Course Per Week 2.0. Week 4 - Intermediate/Advanced

Welcome to the 4th challenge of Course Per Week 2.0! 😃
Either you run the day or the day runs you
Work life balance is a topic often discussed. Our desire to succeed professionally can push us to forget about our own well-being. What are your thoughts on this topic?
Do you agree with the quote?
How can you keep work life balance?
Share your comments below!
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I think that’s true, we are like robots working all day without think if those things that we are doing will be really good for us. We don’t take care of that, we just think:

“I need to work more to be more productive”

But… are you really being productive? Or you’re just busy?

Remember that you have to take some rests, think about you, like the movie “Soul” you’re caught in your job, and you’re lost inside it.

Remember that you are a persona, a person who feels, a person who needs hobbies, don’t lose inside a job all the day, of course! You need to job, but there is time for all things 😄

My best advice is you have to make a schedule where you must put all your activities of the week. Dedicate time for all activities (work, eat, rest, etc.) and be constant, obey your schedule, remember: “Being busy doesn’t mean being productive” 😉

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great reference you’ve done about “Soul” (the movie)! 🤛🏼


I’m not sure why, but recently I’ve been quoting a lot from “Soul” (the Disney+ movie), and this is not gonna be an exception.

We are the bosses on our life, we just need to acknowledge that we are in the chair. My professor from Project Management once said: “[being serious] we have to be in control of everything … even in our house, with our family, our kids … our wife (then, he smiled…)”.
But yes, we have the tools and the knowledge to control what we can and let go what we can’t, but there’s a gray area, "the zone", that place where we go when we’re on fire, inspired, that’s when we can lose the north and become a “lost soul”.
My wife is always talking to me about “Work Life Balance”, at her job this is a strong topic they’re always taking care of, their people is a very valuable resource.
We have to take good care of us (psychologically, physically, spiritually), our family comes first, our health comes first; in a company we are replaceable, at our house, we are not.
This is really a good topic to discuss and to talk about. Every company should have a politic about this matter. Everyone of us should have a politic about this no matter what.

My certificate from this course.

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What are your thoughts on this topic?

First, i agree with the quote. “Either you run the day or the day runs you”

Why? Because nowadays people dont’ really notice what they are doing with their actions. They are wasting so much time thinking about their jobs, dreams, plans, homeworks instead of wonder theirselves ¿What are they doing with their time. ?

In my opinion, few people really notice this value. And the ones who know that spend every second carefully. This people have balance between work and freetime. Schedule that were created just to be more effective everyday.

I believe this year is going to be the time for us to encogurage ourselves, To create more perspective about all the information/distractions around us. To make a truly commitment to work/study hard. To prepare ourselves to beat any challenge that will be in front of us.To find ourselves, and make honest plans about what we can/cannot do.

Balance means “elements are equal in proportions” enjoy life with balance make us happier.

Find that balance,the one that suits you best, work on you and be happy thats my advice!

Remember, if you don't run the day, the day will run you. Control your time, control your future.


What are your thoughts on this topic?
I think that it´s so important to care ourselves because the stress in the work can affect us in many things, like in our healthy, in our family relationships, in our emotional state, etc…
Do you agree with the quote?
Yes, ´cause sometimes we are very lazy and we don´t notice how much time we have lost and we lose a day in wich we would have accomplished great things
How can you keep work life balance?
Meditating, taking a breath and clearing your mind 👩🏻


Hi guys! I strongly agree with that statement. I’ve learned in my professional career that I have to organice my day (and myself) if I want things to be done.

I recommend to have a checklist whenever you need. Write down the things that you have to do and the time you should do them. If you cross out the things you’ve done in the day, you’ll feel good and confident with your job possition.

Most important: If you think you need help with your work, ask for it. You’re not alone. Great teams are better than heroes who act alone.

Thanks for being an awesome team for the #CoursePerWeekChallenge 😄

We did it!

