#30DaysofEnglish - Day #7

Let’s practice writing! ✍🏽
Write about your favorite place in the world 🌎
You should include:

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Bora Bora is a Pacific island in the territory of French Polynesia, part of the Society Islands about halfway between South America and Australia.
I like this place because has a tropical climate and it’s surrounded by coral reefs. and it’s a silent place.
The most fascinating place is Mount Otemanu which is the highest point in the Island. Next to the mountain is a fantastic lagoon where you can relax and see the sunset. There you can find luxury and expensive resorts.

In ancient times the island was called “Pora pora mai te pora”, meaning “created by the gods” in the local Tahitian dialect. I hope visit that island in the next five years.


My favorite place in the world
Is a Mexican state located at the south of the country. In this state colonial buildings predominate.
There is a central square where is located the government palace, the Alameda square, Oaxaca’s cathedral and Santo Domingo’s church.
Oaxaca is a touristic place, due to the presence of archaeological areas like “Monte Alban”, “Atzompa” area, “Mitla” area, “Villa de Zaachila” area, among others.
I like a lot this place, because I took many tours as a Mezcal route, magic route of handicrafts, and my visit to Puerto Escondido beach, and here, the night tour in Manialtepec lagoon where you can enjoy with bioluminescence It’s really beautiful. Every place in this state is magic and represents incredible moments for me.
I recommend you that visit this place. You’ll love It!.

Words to describe this place…
… And the most important: Fabulous!


Köln (Cologne) - Germany
I fell in love with this city the moment I learned about it. My german teacher was describing these called “student-cities” in Germany and Köln was one of them. It’s an ancient city with a medievel style mixed with its metropolis, during the WWII it was completely destroyed, and the reconstruction allowed this more modern-like style but maintaining the traditional one. It has more than 100.000 university students and around 50.000 students in other specializations and institutes. About the weather; it’s a little warmer than other german cities, and also more rainy. During winter, though, the lowest temperatures are around -1°C, which is normal for the area.

This city is full of history, every street and every building went through events from the Roman Empire Age and also from the WW; with many museums, monuments and cathedrals. I’d love to live and work in this place 😄


My favorite place

My favorite place is not as such a place on the map. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try.

For me, my favorite place is where I can be with the most important persons in my life. The place is probably in nature without any worries.

This place needs to be quiet, with nature, animals, and maybe a lake. I don’t need any fancy place, I prefer something more homey.
This is how I can describe my favorite place 😃


Right now my favorite place in the world is my home because I feel safe here. I work here, study here and also have fun here. At home are my husband and my cat, what else can I ask for?
In the future, I would like to travel to Europe; I would love to go to Italy and The Netherlands. I think I could live in Europe for a while, visiting traditional small towns and crowded cities too. For me, Europe is like a big museum to explore.


My favorite place in the world is my home. It is not a mansion, but I feel comfortable.
The house has two floors. It is a quiet house and a little bit dark.
I have a lot of plants, so you could say that I have a private tropical zone.
Illustration by Christa Pierce

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Hey! I would like to feel comfortable in my house :c
You’re lucky!


"Comuna 13"
It’s a specific place in Medellin (a Colombian’s city)
It’s a big and beautifull place, lively and have many colors around and inside them. Every person who visit Medellin must go to “comuna 13” each artwork has a different story…

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Do you live there?


I like Pyramids at Giza. This is one of Egypt´s biggest mysteries. The pyramids were built by Pharaohs and were constructed some 4500 years ago. Almost any subject you want to study about Pharaonic civilization is available on the tomb walls at Giza. This place has awesome landscapes around the dessert and you can. It is a hot place and you can see awesome animals like camels. You can see a new culture and religion.



New York City is well-known as one of the most multicultural cities in USA with almost 200 languages spoken, which means a bunch of experiences in just one place. This cosmopolitan city is exactly what everyone should live at least once in a lifetime. A pretty cool experience with another cuisine, customs and thoughts from different countries without even visit them. Great, isn’t?

What you need to know before you go
•It’s a crowded city
•It’s noisy
•It’s a little fancy
• It’s diverse
• It’s a fashion hub

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Just a little noisy? Really?


