Course Per Week 2.0. Week 4 - Basic

Welcome to the 4th challenge of Course Per Week 2.0! 😃
What’s your favorite season? What clothes do you usually wear? Share your answer in the comments!
Take the fourth course and remember to share your certificate!
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Well, In my case, my favorite season is the fall, the fall is only awesome, you don’t have hot even cold. When the leaves fall is very serene. The environment is tranquility and relax. It is a good time to reflect about you or another topic, or only enjoy the weather with a cup of tea and a good book.


I love fall season.
I usually wear pants, shorts, t-shirts or hoodies. I can wear whatever I want


I loved spring, because I live at “Medellin”. Colors, flowers and sun are the perfect complement to enjoy.

T-shirt, jean and tennis. It is a funny season and you can be free.


What’s your favorite season? What clothes do you usually wear?
Well, in my country we don’t have season like in others, because we are on the Ecuador line. So, we have different climates, for example, Bogotá is colder than Cali (the city where I live), it’s very hot here and I love when it rains. I always think I was born in the wrong place because I love the cold. That is why I long for winter.
I know that in winter people wear a lot of clothes because the cold is very strong, that’s why they wear a jacket, scarf, gloves, boots, etc. And here on the contrary we use a shirt, shorts, jeans, tennis, cap, etc. I hope to live that experience in the winter very soon.

A couple of months ago I finished the course and the certificate is here



I live in Bogotá here in one day we can have different weather.

However, I like when the cold weather. In these days I usually wear a pant, a pair of long socks, also I wear a t-shirt and on this use a slim sweater together with a jacket.

Often wear wooly hat but I never use gloves.


What’s your favorite season?

  • My favorite season is summer because it is not very cold but it is hot but I prefer that to having a terrible cold

What clothes do you usually wear?

  • Usually, I wear cool clothes such as T-shirts and shorts with sports shoes

Hello, In my country exist only 2 seasons, but I want feeling a winter. I like the fall, the nature is beautiful.
Usually I wear sweaters and jeans with sport shoes.