My journey to Platzi - Jose Padron

Recently it was my first year at Platzi and I want to share with you how my story has been these past 3 years in Colombia, how I joined Platzi and of course how I reinvented myself.


I love memes and the team made me this one, I love it ❤️

When I was in vzla I foresaw that things were going to be hard and if I wanted to be stable I needed to leave my country so I chose Colombia and some time later I decide to move to Bogota.


My first months were hard because I had no visa or any papers apart from my passport but my luck changed when the government launched a special permission for working so I took it in order get my first job as a hardware technician, however, I was unhappy because I always wanted to do something greater.


That was when I found Platzi and the way I could change my life; If I specialised as a frontend developer even without knowing anything about programming.

I overworked and learned about 8 hours per day to achieve it, but things got harder when I decided to quit my job.
I knew that I had to do it if I wanted to reunite my whole family including my dogs. So I work even harder and I started to come to the Platzi Meetups.


Some of the people in the picture work with me at Platzi now 😃

I also became a member of the Facebook Developer Group


And some time later, people at Platzi recognized me as an active member of the community and invited me to work with them, as I always planned hehe ❤️


This is the story that you all know about me at Platzi and my happiest day was when I was able to see my dogs again, after 3 years without them.


My favorite quote and the main message in my story is:
Fake it until you make it

Jose Padron - Online Community Relations at Platzi

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Hey, Jose!
Such a great story you just shared with us.
It’s really nice to meet you and make sure to keep the good work up!
Thanks for sharing! 💚


Amazing to see a ‘paisano’ in the rows of Platzi. You’re a great talent, José!


There is no such thing as destiny, we build our lives with beliefs and consistent action.
Amazing story Jose!


Playing to win! Congratulations, keep growing!


That’s an awesome story, Jose.
It’s great to meet you and the stories of the entire Platzi Team.
Thanks for sharing! 💚


That’s last quote is the best. I always say “Tragate la mentira”, but in the good way.
Congratulations Jose for yours archievements.


Felicidades, ahora la próxima meta , Emprende!


Great history! 😃
Congratulations José!


Awesome José!,

It’s a great success story… right now I’m learning hard to improve my technical skills as a Product Designer and Front-End Developer here at Platzi to come clean and let me share with you that Platzi is changing 💚 my life and I’m happy as a clam.

I want to be a Platzi Associate for a change and I’ll be. 👊


It was a splendid history Jose. I recognize how much times you devoted to study strongly and work at the same time. Nevertheless, as the author Atomic Habits say “the most powerful outcomes are always delayed” Thank for sharing and I wish you the best.