I am in love with Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. 1.jpg

Thera two volcanoes, beautiful beaches, wildlife and a lot of tourist places. To get there, you need to go on ferries to cross the Big Lake Cocibolca, the third lake bigger of LATAM.
Ometepe mean in Nahuatl, Ome = Two, Tepe = volcano


Cali is my favorite place in the world, for now. Why? Because is a city with fenomenal weather, is a city with many places for visiting, you can dance, climb, eat tipical food like empanadas, chontaduro, cholado, swim, and another places.
It´s facinating
It´s hot
It´s diversy
It´s amazing
It´s not very expensive

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I don’t like chontaduro hahaha 😦


I have been in several cities and countries around the world. One of my favourite places is Mexico City. I really like Mexico City because has a mix of cultures that are compatible with almost any tourist. Mexico City is full of restaurants with delicious dishes of typical food and international food. It has several discos where you can spend one of the best night of your life and, most important, it has dozens of museums and cultural places. Museums like the Soumaya, the Anthropology National Museum or the Vasconcelos library are unforgettable places.


My favorite place in the world in this moment is Cancún and places around it,
Its beaches are incredible are colour light blue and its sand is too much clear.
Cancún is in the yucatan peninsula and are magic places as chichen itza, Xcaret, Carmen Beach and the big cenotes for you can visit and swimm in them.
I Really really recomend this place, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

I let pictures below:


Centro Ceremonial Otomi - State of Mexico, Mexico.

I’ve traveled to many places around the world, but my favorite one ever is a ceremonial park in the State of Mexico, it was built for the indigenous people from around, called otomíes, so they can celebrate their traditional ceremonies.

I love this place because is very quiet and peaceful, even though the highway is near, once you enter to this place, you stop listening the cars. As it is a very versatile place, people go to do yoga, trail running, functional training, or just for having a nice picnic.

I’ve known this place for many years, I used to go camping with my scout group, it has always been save to be there, because it has vigilance and the local people take care of the place very well, so that many more tourists can go visit.

Even though is a very recent construction, it was built in the 80’s, you can feel as if you have traveled in time.


México City is my favorite place in the world, and not just because it’s the place I grew up in. I love that it has lots of museums
and theaters. I’m also crazy about the food: tacos, barbacoa, birria, etc. But not everything is good, it can also be a little caotic: lots of traffic in the streets, loud sounds almost everywhere. But still a city I would recommend to visit. 😃


Machu Picchu is located in southern Peru. It is a silent place you can enjoying its study of archaeology. It was constructed as an estate for the Inca emperor Pachacuti. Machu Picchu was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It is a charming place. It is one of the most important religious, political, and cultural centers of the Inca empire. The site is roughly divided into an urban sector and an agricultural sector, and into an upper town and a lower town. The temples are in the upper town, the warehouses in the lower. The architecture is adapted to the mountains. Approximately 200 buildings are arranged on wide parallel terraces. I hope you can visit it and enjoy and have fun there.


Write about your favorite place in the world 🌎
My favorite place in whole world is where my family are, I’ve been away from home almost 4 years, and from last year every week I visit my family and I enjoy every moment with them, I realise how much my family love me and how much I love them, so when I visit my family I spend time with them and I thing always learn something about to each member of my family, with my nephews, we always play a game and they make me laught a lot, with my father I talk about the future, he always give me advices and he sometimes scold me about my personal finance too (I confess I’m taking a finance course here on platzi to resolve this issue), and with my mom well my mom is always by my side supporting me, she is the most generous person in the world and she know how show her love in her way, My sister Biridiana always seek make me a call once on week at least, I really appreciate it, I thinks she is grateful because I love her soons, and Finally My sister Brianda, we understand each other well in our way, and we know we will always take care each other


My favorite place in the world is Quindío, is one of smallest departments Colombia.

