Course Per Week 2.0. Week 2 - Intermediate/Advanced.

Hello there 😃
Welcome to the second week, second challenge of Course Per Week 2.0!
“Losing a job is one of the most stressful events that people go through in their lives. You’ll experience fear, anxiety, depression, and anger, as well as periods of positivity. But what is the best way to deal with it?”
Share below what you’ve learned from the course and share other suggestions to deal with these feelings when it comes to losing a job.
Take the second course and remember to leave your comments below. Remember to share your certificate!
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Loosing a job is hard. Thanks God, I’ve never been in that situation. In my family, there have been some cases.

I believe that my advise is for anyone who is not at this scenario yet: get some savings and put them in the bank.

In economics, it’s called a financial net (I think that’s the name). Something that’s it going to catch you if you fail.

After that, take that opportunity to improve yourself or take a path you’ve never been through. UX specialist, programmer, designer… you name it!

The most important thing is, as Platzi motto says, never stop. Never stop learning or trying. Even if you fall, the only way is to get up!

Here is my certificate 😃 Captura de pantalla 2021-01-28 a las 8.46.17 p. m..png


Hi guys!
I have been in that situation, I lost my job and the feeling was difficult because I had been working really hard. It was difficult for me to understand why this was happening to me, the most important was that I looked for support: my husband and my family and, I communicated to them how was I feeling, then I was thinking about what I really wanted to do and then I passed to the action and I found another work, I was unemployed just for two weeks. This kind of things make you look the things differently and the most important is how you can deal with this, so it´s important taking your time and maybe seeing everything from a different perspective.

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 14.19.57.png

I think is really hard but very comfortable if you try to look for something that fits you, I often experienced angry when I got fired or I quit a job, but in the end, I try to focus on the experience and finally develop those feelings into productivity, study more and looking a better place.


What is the best way to deal with lose a job? Dealing with rejection. Don´t be afraid, search support with your friends and family. Take as lesson to learn and improve you own skills.
What you’ve learned from the course and share other suggestions to deal with these feelings when it comes to losing a job. I learned that lose a job is not the end the world if you know how deal whit it, you can learn and growth professional and personal. My suggestions its that you take one lonely moment for think about the situation.


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This course was amazing and I think that this course helps to us to be better persons a profesionals, and is an incredible tool to front facing any kind of situation.


I think that we shouldn’t stay for a long time with the bad feelings of lose a job, we need to prepare and improve our skills as soon as possible with a unique goal, get a new job, is important ask for feedback to our last partners about our weakness and our strengths, to have a better view of our current abilities and with that create a plan to improve them.


The hardest part of losing a job is feeling like a failure; feeling that everything you fought for for years was in vain.
But it is normal to feel this way, because it is a breakup, a loss, and we must go through different stages to overcome it.
There will always be better opportunities and new adventures, so it is important to close the cycle and move on.

Steve Jobs

8 meses

That’s a great quote, thank you for share!

8 meses

"I didn’t see it then, but getting Apple to fire me was the best thing that could have happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure of everything.
One of the most creative periods of my life was released. "
Steve Jobs.


Hi everyone!

As we see in the course, when it comes to losing a job, whether or not it is your decision, it is important to deal with the feelings that arise in that situation, allow ourselves to express them and accept them as part of the experience. It is important to review and update our CV and social networks related to the work context and tell our family, friends and network that we are looking for an work opportunity.

It is also very important to take advantage of this time to improve and develop our hard and soft skills to have better opportunities to get our dream job. Above all, it is key not to lose our self-confidence, it is very important to maintain positive attitude and move on.

Ingles para el trabajo.png

My advice is to give yourself a break. Maybe, before losing the job, you were pushing to hard. And even if you weren’t, you should take time to evaluate what you did, what you want to do and plan how you are going to do it.

My certificate!


What I learned is…
When a door closes another one opens and get inside.


Excelent, right now i am start with the next course of the challenge


All the thinks that i learned in this course, will help me in every professional sense, because Jess gave us many useful tips to face any situation
For example, if i was fired, i would have to have a strong mind to face it, i would have to start looking for jobs in which i would be a very useful candidate, start to improve my professional lifestyle and correct my defects


All things in our life leave a teach for us, losing a job is one of them. The important is to learn of the process and evaluate all thing that was involucrate during this process. Take the bad thing and improve it.

Always we should see the good thing of the experience doesn’t matter the result, the important is find the way to improve and will be a better person. Work in our soft skills and never give up.

diploma business english.PNG

Losing a job is an unfortunate experience, but my expectation is to change jobs. In this course I realized that it can be very frustrating to change, especially something as important as work. Anyway, I will try to do my best and never stop learning


Hey guys!
This is my diploma


When we lose a job the emotions can take us in a roller coaster. Try to keep calm and identify your main emotion and what cause it. Probably you will be sad, anger, depress or a mix of all. Remember that you know how to solve problems so take time to feel your emotions. Share what you’re feeling with people you care and don’t think about their reaction, if necessary look for professional advice. Always remember to learn from every experience and get the best of it.
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What I enjoyed the most in this course was the classes about how to be a good leader and give an effective presentation, because it has made me feel more confident when talking to people.

