadcasting programs.
    Phrase: The captain remembered us to measure the wavelength before beginning the trip.

I have used some words from a current song, which is in the global top of Spotify right now, to make these sentences.
Does anyone know what song I’m talking about?

  • I grew up in the suburbs, I love the place where I grew up, but I love the city too.

  • I think blondes are my weakness.

  • You should never doubt yourself

  • I don’t know why, but currently I have been feeling a little blue

  • It’s so late, and I have not through my homework


Against all odds - Phill Collins
How can I just let you walk away?

  • I walk away from that toxic relationship

‘Cause we’ve shared the laughter and the pain

  • The laughter is the healer of the soul

And that’s what I’ve got to face
I should get to face my past and embrace my future

I wish I could just make you turn around
I wish a turnaround of todays match


Ludovico Einaud ft Greta Svabo- Circles

Lyrics: Can you fell the flame her fadingglow
fading: The frozen juice is fading.
glow: The glow enter for my window

Lyrics: I can hear your footsteps drowning out
footsteps: your footsteps teach me the way.

Lyrics: We’re the ashes on the ground
ashes: The ashes fly with wind.

Lyrics: We’re burning out
burning: The house is burning.


Song: It’s been awhile
Artist: Staind

Words that I learned:

  • Yesterday at night the electricity service was suspended, and I did have wait awhile.
  • Luis seems sick because he pains her head.
  • After of an exercise routine is necessary stretch all our body.
  • Beyond the mountains is the sun.
  • I have gone grandparents home on Monday.
  • Once upon finish of study I’ll go to straight to dinner at the restaurant.
  • When I broke the window glass I blame to my brother.

Hi everyone! I chose two songs:

“Youngblood” - 5 Seconds of Summer

Surrender: cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.

  • The troops surrendered when they saw there was nothing to do

Pulling away: If you pull away from someone who is holding you, you suddenly move your body backward, away from them

  • She pulls away when he try to steal her purse

crawling: craw to move along on hands and knees or with your body stretched out along a surface:

  • Her child was crawling for the first time across the floor

It’s Complicated - A Day to Remember

bond: a close connection joining two or more people:

  • There is a very good bond between a mother and a child

relate: to find or show the connection between two or more things:

  • These clues are related to something that happened before

dawn: the period in the day when light from the sun begins to appear in the sky:

  • My husband usually works until dawn

PREP: Line By Line

Scrap: Let’s scrap the final page man.
Bother: I don’t know why we bother man they are all the same.
Daylight: Don’t worry about the daylight, just keep on talking line by line.
Sneak out: They sneak out the house all night long
Aware: I’m not aware of your business.


I really like rock music specially alternative category from 90’s uk bands mostly know as Brit-pop

He thought of cars - blur

Lyrics from no know words

The motorsways will all merge soon.
Motorsways: a main road for fast-moving traffic, having limited access, separate carriageways for vehicles travelling in opposite directions, and usually a total of four or six lanes
Translation: Las autopistas se mezclarán pronto.

Everybody wants to go up into the blue
Go up: phrasal verb (rise, increase, be built)
Translation: Todos quieren levantarse (salir) de la melancolía.

Done the lot
Translation: Hecho todo


**Lyrics: Iron Maiden - Aces High. **

The landing of my flight scared me.
In the news, I see that there was a raid in the discotheque.
I hear the flak of my mother every day.
The computer that I bought from Amazon was airborne from EEUU.
The aces of the soccer team practicing daily.


Ok so…

  1. My favorite genre of music is Rap.
  2. A song that I really enjoy hearing is "Joey Bada$$ - “Paper Trail$”
  3. The new words are plotting, jotting, christening, chamber, and wager.
  4. And the sentences:
  • Plot: When you search the definition of this word you will find as the first result “The main story of a tale.” But in this song the meaning is different, and it is “a secret plan to do something illegal.”

    1. Example: The plot of this book is so sad.
    2. Example: They did create a good plot, but the police were a step ahead.
  • Jot: To make a quick short note of something.

    1. Example: I jotted the ID number of the officer when the police stopped me.
  • Christening: A Christian ceremony where is given a name to a baby and made a member of the Christian Church.

