Course Per Week 2.0. Week 3 - Intermediate/Advanced

Third week, third challenge! You’re about to take your English grammar to the next level. Therefore, in this challenge you will make sentences to express general truths (0 conditional), unreal present (2nd conditional) and unreal past (3rd conditional). Make at least 2 sentences per conditional.

  1. If you heat water to 100 degrees, it boils.

  2. If I were taller, I would reach that shelf

  3. If I had studied more, I would have passed the exam

Take the second course and remember to leave your comments below. Remember to share your certificate!
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General Truths

  • I drink something fresh if I’m thirst
  • If I have a trip, I prepare my bag with anteriority.
  • If you eat something bad, you are feeling sick.
    Unreal present
  • If I had accepted the job, I could have more money.
  • If he were younger, he could be a football player.
  • I shouldn’t be so tired if I was sleeping better.
    Unreal Past
  • I wouldn’t have taken the bus If I had bought a car.
  • If I had learned to play the guitar, I could have met more people.
  • I could have won the contest if I had prepared my project.

General Truths

  • If i´m hungry, i eat crackers with butter
  • I get mad if you ignore me
  • If i´m bored, i watch The umbrella academy
    Unreal Present
  • If i had a good salary, i would go to The Angeles
  • She could read her favorite book if she had more time
  • If he didn´t play xbox all night, he would have passed the exam
    Unreal Past
  • If i hadn´t watched The umbrella academy all night, my teacher wouldn´t have scolded me
  • They wouldn´t have been tired if they hadn´t played soccer all afternoon
  • If i had made purchases, I would have cooked the lunch

Generals Truths:

  • If you don’t fasen the seat belt, you can die in an accident.

  • I drink coffe if i’m working.

  • If i watch a movie, I turn off my phone.

Unreal Present:

  • I wouldn’t travel on a bicycle if I didn’t sell my car.

  • If she played the lotery, she would be millionaire.

  • They would win the championship if they worked harder.

Unreal Past:

  • If I hadn’t bought Platzi, I would have committed a big mistake.

  • She would have traveled to France If she hadn’t lost her fligth.

  • We could have eaten cake If you had bought it.

<h1>0 conditonal - to express general truths (if + present simple, … present simple)</h1>
  • If people eat too much fast food, they get fat
  • you improve your skills if you get an expert plan on Platzi.
  • If you wash your hands, you avoid getting coronavirus
  • If you sit in the sun, you get burned
<h1>1st conditional - posible or likely things in the future (if + present simple, … will + infinitive)</h1>
  • If you sit in the sun, you’ll get burned
  • If you come early, you will get a ticket
  • You will be here tomorrow if you get the bus today at 10 am
  • If she studies harder, she’ll pass the exam
<h1>2nd conditional - Impossible things in the present / unlikely things in the future (if + past simple, … would + infinitive)</h1>
  • If she studied harder, she would pass the exam
  • If I met John Mayer, I would ask him to sign my guitar
  • I would travel all over the world if I was rich
  • If I had her number, I would call her
  • I wouldn’t go with them if I was you
<h1>3erd conditional - Things that didn’t happen in the past and their imaginary results (if + past perfect, … would + have + past participle)</h1>
  • If she had studied, she would have passed the exam (but, really we know she didn’t study and so she didn’t pass)
  • If I hadn’t eaten so much, I wouldn’t have felt sick (but I did eat a lot, and so I did feel sick)
  • He would have been on time for the interview if he had left the house at nine
  • I would have gone for a run If I had gotten up early
<h1>0 conditional</h1>
  • If you enter participate in the English Meetups, you practice your speaking
  • During this pandemic, if you wear a mask, you protect yourself and others against the virus.
  • If you eat an ice cream to fast, you get brain freeze.
<h1>2nd conditional</h1>
  • If you were nicer, you would make more friends.
  • If he went to the gym, he would get a girlfriend.
  • If she bought that dress, she would win the contest.
<h1>3rd conditional</h1>
  • If I had said I love you more often, he wouldn’t have cheated on me.
  • If we had gone on that trip, we would have had so much fun.
  • I wouldn’t have learned so many new things, If I hadn’t bought my Platzi suscription.