I agree with @arles, having an emergency fund makes you feel a little bit of peace (call it “peace fund” If you want 😄) while you are searching for a new job.

I think in situations like this, it’s a good time to make introspection about what we want in our life. I would recommend you the “Creatividad financiera” course.

business english intermediate course.jpg

I have learned this:

No matter in which job you are, GOOD or BAD. You DON’T have to focus on that. YOU have to focus on YOURSELF.

¡Yeah! Your emotions, your thoughts, your actions! You have to be PREPARED to HACK YOURSELF.
WE (including myself) **HAVE TO PRACTICE!!! **

This summary will refresh us:

  • Deal with Stress: Keywords-----> Deal with it - Fix conflcits-SOLVE THEM.(++Be honest to yourself, don’t complicate more than it is.)

  • The Culture: We, the people who work, WE CREATE THAT, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE OF LEARN IT, AND TO TEACH OR PROMOTE IT. Believe me, culture at work keeps you motivated, not money.

  • Bussines International: Stop thinking on the word International, think more in your Soft Skils, because internationally that is the only thing that will let the world KNOW YOU! That’s the important thing.
    *Be patient
    *Respect customs and try new things
    *Practice the language
    *Be open minded
    *Be flexible.

  • Dream Job: Yes, we are extremely happy when we acomplished our dreams. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg.
    We have to think What happens under that?

Research,Your personal profile, Create and share your projects, Elevator pitch, Apply for jobs, be prepared to interviews ,Networking.
This is what should be important, if you dont know how to learn, practice and be the best. The results will come after you i know it!

-** Leadership:** KeyWords----> Communication, Feedback, Critical Thinking, Emotinal Intelligence, Empathy, Teching and last but not least TEAMWORK!!!

We have to master that in order to be a good leader. We want to be able to inspire others to be better! We dont’ wanT to be leaders just to give orders. Just to be there standing doing whatever we want. We want to move and make everyone move with us! That’s epic.



.1- Be prepared (Do the research / Set your goal)

2- Discussion (Pay attention / Clarifying / Ask good questions )

3- Agreement (Deal / Action planning )

Hope this summary refresh will be a good memory hack to others and remember

:++ Knowledge without actions is equal to know nothing.++


As a personal experience, I have never lost a job, at least not my principal job.

I am a designer and a dancer, so on weekends I taught ballet to little kids at two different ballet academies; after a year, one of them told me I wasn’t good enough as a teacher, although I was still working on the other one and they were very pleased with me. At first, it was hard to hear that because I wasn’t sure what was I doing wrong, I got angry and I think the teacher noticed that because he immediately told me that I just had to prepare myself better to be a teacher, to take courses and do research.
After that I thank him for the opportunity and for the feedback… and that was it.

Although losing that job didn’t represent a big problem, economically speaking, emotionally I was crushed, it made me consider if I should continue teaching. I took the advices from the teacher and improved my classes at the other academy, I was a happy and loved teacher for another 18 months.

If I lose my job tomorrow as a designer, I would take some time to consider if I can do things better in the future, what can I learn to be better than I was, how can I grow to find my “dream job”.

My certificate of the second course is here.


Loosing a job is a door closed. Now you have time to think about your future and what you want to achieve. Is your opportunity to reconnect with old friends/colleagues and prepare for your next interviews. As I’ve said before, loosing a job is a door closed, but many others will be open.



Losing a job is hard but the life is not over. You may find negative feelings about yourself and your work. I do think however, that we should be kind about ourselves and forgive us if we did something wrong. We also should ask for feedback to understand why we get fired and to improve it is necessarily.


If a friend lost a job, the only advice i can tell is stay ready and never stop to learn. Sorry, I´m bad share advice. 😄

Sin título.png

“I have not fail. I’ve just found 10.000 ways that won’t work” that was my favority phrase in the course. We need to keep trying!


I think that the first thing you need to do to overcome the fact you lose the job is to accept that it has happened, that you are in that situation, even if you expected or didn’t expect it.
After the dismissal comes a period of duel but like any experience in life, losing a job is also an opportunity to take a break and reinvent yourself.

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 19.51.35.png

Losing a job is a very hard situation that depending on the person there are better and worse ways to deal with it, what I think applies to anyone is that you must have emotional intelligence to face the problem and think with a cold head, if there are people who depend on you or not the solution will be different, but being emotionally well (as far as possible) is essential and if you are not well in that part is probably the first thing you should focus on, then you can find solutions for the other problems.
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😫 Losing a job? - Take an action plan! 💪🏼

How do you feel after receiving the bad news?, identify your emotions, breath in, breath out, what were the reasons and what’s going to be your next step

It is a shocking situation, I think most of the times you don’t see it coming.