    1. Example: I didn’t have a Christening, I don’t why.
  • Chamber: A room used for special or official purpose

    1. Example: “Enter the chamber.” she said. The room was full of formal people.
  • Wager: To risk an amount of money hoping to win more.

    1. Example: To make an investment is a kind of wager.

Goodbyes - Post Malone ft Young Thug
Unknown words:

  • Spite: A feeling of wanting to hurt or upset people, for example, because you’re jealous or think you have been unfairly treated
    He has taken my phone out of spite
  • Stubborn: Determined not to change your mind, even when people think you are being unreasonable.
    On our last vacation, he was very stubborn
  • Stain: To accidentally make a mark on something, especially one that cannot be removed, or to be marked in this way.
    her clothes were still stained after the laundry
  • Slice: A part or share something
    My cousin wants a slide of pizza
  • Unbothered: Not worried or concerned.
    My mom was unbothered about the score of my exam

Song: Queen - Radio gaga 😄
1. Trough : A traves de
We know her identy trough the police investigation
2. Background: Segundo plano - Fondo
You´re a background character
3. Finest: El/la mejor
I´m the finest runner
4. Grow tired: Cansarse
Grow tiredn in the mornigs is a bad sign of health
5. Stick around: Quedarse
Stick around close to me

Done!! 😄


Song: Let her go (Holly Williams)

Harder – Más difícil
Even – Incluso
Though – Aunque
Both – Mismo
Careless – Descuidado

Is harder to start run without first walk
I like the beach even when its raining
Though I feel sick I’ll go to date
My husband and me, both are web developers
This chapter is the same as yesterday
You have to take a shower, you look careless


I don´t wanna be you anymore- Billie Eilish

1.Teardrops: Lagrimas
Wipe your teardrops and smile!

2.Filed: Archivado
I have filed your document.

  1. Thight: Apretado
    This jean fits me thight

  2. Mistake: Error
    I made a mistake

  3. Broken: Roto
    My cellphone is broken


One of my favorites bands is The Cure. The song I chose was Just Like Heaven.

  • Dizzy: After I got on the roller coster I felt a little dizzy

  • Glow: She is an extraordinary actress. Her performance made the whole stage glow.

  • Twisting: He is twisting of pain

  • Raging: Be careful with the raging sea

  • Edge: they were walking on the edge of the mountain


One of my favorites bands is The Cure. The song I chose was Just Like Heaven.

  • Dizzy: After I got on the roller coster I felt a little dizzy

  • Glow: She is an extraordinary actress. Her performance made the whole stage glow.

  • Twisting: He is twisting of pain

  • Raging: Be careful with the raging sea

  • Edge: they were walking on the edge of the mountain


Ohh, I love this one!

Song: Kicks - Barns Courtney
1. Comatose: To be in a coma
After the car accident, Harry was left in a comatose state (poor Harry 😦 )
2. Deed: a particular act
Donation is a good deed
3. Dosed: to pour something. Normally used in medical field
The liquid used for this test was dosed by an specialist


My favorite music favorit is alternative rock
I chose the song say my name with the neighbourhood

crib - cuna
seems - parece
keep - mantener
blown - estropeado
sudden - repentino

The pillows are in the crib
she seems nice
I keep on thinking I’ve seen her before somewhere.
Then you may not have blown it
There is a sudden change in the weather


Pretty woman - Roy Orbison.

Trurh - Confiar

  • I truth in my better friend.

Pardon - ¿Perdón?

  • Pardon, could you help me?

Lonely - Solitario

  • I sometimes feel me lonely.

awhile - Por algún tiempo

  • My mom is driving awhile.

Smile - Sonreír

  • My son smiles every day when we play soccer.

Treat - Tratar

  • My dog ​​helps me treat my heart.