There is you can visit some of principal tourist attractions as:

  • The Parque del Café is a big place there is you see different cultural attractions that reflect all customs of its generations. Also, you can find mechanical attractions where you’ll be feeling happy and very excited. I recommend going to this place with all your family or/and friends however sometimes is very crowded for this reason you should go to in the morning to enjoy attractions a lot

  • The Valle del Cocora is a beautiful place where you’ll find a landscape awesome, the peaceful and quiet that there are is incredible. In some zones you can to camping for this I recommend you have a good tent and some warm blanket because at night the temperature can be very low, and you’ll can feel very cold

Lastly the food is delicious in all region, you’ll don’t stop to eating 😄


Palace of Fine Arts is a place in California, is a kind of building and square near the coast of San Francisco and the Golden Gate. I love this place because the architecture is very beautiful. It has big structures and beautiful gardens. It is a great place to meditate or just to chill out.
I went to this place some years ago and it was a surprise in my route, this site was unexpected but I really love it.


Hello there
My favorite place in the world is Los Angeles-California,
I like this place, because is lively, spectacular, fascinating, it´s a little bit expensive and crowded, but also is bright, exciting and a place full of magic, it´s awesome
Los angeles california.jpg
Los angeles.jpg
Beautiful as ever.jpg


My favorite place in the world is the Iguazú National Park . It’s on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná. This place it’s so beautifull, quiet, relaxing, very famous, and very spectacular. I love it because it’s a incredible and beautifull natural artwork.


Good evening guys!

Here we go

I don’t have a favorite place in the world in specific, but I really like the towns of Colombia.
I would like to visit and live a few days in these places and share your culture.
I travel to Boyacá and Girardot, and I understand the beauty of my country because it has the best natural ecosystems in the world, its clear water, and many different people.
My idea is to know almost all.

5 words to describe Colombia. 😗

Leticia-Colombia I would love to travel there!!

Excuse me, I receive feedback


My favorite place is New York. It’s a city located in United States. I like a lot because I can to know more about culture and science when I go to to visit the museums.

Five words to describe this place: Magical, pretty, clean, big, comfortable


My favorite place in the world is located at southeast Mexico, in the Quintana Roo state. It is a set of beaches on what is known as “La Riviera Maya”, where blue sea and white sands await.
I like this place because not only of the breathtaking sceneries that you can see there, but also because there are many natural parks where the adventure, the ancient maya history and the fun join to provide such an unique experience, making you forget about the stressful life in a city.
Let’s not forget also one of the cities there, Playa del Carmen, which is a lively city all day and night, the famous Quinta Avenida avenue, with a lot of restaurants, bars, and stores, located just one block before the beach.
The Riviera Maya has a hot weather all year round, but it also has cool weather in the winter season. Be ready to wear light clothes to avoid sweating a lot under the harsh sunlight rays, but believe me, you will be so busy admiring everything around you that you will not notice sunburns until late those days!


My favorite place is Chia, it is located at 74.05 4° 51′ 0″ North, 74° 3′ 0″ West, I like this place because it connects to different places that have diverse climates and amazing tourist sites.

Chia is a quiet place, close to the capital Bogota, and the best thing is that where my mom’s house is. Chia is characterized by its savannah climate, it is cold but cozy, you can buy a “ruana” made of sheep wool.

cachaco (local people)
Ajiaco “typical soup”.


Hey guys, my favorite place in the whole world is a little township that is located 15 minutes from Neiva city (Colombia), I´m truly in love with this place because the people who live there are extremely kind and have a fabulous culture, furthermore, their streets are safe enough to go for a walk and go swimming quietly. Its weather is really warm during the day but at night it has perfect mild weather if that place there were better connectivity and I would have a remote job definitely I already would be living there. I know it will be possible in a time further.


This is the case of the Antelope Canyon, a geological formation shaped over thousands of years by the erosion of water and wind, located north of Arizona,

There are places on earth whose beauty takes your breath away; in which the force of nature has sculpted spectacular forms with a supernatural appearance.

You even could go to the Grand Canyon that which’s about three hours from the other wonder.[]

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This is the case of the Antelope Canyon, a geological formation shaped over thousands of years by the erosion of water and wind, located north of Arizona,
There are places on earth whose beauty takes your breath away; in which the force of nature has sculpted spectacular forms with a supernatural appearance.

You even could go to the Grand Canyon which’s about three hours from the other wonder.