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I think it is necessary to have a balance of life in our lives, otherwise, we will be overwhelmed and lose the quality of life.

Yes, before I let the day go by, now I focus on doing my best so that I don’t lose the north. I have a schedule with all my activities for the day and I try to keep it to the letter.

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I believe that in Mexico there is the wrong idea that if you work more you are a better worker, that we should, like we say, “Ponerse la camiseta”; that means to give more to the company you’re working at.
But we forget the balance we should have between our work time and our personal time, bosses and other co-workers don’t accept that you work the exact hours you should and leave punctually.

What I do to keep that balance is to be on time for work and have little breaks in between, and after work I like to do exercise, which helps me to clear my mind and forget about the stress.

My certificate for this course.


Keeping a life balance is very important and something not easy to achieve if you don’t get conscious of your needs. Take some time to identify those areas in your life you have unattended and think in a couple of things that might feel you better on relation to that.

There’s not a correct way to do it, but accepting that you need to change your habits for your own well being is a great start.


What are your thoughts on this topic?
Is true that work life balance is a very important topic , because sometimes we forgot our wellnes and the way to our happines, we are in a constant stress, a constant disappointment with oursevels and with the people around us. For that we must to face these problems and look for alternatives, solutions and never stop grown.
Do you agree with the quote?
Yes, I’m agree and I think that is a wise quote that help us to realize about the way that we are taking in the organization of our work flow and live.
How can you keep work life balance?
I can keep work life balance we healthy habits like do work out every day, take the enough sleep time, have a good diet, do your favorites activities, etc.


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I agree wit that quote. The time doesn’t stop for you. Even if you don’t use your time correctly, the hours and minutes will be still running.

I keep a balance by organizing a schedule and taking notes in a weekly To-Do list.

Thanks for this course. I loved it.

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My certificate

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I totally agree with the quote because time is our most value resource today, we need to work in a smart way to be productive and have time to our families, to do hobbies, to study, to take a rest, etc, and the most important recommendation is don’t waste time and make that every day counts.
About work-life balance, I think that is very important to work in our habits, I mean, have healthy habits like eat healthy, do exercise, and meditation. I do exercise for 20 minutes and meditation for 10 minutes every day at start of the day and that helped me a lot to have a better balance because I was focused in my work and be more productive to have more quality time.
Here is mi certificate 😃


Our desire to succeed professionally can push us to forget about our own well-being. What are your thoughts on this topic?
We have to be aware of our capacities and limits, organizing your time can help you to worry in yourself, there are technics that can help you to organize your time like pomodore technic.

Do you agree with the quote?
Yes, the cuote talks about time and everything knows that time is a very important thing.
How can you keep work life balance?
Remembering that there is time for everything. I don’t have to worry about work if’s not time to work


Hi guys!!
Work-life balance is a topic often discussed. Our desire to succeed professionally can push us to forget about our own well-being. What are your thoughts on this topic?
Sometimes we are so excited working hard to reach success that we forgot to live in the present for to be thinking about the future, it is important that we can manage our time and take care of ourselves I think with the pandemic is more difficult to set limits between life-balance work but we must do it.

Do you agree with the quote?
I agree because it means that you need to take advantage of the time. After all, one day, suddenly you will realize that time doesn´t come back. Time is gold and you need to use it wisely.

How can you keep the work-life balance?
This is a very difficult question because we try always to do that, I think we need to be aware of all our activities of the day and always manage our time, set schedules for everything, work when you should work and enjoy when you should enjoy, spent time with things that make you happy, spending time with your family, taking care of yourself.

This is my certificate:

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I really agree with that quote. It all starts when you make a schedule and a to-do list. Then you have to make the most important step, carry it out.
To me personally it’s very hard. However, once you set your goals for the week and use the Pomodoro technique, it gets so much easier.
Others things to take into account are: meditate, taking breaks, eat and sleep well.

This is my certificate. Congratulations guys!