I love to listen to music and do activities in English with them. So, the song choose was “Someone like you” by Adele. These are five new words added to my vocabulary:
Settle down (phrasal verb - asentarse): My sister never has thought to settle down and have a family.
Turn up (phrasal verb - presentarse, subir, incrementar el nivel de algo como volumen, calor) Always, I turn this song’s Adele up, I love it!
Haze (neblina) There is a haze over the city.
Bound (Límites, saltos, atarse) the puppy runs and bounds in the park.
Out of the blue (Figurative expression - salir de la nada, inesperadamente) I was thinking maybe I had lost my kitty Garú when it turned up out of the blue.

—Never mind I’ll find someone like youuuu…XD
Any mistakes, please let me know, I appreciate


Cold cave - You & Me & infinity

Lost like a tear in the rain
The pleasure and the phantom pain
Did you think someone would understand, no
Ugly people call you just to tell you
They’d be better off without you

You and me and infinity
Two loving hexes in a near-death dream
An ashtray on the nightstand
Your heart in a strange land
We hunted the haunted
That nobody wanted
You and me and infinity
You and me, still chasing the dream

Torn between love and war
With carnal grip and a see-through slip, yeah
From hellfire to heaven’s door
You’re a daydreamer, night schemer
Tongue taster, life waster

Don’t lose me in the future
Erosion is cruel but natural
A neon cross flickers in the moonlight
A leather whip cracks the windshield
Tonight is forever
No hell below, no god above
We are here in the afterlife now
The eternal, indestructible love

New words:


Look What You’ve Done – Zara Larsson

  1. Fading(/feɪd/): Desvanecimiento

He is fading because he dont eat.

  1. Keep (/kip/): mantener

She need to keep a her family

3.Hurt(/hɝt/): herido

Mario was hurt in the war

4.Cause(/kɔz/) : Causa

The cause of the pandemic is not use face mask

5.Shine(/ʃaɪn/): brillar

The sun always shine


-Save your Tears - The Weeknd -

  • Crowded room
    crowded room in the bank

  • single teardrop
    single teardrop falling when i so sad

  • run away
    when i feel uncomfortable i run away

  • realize
    I realize how important it is to know English

This song i like much


Song: The pretender by Foo Fighters

  • Pleading
    • Lyrics: Done pleading ignorance 🎶
    • Meaning: Plead - to ask for something in a strong and emotional way
    • Sentence: He is pleading with her to come back
  • Spinning
    • Lyrics: Spinning infinity, boy 🎶
    • Meaning: Spin - If something spins or you spin something, it turns around and around quickly.
    • Sentence: The clock is crazy, it won’t stop spinning.
  • Surrender
    • Lyrics: What if I say I will never surrender? 🎶
    • Meaning: Surrender - To give up fighting because you know cannot win
    • Sentence: I would rather die than surrender.
  • Mirroring
    • Lyrics: I’m the face that you have to face mirrorin’ your stare 🎶
    • Meaning: Mirroring - the reflection or replication of something
    • Sentence: The mirroring of your soul looks so pretty
  • Never-ending
    • Lyrics: The wheel is spinning me. It’s never-ending 🎶
    • Meaning: Never-ending - Something that is never-ending never ends or seems as if it will never end
    • Sentence: The love that I feel to my family is never-ending

I forgot to write a sentence with each word:

We got the goods on how to cast healing hexes from the comfort of your own

Polishing removes slip noises from the left hand

The monitor can flicker

My beer is on the nightstand

That ashtray is dirty


I chose was That’s Life - Frank Sinatra

Five new words:

  1. He seems to be agree with the new rules in the office.
  2. She didn’t want to go to school. She was stomping her foot and crying.
  3. In México many people are paupers. Exist a social and economic inequality in the country.
  4. At the game of chess there are 8 pawns for each player.
  5. They have laying the woods to build the furnitures.

Song : Back in the game

1.- crowd
I feel fear when I am around crowd

2.- Sweat
I sweat when I am playing soccer

3.- almost
I was almost close to pass the biology test

4.- sting
The ball ricochet in the wall

5.- road
I am walking on the road

6 meses

4.- ricochet
The ball ricochet in the wall


Chop Suey!
System of a Down

Grab: to take the opportunity to get, use, or enjoy something quickly

  • If you don’t grab this opportunity, you might not learn anything.

Scars: a mark left on part of the body after an injury, such as a cut, has healed

  • When I was a teenager I cut my foot and cause a permanent scar.