The Belize Coral Reef is an amazing place where you can see different animals of the sea world. This reef is the second largest in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. There you can practice diving and the view you’ll have will be awesome. You can enjoy knowing different species and their history too. I’d really like to go to there and know this historic place. I’m sure that this will be a very exciting and learning experience about sea worl.


My favorite place is my hometown called San Isidro. It is a small town where just live 100 people. But that is fine for me because os a desert place where you can have a good time relaxing and forget the noise of the city.

  • Dessert place.
  • Peacefully.
  • Small.
  • Clean.
  • Hot.

My favorite place is on my house, it is my room.
here is where i’m writting this while i’m listening music, the same place that works for me to work out sometimes, where i can eat and speak with a friend or playing with him at the same time. i am not a demanding person, so that kind of things that i do everyday on my room makes me happy, because i feel like i am blessed, maybe i am inflate how cool my room is because is not to big and is not even paint, but as i said i am not a demanding person.


My favorite places in the world are the mountains and the beach, two distance places, I like those places because teach me different scenery the ocean and the forest.
Five words to describe this places: Nature, Beautiful, life, peace, time himself.

  • What is your favorite place in the world? - It is the Morrocoy’s beach from venezuela
  • Where is it is? It is in Falcon venezuela, that is a state ubicate in north west venezuela, there are a lot of beautiful beach
  • Why you like it? Because, that place is very quiet and chill, you can take a long rest there and dropdown every problem than you have there and clean your mind. Also i think is a good place too for meet new people and why not maybe dance and cheers
  • At least 5 words to describe this place
    • Quiet, Chill, Relax, Warn, Colorful

Vancouver in Canada.
It’s incredible how that city with only around 600,000 citizens is so big, modern and developed. For me it has also the best weather and its multiculture makes it more insteresting. Such a beautiful city to live, unfortunately is too expensive.


Is in New York and I like it because is one of the places where hardcore-punk music was born, pandemic has change some things of that city but still very important worldwide


Las Vegas is my favorite place in the world and is not because of what you think, I actually don’t like to gamble, hahahaha I just love to go there, enjoy the weather, the hotels, the landscapes, and the infinity of activities that I can do when I go there. I’ve been there four times and I always find something new to do. Is a very active place, with lots of concerts and unimaginable activities. It’s very close to the Grand Canyon, the seven magic mountains, the valley of fire, and the death valley which is located in California but is just 40 minutes away from Vegas. Vegas also has lots of buffets and I love to eat in those places. In comparison to Seattle where I live, is more affordable. Here in Seattle for a buffet, I usually pay more than 40 dollars and in vegas could be just 25 dollars for a buffet of the same quality.


my favorite place in my city is Monserrate hill.
because it’s placed of the center in Bogota, Colombia

As you look up from anywhere in the city, it is impossible not to stumble upon Monserrate hill, from its 3,152 meters above sea level.

And it is a very relaxing and motivating place, from morning to sunset and so the arrival of night. the view of the city is amazing

6 meses

the words to describe this place is:

  • amazing
  • cold
  • colonial
  • very high
  • a spectacular view

It’s probably a place where you never go before, it’s insane and it is in a permanent changes, it’s the combination of the best places that i ever seen in my life together, it’s just perfect, more than perfect, but it isn’t always open, and sometimes when open it’s so different that the last time, you can go back in time and go to possible futures, you can go when ever you want in seconds, this place is called my mind


After thinking a bit about it I concluded actually mi favorite place in the world is my home 😄 the may exist so many wonderfull places but my immediate family are in my home.
Im live in Bogotá - Colombia exactly in Santa Fe located in an apartament compex.
We live in the third floor of the first tower of the complex.
The apartmen is a bit small XD but is really cozy.
We have 3 bedrooms , one for mi fathers, one is the study room and one for me.
The apartmen always keep warm in any time of the year!.
One of the thing that I like as the sun hits in my windows all the day, thus, my bedroom keep iluminated!