Here is my certificate for the 3rd course.


0 Conditional
1.- If you run on wet floor, you get slide
2.- If you are thirsty, you drink water

2nd Conditional
1.- If i were rich, i would buy a Tesla.
2.- I would cook every day if i were a cooking

3rd Conditional
1.- If i had studied more, i would have passed the test.
2.- If i had taken a taxi, i could have arrived early.


General Truth
If you enter participate in the English classes, you will know a lot

Unreal Present

If I were taller, I would to play in the nba.

Unreal Past
If I had said I love you more often, I would have more girls with me


This is vital when you want to present an academic test or have better communication in English, despite that you have the vocabulary, you need to organise better and better your ideas.
The more difficulty in this, the more your learning, at the end practise makes perfect but do not forget to enjoy every minute learning
Thank you for allowing us to learn from the best people.


The most difficult course I have studied this week, however, was great to learn these topics. I realize that I have to study more and practice a lot to get a good English level. I won’t give up!

- General Truths (0 conditional)

  1. If I practice every day, I improve my skills.
  2. If I feel sick, I stay at home.
    - Unreal present (2nd conditional)
  3. If the weather were rainy, I wouldn’t go running.
  4. I would learn English well if I studied more time a week.
    - Unreal past (3rd conditional)
  5. If I had studied Biology, I would have been an Ornithologist.
  6. We would have traveled to Japan last year if the COVID19 pandemic hadn’t existed.

- 0 Conditional -
If I don´t sleep well, I feel sensible during the day (as a baby).
If I take notes, I learn better.

- 2nd Conditional -
My food could taste better If I cooked frequently.
If I watched more videos in English, my listening level would be higher.

- 3rd Conditional -
If I had known how to use context (of React.js), I would have passed the technical test.

I wouldn’t have lost a tooth If I had been attended by a professional dentist. - Brush your teeth, please 😃

upper intermediate grammar.jpg

General Truths:

  • If I don`t sleep , i feel tired.

  • If i touch a fire, i get burned.

  • If babys are hungry, they cry.

Unreal Present
I could be a Web Developer, if i studied harder.
If a got a Jr Developer job , i would be happy.
if i were a superhero, i would be Quicksilver.

Unreal Past:

  • I would have traveled to Chile sooner, if i hadn’t study so many time at University.

  • If i hadn`t been so shy, i could have met more people those days.

  • I wouldn’t have studied Geodesic Engineer, if i had known i love Software Development.


General truths (0 conditional)

  • If she goes to the gym, she will get strong.
  • Charlie can go to the party, if he washes the dishes.

Unreal present (2nd conditional)

  • If Tony played soccer, he would be famous.
  • If Alice were older, she would go out at night.

Unreal past (3rd conditional)

  • If Steven hadn’t gone to the concert, he wouldn’t have been drunk.
  • If Sofia had had enough money, she would have bought a bigger cake.
    WhatsApp Image 2021-02-15 at 7.02.53 PM.jpg

General truths:

  • If I cook lunch, everybody eats.
  • If you study and practice consciously, you become wiser.

Unreal present:

  • I would speak german B1 level, if I studied it seriously.
  • If I started to make the coffee, I would have my cup ready to drink by now.

Unreal past:

  • I would have finished the past marathon under 4 hr if I had trained beyond my limits.
  • If I had saved money, I could have gotten a better computer.

Though I get to finished the course with A+, I really think conditionals are the most difficult topic in this course, don’t you think so?

My Certificate:

Captura de Pantalla 2021-02-10 a la(s) 6.39.31 p. m..png

Hi everyone!

0 conditional

  • If you do exercise, you sweat.
  • I get a penalty if I am late for work.

2nd conditional

  • If I met Elon Musk, I would ask him about travelling to Mars.
  • He would travel to the moon if he were an astronaut.