Update your Linkedin profile, your CV, send it to key friends … but during the whole process one important thing is:

“Be confident about what is going to happen next”

I got hire in an excellent software development agency a couple of weeks after being in this situation.

Take in consideration these very important keys, no matter what:

  • your network, I’m not that good at networking as I would like to, but I know, for sure, networking is very important;
  • be confident, you are where you are for a reason, you’ve got to this point somehow (these are your qualifications), and because of that you are very valuable, keep working on them!, it is a continuos work in progress
  • be prepared, financially speaking, save for an emergency!, and at work, be updated! #neverStopLearning

🤓 My course per week progress

I had already passed the Course for this week, nevertheless I went over it again and took the one teach Jess recommended in one of the classes: “English for Job Interviews”, with teach Carolina Boquín, an excellent course I recommend to all of you!

Captura de Pantalla 2021-02-03 a la(s) 3.04.57 p. m..png

I´m student, my priorities now are just pass the exam and study hard in the university, I use platzi as a complement, I think that losing job must be very bad, It’s so hard for people but in this moments you should take time, breath and take action then take opportunities of the environment, always there are ways to be happy and find new jobs or be your own boss.
Here is my certificate.


Losing your job is a situation that can get complicated if you don’t have good financial and emotional support.
I think like any stage of your life that ends. You must evaluate the good and bad things. Sure there are a lot of things you learned. Therefore, you must prepare to find a new job and start a new stage in your life. Perhaps, this may be the dream job.

Screenshot from 2021-02-07 10-50-22.png

Losing a job is a hard situation, and At this moment due the Corona situation, a lot of people is losing their jobs, I believe that the best scenario for getting a job and get a comfortable life is approaching the technology for give the best of us. Be authentic and realistic in your learning, because in a random moment, you must change.

I studied chemistry and I will get my degree in April, but I am focused in tech industry right now, because in Chemistry, a lot of jobs don’t have the right salary, now, I’m Spanish teacher and Platzi give me the tools for be a better teacher. The English is a key that will open a lot of doors for you, because is the most spoken language in the business area.

I share my certificate, I really enjoyed the course, and I hope that the next one will be great! Screenshot from 2021-01-28 20-52-14.png


I forgot to post here last week when I finished the course.
However here are my comments:

I took a lot of notes in this course, mostly for my personal and professional growth. Things like “Try to separate emotions from the workplace” or “If you want your business to be successful you have to be open-minded” and “this rejection doesn’t define you”.

I really enjoyed the Business English Intermediate Course.


Take a deep breath first and not take it personally.
Dialogue with the team to understand how you can improve in the future and even what positive things you have contributed to the team.

Take advantage of this new stage to never stop learning new skills, both soft and technical skills. Recover energy and positivity. And open your mind to new opportunities and go for it all.

Link: https://platzi.com/p/hexagonaldev/curso/2012-course/diploma/detalle/


I think that the best way to deal with those feelings is to embrace the fact that it’s happening and that there’s no good from being angryor sad. Actually it will slow you down in the process to overcome that situation.

Sin título.png

When losing a job, I recommend that get feedback of colleagues for improve in the negative last situations, because it will help in the next work.


I’ve lost my job just a couple of times, and every time the feeling of losing contact with people with whom you are used to getting along for most of the day is awful. Be strong and keep your head up!

The best way to overcome this is to be positive and keep learning. Think that now is a good opportunity to learn new things or get specialized in something you love.


I think that one of the most important things on the job is to have knowledge about the culture of your coworkers, specially if is an international business, it’s awesome when you have coworkers from many countries, you can learn about many cultures, customs and traditions.
But something important when you’re working on an international business is to keep in mind the different customs of each country where you are attending a customer. (Seriously, if you don’t keep in mind this, it’s possible that you say something that you don’t really want to say jaja).
There are many things that I can say about this course, but answering the main question, how to deal with the feelings when you lost a job?
There are many advices that you can follow, but the most important thing is, never give up, actually, lost a job is a great thing and a growth opportunity, in the world of the future you will have many jobs, it’s possible that technology make some jobs obsolete, that’s the reason why you never have to stop learning.
In any case, you don’t have to give up, just start to search for a better job, but please never stop to trying, there out are many wonderful jobs waiting for you, lost a job is not bad, you can find a better job after that, don’t marry with a job, “explore other worlds” is my best advice that I can give to you, good luck! 😉

second cert.png

Losing a job could be hard, but it is an opportunity to reflect on the failures and the experience gained, in order to reinvent oneself, improve skills and start again. Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 9.22.02 AM.png


I think that the best way to deal with thos feelings is to embrace the fact that it’s happening and that there’s no good from being anger or sad. Actually it will slow you down in the process to overcome that situation

Sin título.png

I finished this course i am too late but I’m trying hard and giving it my all. Actually i am leaving mi current work because i want looking for a better job and this course was perfect for me all the tips that i need to apply to find a better job.