My favorite place in the world is my country Colombia. It is situated in South America, at the northwest corner. I like it because I think that we have the most beautiful places and landscapes in the world, we are one of few countries that have access to 2 seas the Caribbean in the north and the pacific in the west. Colombia has the highest number of ecosystems in the world and is the second with more biodiversity in the world, only being overcome by Brasil. But the thing that I more like from Colombia is his people, it’s true that there are many bad people like anywhere but the majority are people kind, happy and always willing to help others.


My favorite place Cuenca city it is in Ecuador, I like it because It has sun all the year a template weather. It had many quiet places when to rest and it isn’t expensive at all.Also, it’s fascinating to visit the core of the city because it has many churches and you can see the colonial architecture, I love my neighborhood because is quiet.


El Morro was the place that I loved to hang out, it was the perfect place to watch the sunrise in Lechería with friends and some beer. I miss that place so much.
It is located in Venezuela, Anzoategui state.
And If I have to think of 5 words that describe it, they would be:
magical, interesting, beautiful,
mind blowing, cool


My favourite place in the world is probably Montreal. I’ve reading a lot about it lately. For starters i like the cold weather, so the below zero canadian temperature it won’t be a problem for me. I have friends living there, and they talked to me all the time about canada. It sounds dreamy. Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec. It’s located in the south-east of the country. It’s one of the most populous french speaking cities in the world. Solid economy, bilingüal community, great universities, rivers, mountains…montreal has everything i want.


I have many favorites places in the world and I’d like to someday all visits. But the first place I will visit with my son will be Santorini. Santorini is located in Greece. I like for so much blue color and white houses, I feel at peace when I look at photos of this city. The words that describe this place are blue, peace, sea, beautiful and romantic.


The Machupicchu archaeological complex is located in the department of Cusco. I like this place because it has the Ancient ruins of a famous Prehispanic culture called “Mayas”. Also it is located 7972 ft above sea level.

Five words that describe this Place

  1. Unique
  2. Interesting
  3. Fascinating
  4. Historic
  5. Inspiring

The Machupicchu archaeological complex is located in the department of Cusco. I like this place because it has the Ancient ruins of a famous Prehispanic culture called “Mayas”. Also it is located 7972 ft above sea level.

Five words that describe this Place

  1. Unique
  2. Interesting
  3. Fascinating
  4. Historic
  5. Inspiring

Where it is:
Cali is a city in Colombia.
Why you like it:
I like because i live there, also is a big city and the most part of my family is here. I like the weather because it’s hot.
At least 5 words to describe this place:
It’s hot
It’s cheap
It’s diverse
It’s cheerful
It’s Beautiful


Zacatecas- Mexico

My favorite place is Zacatecas city. Is a state of Mexico.I like Zacatecas because is a city with many tourist places like Cerro de la Bufa,MIna el Edén, La quemada, Teleferico too can visit museums, churches and parks are very beautiful.
Zacatecas city is : Fantasticing, Bright,Beautiful,interesting and nice.

For Christmas they adorn all the streets and they look very nice excellent places to take photos.
Zacatecas is very beautiful at night



Day #7🤟
Definitely my favorite place is my house simply because my family and my pet are there, and there I do the things that I like the most, such as reading, listening to music, watching series and movies with a little peace of mind.📻😉
Leaving aside all the insecurity, I think it is a very well located place near there is a square where they sell my favorite pizza and there is also a cinema very close. In general, there are many places where they sell tacos, hamburgers, desserts, and ice cream. 🍕🍨
It is not a luxurious house but it is very comfortable, which is what matters most.


I’m falling in love with Cusco. This ancient city is in Peru (South America). It has the best of both words: the past and present in one place, because we can appreciate some Inka’s ruins and the mountains in the city. You can enjoy the nature, cold weather and exotic food.
I want to return. ❤️


My favorite place is the beach. I don´t know a lot oof them but I had the opportuniyt to travel to Playa del Carmen en Quintana Roo, México.
I like it because is an amazing place, It is part of the tourist area called “Riviera Maya”.
This place is amazing because its beautiful beaches, cenotes, adventure parks, and warm weather make it an important tourist destination.
If you are looking for a place where you can have a good time, I recommend you visit it. There a lot of amazing places with pyramids like Tulum, other beaches near there like Hol-Box, Cancún, Cozumel and adventure parks like X-plore, Xcaret.
In the mornings you can spend time laying on the beach with a fresh drink and swimming.
In the afternoon you can walk by its 5th Avenue and there you can find restaurants, stores, crafts.
At night you can have fun visiting a very famous place called Coco-Bongo nightclub.
I had a really good time there, I hope to come back soon!
Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 20.01.35.png