3rd conditional

  • He wouldn’t get fired if he had followed the rules.
  • If I had pass the driving test, I would have a license.

Here is my certificate:

  1. general truths
  • If I practice my english everyday, I have a good habit
  • If I start late, I finish late.
  • If I do not sleep 8 hours, I feel tired
  1. unreal present
  • If I become millionaire, I would go to the moon like Elon musk
  • If you studied for the platzi exam, you could pass it with 10/10
  1. unreal past
  • If I had woke up late, I would haven’t passed the exam
  • if you had worked out, You would have perfect abs

General truths (0 conditional)
If you drop an apple, it fall
If you put water with oil, theirs isn´t mixin
unreal present (2nd conditional)
If I learned English, I could apply for a good job
If I saved more money, I could buy a new laptop
unreal past (3rd conditional)
If I had studied for my special examen, I would´t have expelled from my univercity 😦
If I had taked before the web developing school, I would a fullstack developer


What an amazing course! Indeed it was difficult, but that is what it makes it absorbing! (at least for me 😆)
I hope that all the students here have enjoyed it as I did 😎
Now, with the conditionals…

Type 0

  • The soldiers get ready to fight if there’s a threat near them.
  • You walk away if you find a crime scene.
  • If we miss the signal in our cellphones, we go to higher places or go bonkers.

Type II

  • If Frijola and Canela stayed inside the house, they could create mayhem and chaos.
  • The neighbours would consider talking to us again if we returned their brick that broke our window…😡
  • My father would be alive and kicking if he took care of himself years ago.

Type III

  • We wouldn’t have assaulted Paradis Island if the Reiss family had returned the Founding Titan to Marley.
  • If I had saved my PowerPoint presentation before the blackout, I would have been sleeping with no worries.
  • The company could have delivered its finished products on time if the logistic engineer had planned the route carefully.
    And last but not least, my certificate!

General truths:

  • If I do not take care of myself, I become sick.
  • When I do not take breakfast I have a headache.

Unreal present :

  • If I woke up earlier, I would arrive on time.
  • I could be better at speaking If I practiced more.

Unreal past:

  • I would have bought a bigger house If I had saved more money.
  • If I had adopted a cat before, I could have had more fun.UIEGC.png
  • If today is cold, you wear a coat
  • If the sound is loud, the neighbors get mad
  • If you wear a mask, you are caring all

  • If you studied more, you would get that FAANG job
  • If Covid were to occur, we would be playing outside
  • If they bought insurance, they would be protected against diseases

  • If I had trained roughly, I would have protected my knees
  • If I had made better decisions, I would have lived in the US.
  • If I had tasted the favor, we would have eaten a delicious dinner.

1. Express general truths (0 conditional):

If present + Present
If I don’t look fine, I go to SPA
I learn at Platzi if I want never stop to learn

1. Express unreal present (2nd conditional):

If + Simple Past , Would/Could
If I wanted to travel, I would work more
if i worked harder, i could get my goals

1. Express unreal past (3nd conditional):

If + Past Perfect , Would/Could + have past participle
If I had drank water, I could have lost one pounds per month
If I had studied more, I would have passed the exam


Hi guys!
These are my examples:

Zero conditional:

-If you don´t eat healthy food, you get sick.
-If I sleep well, I am in a good mood.

2nd conditional (unreal present):

-If I had my own pool, I could swim every day.
-I could travel if I weren´t in quarantine.

3rd conditional:

-She would have made better decisions if she had known what she knows now.
-If we had stayed at home the last year, we could have traveled this year.

This is my certificate:
Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 13.02.59.png


0 conditional

  • If you study harder, you pass the exam.
  • If you lift weights constantly, you gain muscle.
  • I eat healthy if I want to lose weight.

2nd conditional

  • I could work in a technology company If I studied in Platzi years before.
  • If she took a taxi, she must be on time for the meeting.

3rd conditional

  • If I had studied in Platzi before, I could have worked as a Data Scientist.
  • She could have won the price If she had practiced more.