Nowadays, I can see losing a job as a great opportunity to rediscover myself, to learn and grow as a professional and, especially, as a person.
I feel thankful for this time where I’m able to share with my family and where I can work on myself and, for me, this is the best way to deal with it.


How to deal with unemployment?

It’s ok

When you are unemployment remember that that doesn’t make you a bad person, or a lazy person. It’s only a stage, don’t feel bad, think that it can be a great oportunity for find a better job.

Some tips

  • Improve your skills
  • Take a course
  • See what you can sell
  • take advantage of your free time to do exercise or organize you

This is my certificate


If you lose your job, you must lean on your family. You shouldn’t be ashamed or feel like a failure (I’ve been through those thoughts). I take it as my opportunity to show that I am worth a lot and that they are making a wrong decision by not believing in me and not seeing the potential I have for the company to improve.


See you tonight so we can practice a bit and continue learning together!
Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 07.05.14.png


I’ve learned a lot of things. We need first a good preparation to everything, since phone calls, to meeting, talks, presentations and more. Another one we need to be clear, responsible, polite and confidence. Also we need to be active listeners and take notes abouts topics discussed. Finally understand our strenghts, we never give up and share our feelings.


Losing a job is extremely hard even if it is not a result of a failure, for example when during the pandemic COVID19 the companies had to prescind workers.
The best way to deal with it is:

  1. Acknowledge the situation.
  2. Ask for support if is necessary.
  3. Use the time to learn what was wrong and how you can improve your future situation.
  4. Look for the next opportunity.
Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 20.52.54.png


8 meses

Losing a job was a complicated experience, because I had stayed with the old technology, it was then that I realized it and had to update myself to be able to look for my next job that represents new challenges and leave my comfort zone, for that reason now as Platzi says “Never stop learning” and update yourself


Either you lose or resing a job, I will give for sure it is a moment important in your daily routine life. Not only counting, for sure, all the internal emotions and feelings you would feel inside. The process after spent a big amount of time in a routine is hard, but as well as any single thing in our life, it is just close down to a cycle.

A cycle has a beginning and an end, it is going to repeat always. We will take this time to have focus, give us time to interiorize, and come with what is really important for us. And from there, start with the great and sometimes hard first human-sized step. That’s all. Just one step per day.

After you give you the time, you would aware that you already advanced hundreds of steps. Just get clear your path, or do what you really wanna do. Also, take this into mind, **Everyone is passing for the same experience in life. Yes, you are unique but everyone suffers and also his joys. You can as everyone can"

And if you have some time to meditate, it helps a lot 😉
BTW. Great course, I liked it more than the previous one


People dislike failure. They avoid it at all costs. Having the feeling of failing to someone or oneself is a great pressure that, if uncontrolled, can cause several repercussions on our personal life, the core of what we are in this world.
First, it is ok to feel bad; you lost a job and you may think that this is the end of everything, and it isn’t! Let your anger/sadness flow and live through them. Restraining emotions is not good for your health.
Take a deep breath and after a while, remember that every experience in life is to succeed or to learn! Yes, you longer have no job, which now is a great opportunity to develop or polish your skills, you’re a free fish now! And in time you will become a shark again.
So my recommendations are:

  • Let your emotions flow, safely. Being alive is part of being human!
  • Take all the time you consider needed for recovery, BUT never let sadness or anger take control of your life. They are emotions, but you’re the pilot of this car called Life.
  • You can count on your friends or family for cooling off and receive support. Or you can stay alone for self meditation and reflexion.
  • Update/Upload your work profile in all the proper sites. It’s time to sell yourself, or
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge through online education. Be up to date so you can become attractive to head hunters.
  • Create, expand, or make use of your network. People you know may contact you if they’re hiring people or let them know where is the gold in this river called job seeking!
  • Remember that you are outstanding, always! You just need to let the world know how brilliant you are.
    “Train your mind to see the good in every situation.”

I think that losing a job can be very frustrating and you can feel very sad, but, I think that is very important to reflex yourself and learn about your errors fast to improve you skills.
Forgive yourself for any error, accept yourself, analize your errors, skills, weaknesses and mainly the oportunnities to go on. In fact, many people (included me) thinks that losing job was the best that happen in their lives.
Accept the fact, it´s important to move fast too and don´t worry, everything will be ok, improve your skills and never stop learning, a job don´t defines you or your personality, think about that.

Now, there is my certificate 😄 week 2 completed