What are your thoughts on this topic?
.I think that your professional life is important but also your healt. Have a balance is very important because if you only concentrate in one you couldn’t be a happy life
Do you agree with the quote? Of course how I say in the last question I agree with the quote
How can you keep work life balance? Schedelu my time. I have time for consentrate in work (school, job and Platzi) and time for me that use for play videogames, watch anime, talk with my family and drink and talk with my friends (now through videocall in Facebok)
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“Either you run the day or the day runs you”
Work life balance is a topic often discussed. Our desire to succeed professionally can push us to forget about our own well-being. What are your thoughts on this topic?
Balance is crucial in our life to reach the Nirvana… oops, sorry for going too far! But I rest on that, truly. Do you live for working, or do you work for living? Think about that; are we missing special events/ocassions in our life for the sake of becoming workaholics? Work in something you enjoy doing and you do not have to work anymore? But please do not be selfish: you have family, you have friends, and somewhere within this realm there is someone that needs you, never forget that!
Be organized, aim high for your goals and never let anyone to tell you that you can’t! Movies like The pursuit of happiness, Men of honor, and some other I just forgot their names, tell you that sometimes sacrifices are needed, but not for your entire life!
Remember, life is only what we choose to make it.
I proudly share my certificate with all of you, people! We did it! You are great!


I agree with the quote!
We need to live each day with harmony, happiness and peace, trying to be a better person.
We can keep a work life balance with several things as use a schedule, meditation, be a nice person, avoid unnecessary conflicts and a main point the work stays at work and personal life stays at personal life, we should not mix both


It would seem pretty basic for someone but I have to remember to myself every day that my well-being comes first and that I have to take it easy. It helps to listen, watch or read something that remembers that to you.


Hi guys, i’m not the person who write and speak fluently to express my own ideas.
I prefer to read about (or search in google) the given topic, extract the ideas that fit with my thoughts and then share them.

About Work life balance, I agree that is a MUST create a schedule, and try to stick to the activities posted there.
But there are a lot of differents issues that could affect the fulfilment, like sickness, confidence, overwhelming information,
children, bad work/personal environment etc.

Here, share an excerpt of a report about this topic, and how to achive the goals

1. Accept that there is no ‘perfect’ work-life balance.
When we hear “work-life balance,” probably imagine having an extremely productive day at work, and leaving early to spend the
other half of the day with friends and family. While this may seem ideal, it is not always possible.
Don’t strive for the perfect schedule; strive for a realistic one.
Some days, you might focus more on work, while other days you might have more time and energy to pursue your hobbies
or spend time with your loved ones. Balance is achieved over time, not each day.

“It is important to remain fluid and constantly assess where you are [versus] your goals and priorities,”
“At times, your children may need you, and other times, you may need to travel for work, but allowing yourself to remain open
to redirecting and assessing your needs on any day is key in finding balance.”

There are other tips about getting work-balance, like :
2. Find a job that you love.
3. Prioritize your health.
4. Don’t be afraid to unplug.
5. Take a vacation.
6. Make time for yourself and your loved ones.
7. Set boundaries and work hours.
8. Set goals and priorities (and stick to them).

Source: https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/5244-improve-work-life-balance-today.html


“Either you run the day or the day runs you”
For me, this means that if you don’t take the initiative to plan and set your goals each day or for a long-term objective, you will get lost and being in an automatic state, and probably, lost in your daily activities without being really present.
Here is another quote:

“There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go”

The work-life balance would be very hard if you don’t work in something that you really want to. If the hours that you spend to gain money doesn’t really fulfill your expectation or intentions as a person. I strongly believe that the balance would be easy to get if you at least, work in something you really like or find a good purpose for you. Also, do things that you really like must be in your head after or before work.


I agree with the quote because I’ve learned that if you don’t schedule your tasks and organize your day, you would be finishing it with nothing done and then the days run you! This course helps me to make more aware of that!

And the most important thing: you must work smarter, not harder.