My favorite place in the world is where my heart is, home, I could talk about some place I would like to travel to and at the moment I haven’t had the opportunity to be in, or maybe some other place where I’ve been to and I would like to go back, but I will stick with home, and more specific where all started: San José (CR) 🇨🇷.

Thinking on San José brings to me beautiful windy mountainous landscapes images, with lovely cold and nice but sometimes rainy days weather, and somehow “colonial” and lovely and warm cities.

And that’s San José, in other provinces we have beautiful beaches like in Puntarenas and Cartago.


Mi favorite place in the world is the Riviera Maya. I like it because is a tropical and sunny place.

The words describe this place:


My favorite place in the world is where my husband and I are together. But if I had to select one, I would say this place is Ireland. Because it is a green country for its forests, it has many cliffs, mountains, beautiful landscapes, and it also has a balance between urban and rural life.

Words to describe this place:

  • Beautiful
  • Peaceful
  • Exciting
  • Amazing
  • Diverse

This is a picture of me in my favorite place.

So, my favorite place in the world is “Es veirá”. Although in reality, it is an Island, not one can go there. But my place is in front of it, the viewer of es vedra, the lookout. Is amazing, in a place with peace, and incredible to do meditation and be with yourself a little be and relax and contemplate de view.


My favorite place of the world is Sisal. Its a beach of Yucatán, México. It’s found to one hour of Mérida, the capital city of Yucatán.

The weather of Sisal is boiling hot in summer. It’s colofurl and really quiet almost all year. The people is kind and charming. They care to keep the beach clean and safe. It has a dock where that yoy see beautiful sunsets. If you visit Yucatán, you must to visit Sisal.


The Amazon River, as we know, it is located in different countries of South America. In my experience, I visited the part of Colombia, my homeland.
What I like about it
I got fascinated with The Amazon, the reason was for the special connection you have with nature, lots of mythological stories from the local people, and the way Indigenous people see nature. Also, for the animals that only live in there, like the pink dolphin. This is a unique experience that everybody has to do.
5 words
Mother Nature( I know, this is not a word xdxdxd)
Stress reliever. ( I know this is not a word x2)


My favorite place is Chiapas state, is a place where I was born, I like it because it is a city very quiet, the population is small and the air is so clean yet, I think that people are so kind too.


Berlin is a great place to visit, I love this city for its history, the people’s kindness, and its architecture.
The German Capital is a vibrant, big, neat, friendly, and colorful city, it has a lot of museums, art, and history. Rising up from the ashes at the end of the Second World War, Berlin is now a cosmopolitan city, with a lot of places to visit, and in each one, some histories about the bad and good sides of the human being.

My other favorite place is Olon, a little town on the coast of Ecuador, the first time that I went there, I was with my girlfriend, that fact gives it a special meaning, and now it is our favorite place to go on vacations.
Olon is a small, quiet, and calm place, with a little and peaceful beach in contrast with its neighbor, Montañita, I love the food that is sold in the cabins near the shore of the beach, that is delicious, amazing, and really good, and as an extra detail don’t is expensive.


My favorite place in the world is the south of my country. I live in Mexico and its southern states are incredible. States like Oaxaca, Chiapas, Quintana Roo and Yucatán I like because they have a beautiful ecosystem, the Lacandon Jungle is fascinating and archaeological sites like Chichén Itzá are also incredible. Whenever I go, I enjoy every moment.

5 words to describe this place.

  • Beautiful

  • Enormous

  • Quiet

  • Natural

  • Multicultural


Paseo el Carmen, Santa Tecla

This place is located in my country ** El Salvador **, the appearance is like a town, but you will find a lot of restaurants, and the most of there are stylish and with awesome atmospheres, in the afternoons is so quiet, you’ll find art, presentations like street art, food and others cool things on the street, the cathedral is so beautiful.