Fable: A short story that tells a general truth or is only partly based on fact, or literature of this type

  • I like read the fable since I was a child.

Deserve: To have earned something or be given something because of your actions or qualities

  • I deserve to travel when finishing the pandemic.

forsake: to leave someone forever, especially when they need you

  • They decided to forsake me when I had no money.
6 meses

This is an amazing song, I love it the BYOB of System of a Down.


Judas by Lady Gaga

Words unknown:

  • wench: (noun) A girl o a young woman who was a servant.
    The term wench was used in the past to refere to a woman as a servant. Nowadays, is not well seen to use it.
  • cling: (verb) To be emotionally attached.
    They hugged each other, clinging together under the lights.

Audioslave - Like a Stone

  • Cobweb = telaraña.
    We need to clean the house is full of cobwebs.

  • Deathbed = lecho de muerte.
    She said some important words in her Deathbed.

  • Bruise = herido / golpeado / hematoma.
    The bruise is caused by bleeding under the skin.

  • Regret = arrepentimiento / remordimiento.
    My heart bled for the poor abandoned dogs.

6 meses

This is the sentence of Regret:
I have no regrets; I did what I have to do.

  • Bled = derramado / vertido.
    My heart bled for the poor abandoned dogs.

Song: All in - Bakar

Unknown words or phrases:

  1. Bailiff - alguacil
  2. Living lavish - vivir lujosamente
  3. Auction - subasta


  1. The bailiff is looking for me.
  2. Not many people in the world are living lavish.
  3. I sell my house in an auction.

Human, by Rag’n’Bone Man

Lyrics: “Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind, thinking I can see through this and see what’s behind

  • foolish (adj., /ˈfulɪʃ/): unwise; silly. As in: “Don’t be foolish, Freddy is not gonna rap now on every PlatziConf

Lyrics: “… I’m only human after all, don’t put your blame on me …”

  • blame (n., /bleɪm/): responsibility for anything deserving of criticism. As in: “… that rap moment was improvised, no one was to blame

Lyrics: “Take a look in the mirror, and what do you see? Do you see it clearer, or are you deceived in what you believe?

  • look in (phrasal verb, /lŏŏk′in′/): a brief glance. As in: “… did you miss that?, you can revive the moment, take a look in YouTube

  • deceived (from the v. deceive, /dɪˈsiv/): to be misled by a false appearance or statement. As in: “… it had nothing to do with recent interview with El Chombo, don’t be deceived

Lyrics: “Don’t ask my opinion, don’t ask me to lie, then beg for forgiveness for making you cry

  • beg (v., /bɛg/): to ask (someone) to give or do something; implore. As in: “… one thing for sure, after that interview, everyone in the chat was begging for a course with him
6 meses

this was fun… the challenging part, share this on Twitter, in one single tweet, take a look at it!

  • Choose your favorite kind of English music. 👩‍🎤 🕺🏻👨🏻‍🎤 💃 - “Legends Never Die”
  • Listen to a song that you really like and follow the lyrics as you listen. - Done
  • Write five new words that you learned from the song. ✍️ “Legends, never, world, eternity, hope”
  • Write a sentence with each word and share them with us in the comments and also on Twitter with the hashtag #30DaysOfEnglish @Platzi 💚 - Here is my tuit!

Hello everyone, the song selected is Setting Sail by Gary Clark & John Carney

And the words are…

  • Setting Sail: The ship setting sail from the dock

  • Hung: I hung the clothes on hook after the wash

  • Crumble: The arena castle is easy crumble

  • Mundane: My jobs in the office are fairly mundane and simple.

  • Throw: The tree throws a shadow on the table


I like different kinds of music depending on my mood.
One song that I really like is “Take me to church”by Hozier.
I learned these words:

1. Giggle:She started to giggle when my mom was scolding us.
2. Worshipped:When I was younger, I worshipped to "The Backstreet Boys"
3. Bleak:That is a very bleak place, you shouldn’t go there.
4. Shrine:For him, his house is his shrine.
5. Drain: **What would happen if they could drain the whole sea?