Here’s my certificate


0 Conditional - General Truths:

  • If I don’t reach my goals at work, my boss fires me.
  • If a client refuses to pay on time, the contract is cancelled.

2nd Conditional - Unreal Present:

  • If I were wiser, I would taken better decisions.
  • She would get the part, if she was talented.

3rd Conditional - Unreal Past:

  • I would have had a successful business if I had double checked my MVP.
  • If I had reviewed my card balance, I wouldn’t have payed for something I didn’t buy.

General truths

  • if you study a lot, you pass the exam
  • if you eat vegetable, you are healthy

unreal present

  • if today rain, you have wear a sweater
  • if you take english courses, you will improve your english skills

unreal past

  • if I didn’t the exercises, I wouldn’t complete the challenge
    -if he didn’t cut the grass, it would grow a lot

0 conditional

  • If you have a good team, you win the game.

  • If I wake up early, I do more things in my day.

  • If I get a better job, I earn more money.

2nd conditional

  • If I was a soccer player, I would have a lot money.

  • If I was you, I would study more for my English test.

  • If I was rich, I would travel a lot around the world.

3rd conditional

  • If you had started to play more early yesterday, you would have had more ranked points.

  • If you had trained harder, you would have had the chance to played with Messi.

  • If she had studied different career, she wouldn’t have earned too much money.


General truths:

  • If I’m looking you, I have to share information with you.
  • If my cell phone falls, maybe its breaks.
  • I will be fat if I don’t make exercise.

Unreal Present:

  • If I studied more, I would have pass to the best universities of my country.
  • If I had read this book before, I would have a better life right now.

Unreal Past:

  • If I had saved more money, I could have bought a tickets for disneyland next to the next summer.
  • If She had been more with me, She could have had a relationship more healthy with her familiar environment.

The last one is an invent, haha I don’t know nothing about this matter and I´m not interested in nothing which don’t be a friendship.

There is my certificate:


Hola que tal. Mi pregunta es: ya pagué y ya pasaron 48 horas y no me han desbloqueado las clases, ¿con quién puedo hablar para resolver esto? Ha y por qué está casi todo en ingles?


General Truths (0 conditional)

  • If babies are hungry, they cry
  • If people eat too much, they get fat.
  • If you touch a fire, you get burned.

Unreal Present (2nd conditional)

  • If I met the Queen of England, I would say hello.
  • If I had his number, I would call him.
  • If I were you, I wouldn’t go out with that man.

Unreal Past (3rd conditional)

  • If that guy had given me the correct directions, then I wouldn’t have met my wife.
  • I would have been so angry if he had said that to me.
  • If I had known you had a course, I would have bought it



0 Conditional
If you practice things that you learn, you reinforce what has been learned
If you do exercise diary, you are healthy
2nd Conditional
If it weren’t so cold, I would take a shower
If coronavirus didn’t exist, I could see my friends
3rd Conditional
If I have eaten before go, I could have resisted the hungry without eat the cake
If you have studied this weekend, you would have passed the test

  • If i want see a video on youtube. I need to have internet in my device.

  • If I’m cold, I wear warm clothes.

  • If I arrived early to home. I could cook today.

  • If the restaurant were not fill. I would eat there.

  • if I hadn’t worked in tech industry, I could have lost my job.

  • If I hadn’t saved money. I wouldn’t have bought my apartment.

Screenshot from 2021-02-14 21-31-40.png

My certificate of the course Diploma del Curso de Inglés Intermedio Alto.png


If you take this course, you’ll make a difference in your English skills


General truths
If you don’t eat, you feel hungry
Unreal present
I would learn English if I studied every day and complete Course per Week challenge
Unreal Past
If I had saved money, I could have bought a big house.



Hi, everyone! Here I go:

0 conditional - General truths

  • If we use the cellphone a lot, it battery drains.
  • If I take an airplane, I travel.