Paseo el Carmen

But at the night this quiet place becomes in a lively city, you can find a lot of places where you could dance, and enjoy all the night. The night-life is in this place definitely.

I like all of this place is perfect to enjoy with your family and friends.

Paseo el Carmen - Night life
  • Stylish
  • Quiet
    At night
  • Noisy
  • Fancy
  • Expensive

México City is my favorite place in the world, and not just because it’s the place I grew up in. I love that it has lots of museums
and theaters. I’m also crazy about the food: tacos, barbacoa, birria, etc. But not everything is good, it can also be a little caotic: lots of traffic in the streets, loud sounds almost everywhere. But still a city I would recommend to visit. 😃


This is the capital of South Korea since the creation of the republic in 1948. I like the city because of the Asian Culture that offers places like Gyeongbokgung, and also for it awesome technological potential, famous companies such as Samsung and LG are from here. Personally, I like Seoul because of the seasons, I’m Colombian and on this country usually the seasons aren’t obvious, but in Seoul you can see the snow in winter, the orange leaves in fall and the cherry blossom flowers in spring.


My favorite place is my house, given the context of the pandemic, I really found in my house a place to be clear, comfortable and quiet. I feel very comfortable in my home, I have all the things I need and it gives me the peace of mind that I long for


Oslo is my favorite place in the world because its culture and history are extraordinary. Norway have an exciting Viking past that shape its present. Norwegians are people who seek peace, who learned from their past and who respect difference. They have a great love for their traditions and for the environment. In this country are the fjords which are the deepest points of the sea. Also, on special dates you can see the northern lights, everyone who has seen this phenomenon says that it is something magic. But the most special thing about this place is its society.

Words that can describe Oslo are

  • Charming

  • Awesome

  • Ancient

  • Exciting

  • Fascinating


Rencently I see on the Internet many people that want to migrate to another country, to try living in a place where the corruption is mininus, crowd of nice people, better pay jobs, and more and more characteristics from a developed country.

One of this countries is New Zeeland and for I see on the Internet, it’s a beautiful place for living, many mountains, trees, seas, nice people and good jobs. So, I would like to living in NZ before being 40 years old.


Hi everyone!! I hope you’re well. Wow, to talk about my favorite place makes me feel a little sad because it is in Maracaibo city (Venezuela). There I liked walk around center of the city (I lived and worked near to), because there are "La Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Chiquinquirá, Baralt’s square, “El Malecón”, which are symbols of the zulian culture (religious, economic, idiosyncrasy and social). Another place that I liked to visit was “El Paseo del Lago”, today called “Vereda del Lago”. In this place people go to walk, to do exercises, to ride on bikes, to celebrate birthdays, and enjoy in family, als you can see Maracaibos’s Lake from there, one the most biggest of South America. I loved to have contact with the sea because represent quiet, relax, energy and that place on my city has that effect on me.
I hope that when things will get better in my country you can visit Maracaibo in some moment. Warning: it’s a very warm place so you must have to go prepared (ops!)😎🌅☀️🌡🥛


My favorite place to go, to stay, and to be happy is “Cacho negro”. Cacho
negro is located in Heredia, San Jose.

I like it because there is a property of my grandfather. The property has an extension of 100 miles. Since I was a kid, I remember that all the vacations my family used to go there. The property has a lot of fauna and flora. In this place, you can see wild animals like tigers of the mountain,** tarantulas**, armadillo, and others.

The five words that describe this place for me are peace, nostalgia, happiness, family, and freedom.


Did you watch “Money Heist”?
In the 3rd season when appears Tokyo and Rio in a beach.

Well, It’s San Blas - Panama there are a group of islands located in the Caribean Sea.

San Blas ** belongs to** Guna Yala that is a region indigen in Panama,


It is a beautiful place that you would like to visit, because the water is very clear and there are white sands, really is amazing


If you want to visit. A weekend costs $160 USD for two people, this prize includes transport from the city to San Blas, food, transport in boats and stay.

You should bring effective because there are not ATMs to withdraw money.