Here’s my certificate


I agree with the quote, as I saw in the course of Effective time management time is always the same, we all have 7 days a week with 24 hr each day, I keep my work life balance respecting both parts and knowing my body, because I assign the heaviest activities for the mornings when I have more energy and my leisure time for the afternoon when I need to rest, also I respect my sleep and meal times because in that way my body has enough energy to complete my activities of the day.
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Now that I learned how to manage my time at Platzi I run the day, I’, able to achieve my daily personal goals. It’s not that easy but, I’m forming new habits. Work-life balance is very important, even thought, some times we need to push ourselves to get out of our comfort zone.
Congratulations to everyone!!!

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I finished this course. I liked this course because the topics are so good, I like the idea merge ideas about the life real.

What are your thoughts on this topic?
I think that all topics are good but the most important is Work-life balance, its so hard but we can, I have seen tips of all community that I think so good for apply.

How can you keep work life balance?
I like play soccer but for the pandemic I try to do exercise at home, to watch movies and I try meditating so little.

Do you agree with the quote?
I felt identified with that quote, actually I am making my schedule for to work in my goals because before i didn’t.


I agree.I think the best way to keep a work-life balance is to organize your time so you feel supported by your family and not too stressed in your job.


A balanced life is necessary for everybody, so you need to have a time for yourself, for your job, and obviously to rest about anything, your day, your feelings, or your job. One advice is the meditation, there is a course of meditation in platzi for rest own day. Important to have time for yourself. Remember it.


I think the work life balance is very important because if we only work, the stress can affect our physical and emotional healthy.
Meditate every day can help us against stress and be calm.
Building heathly habits and have good organization help us to have work life and be more efficient.
Of course, also it is good avoid innecesary conflicts.
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Good saying! I just realized that the day runs me. I don’t usually take the time to set goals, aims or something like that. I’m pretty sure that we should split our shift smartly though. There is no one else who cares for you, you are the only one. Be chill, but be productive, get your shit together.


I think that becoming a well-organized and disciplined person can help us to have a work-life balance, which is essential to feel fulfilled in many aspects of our life.

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In my experience, you have to like the job, in this way you will be more productive but also the job has to be stable and be able to give you the best conditions. I try to take care of my health once the working day is over, it’s the best


Living is a verb, it is an opportunity, an experience that is built second by second and that only depends on our choices; good or bad; life is the result of the road we decide to take.

God gave us freedom, “free will” and we chose to eat the forbidden apple. Why?..

Maybe because we are fascinated by what we cannot get, by what we do not have, and it is this unsatisfied desire that can lead us to reach impossible goals or to hate everything we have and to always desire what we do not have.

The question is: For what, what is my purpose in this world, because if there is no balance, what is the point of living, are you going to take to your grave your awards and diplomas, the gold you have accumulated or the bags that match your belt.

No, to your grave you take with you what you have lived, your experiences and what you have learned in the process. Learning is one of my favorite hobbies and that’s why I enjoy the process, the challenge, a reason to wake up every day and know that I sleep with a new learning…

But be careful, because it’s worthless if you don’t have people by your side who celebrate with you, learn with you and grow with you.

So build friendships, cultivate your relationships with others and allow yourself to learn in community.


I’m think that this is an important topic to pay attention, because the life balance is about our mental health. If you have the right life balance, you can enjoy all the important things of your life fully.

For me the best way to keep my work life balance, I try to take some breaks when I’m working, and don’t work after the work schedule, this is because sometimes the work has stressfully tasks.

Nowadays with this pandemic, many people are working in your house, and this do they sometimes work more of the necessary, for this is important to talk about this topics with our families, and call for action to take different activities like do exercise, spend time with their families, play games and etc.


I agree with the quote, I think we have to manage our life and its problems or difficult situations, so if we don’t manage them we have to agree with a result that maybe we didn’t want.

According to the course, we should set limits between job and personal life, do a schedule of our activities, with hour, and we have to stick to it. finally, we should take breaks to breathe and rest.