1st. conditional

  • If you were an employee, you would have the employee’s benefits.
  • If I took the startup opportunity, I wouldn’t receive a big challenge at my job.

2nd. conditional

  • If I had met Platzi early, I would have done a better thesis project
  • If you had bought the fruits, we could have eaten a salad for dinner.
7 meses

My bad:
0 conditional, 2nd conditional and 3rd conditional.


@CesarCordero, it’s “take the third course” 😉

Here I go, again:

Type 0:

  • If you work out a lot, you get a huge back

  • I ride bicycle if the traffic is chaotic

Type 2:

  • I you had a motorcycle, you could be working as delivery man
  • I could play e-sports, if I had a lot of money

Type 3:

  • If the corona situation had not occurred in China, we would be at a party

  • My best friend would have taken Italian lessons if she had had more discipline

**Certificate: **

Screenshot from 2021-02-08 14-04-16.png

I’m really motivated of doing this challenge, I have enjoyed it a lot.


Zero Conditional
If you wake up early, you arrive on time.
If you wash the dishes, they don’t stay dirty.

Second Conditional
If you were patient, you could learn better.
You could play soccer if you were more skilled.

Third Conditional
If I had more time, I would have finished the test.
I could have gotten a better job if I had studied harder.

Upper Intermediate English Grammar Course.png
7 meses



** General truths **

  • If I have a route tomorrow, I get up early.
  • I’m nervous all week if I have a thiathlon event on the weekend.
  • If I put coffee in the morning, I enjoy my day.
    ** Unreal gift **
  • If you had studied the technology updates, you would not be updating the study.
  • If I were more disciplined, I could be a better tiathlete.
  • You should be more rested if you sleep eight hours.
    ** Unreal past **
  • I wouldn’t have taken the bus if my bike had been repaired.
  • If I had learned to sing, I could have been a singer.
  • I could have gotten the job if I had prepared my presentation.
Captura de pantalla de 2021-02-09 16-57-39.png

(0 conditional)
If you eat a lot of food, You feel full
If you sleep little, You are tired
(2nd conditional)
If we studied harder, we would be more smart
If I were more tall, I could be a basketball player
(3rd conditional)
If I had more money, I would have travelled to Morrocoy
She wouldn’t have crashed if she had seen the traffic light


General Truths

  • I sleep if I’m sleepy
  • If I close my laptop, it turns off
  • I eat if i’m hungry

Unreal present

  • If I searched a best opportunity, I would have a better job
  • I could be a great software engineer if I studied more
  • I could have a better vision if I wore glasses

Unreal past

  • I wouldn’t have had to buy a new hard disk drive if I had bought a new laptop the last year
  • If I had read that book I would have passed the exam
  • If you had heard me when I told you that he’s not a good man for you, you wouldn’t have cried last night e.e



H0 - (0 conditional),

if you turn off the lights in the night, you don't see anything
if you get too close to the fire, you get burn.

H2 - unreal present (2nd conditional)

IfI were you, I would study English now.
If you studied more, you would pass the test.

H3 - unreal past (3rd conditional).

IfI had learned French earlier, I would have gone to Paris.
IfI had known that Bitcoin would hit $40K, I would have invested in them. 
7 meses

Good, mines were these

  1. general truths
  • If I practice my english everyday, I have a good habit
  • If I start late, I finish late.
  • If I do not sleep 8 hours, I feel tired
  1. unreal present
  • If I become millionaire, I would go to the moon like Elon musk
  • If you studied for the platzi exam, you could pass it with 10/10
  1. unreal past
  • If I had woke up late, I would haven’t passed the exam
  • if you had worked out, You would have perfect abs

General truths

  • I don’t go outside if the weather is too hot.

  • If I’m thirsty, I drink water.

Unreal present

  • I would drink a cup of coffee if I liked it.

  • I would play with my cat if he were awake.

Unreal past

  • If I had studied IT when I was 18, I could have visited a friend who lives in Germany.

  • I could have been a professional tennis player if I had started playing sooner.

Here’s my certificate.