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Curso de Inglés Avanzado: Conversación

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Exprésate de forma fluida en Inglés, adaptando tu vocabulario en conversaciones informales y formales. Comunícate efectivamente para fines profesionales y sociales. Aprende el uso de palabras de transición, preguntas abiertas, preguntas retóricas y cómo expresar tu opinión.

  • Participar activamente en conversaciones formales e informales
  • Usar vocabulario formal e informal en Inglés
  • Hacer presentaciones en Inglés
  • Prepararte para tener conversaciones en Inglés de forma fluida

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Avatar Raúl Beristain Álvarez

Raúl Beristain Álvarez


To tell you the truth this course for me was kind of hard. So I tried to success this course three times

One of the best teacher ever, I loved the way she teaches, and I felt very represented with her. Very good job.

Avatar Emiliano Arango

Emiliano Arango


Interesting. 70 characters is mandatory.. what can I write. I don't know

Avatar Hollman Andres Barbon Florez

Hollman Andres Barbon Florez


The importance of formal and informal behavior.

Avatar David Alberto Pasos García

David Alberto Pasos García


Well, it's more or less fine, But this need to make everything family friendly and "inclusive" makes me nauseous.

Avatar oscar rony cardenas ccacya

oscar rony cardenas ccacya


In this course I learned how to prepare myself to have fluent conversations, also to use formal and informal language.

Avatar Yanier Asprilla

Yanier Asprilla


This course is amazing it helps you a lot. Not only to speak or communicate in English, you are able to use it everywhere, because the information is usefull in any situation. The teacher is really clear and the examples are adecuated and easy to get.

Avatar José Franco

José Franco


Se aprende mucho a saber como hablarle a la persona dependiendo de la situacion en la que te encontras

Avatar Lorena Cerrada Ruiz

Lorena Cerrada Ruiz


It´s very light! Gaby speaks very clear and she is very nice and clever! I took all the classes in a row and took the test the next day..

Avatar Julio Velasco

Julio Velasco


se dicen cosas con sentido y detalles para tener en cuenta en esas situaciones que te puedes encontrar en la vida

Avatar Luis Roldan Mollinedo Arratia

Luis Roldan Mollinedo Arratia


I liked the course since it had different rules I didn't know. I also enjoy the teacher's explanation.

Avatar Gonzalo Godoy

Gonzalo Godoy


Outstanding course! Congratulations. Keep it moving and never stop learning with Platzi's English School! ;D

Avatar Ben-Jamin Zavaleta

Ben-Jamin Zavaleta


Despite it's simple, it is a course that has many interesting things to write down!

Avatar Edgar Pérez

Edgar Pérez


Con lo que aprendes en el curso te ayuda a estar más conciente de cómo desarrollas tus conversaciones en Inglés con ayuda de algunos tips prácticos.

I loved the content of this course. But I'd build some dynamics activities to practice the tips taught, however the teacher was so funny.

Avatar Alex Javier Galindo Torres

Alex Javier Galindo Torres


it was a helpful course to learn more about good principles to handled diferent scenarios

Avatar Walter Meza

Walter Meza


I was expecting more about that. The most important is the tutor who is native speaker and that is awesome because you can improve your listening. Cheers

Avatar Alan Arturo Valencia Maestre

Alan Arturo Valencia Maestre


curso entretenido, la profesora era muy buena y enseñaba muy bien, el contenido fue bueno




The teacher is good, but she is a little bored... Or maybe the content is a little heavy... However, it is a good course...

Avatar Azael Ortega

Azael Ortega


It is a good idea to have a short lessons when you are practising English, it is more enjoyable.

Avatar Diana Carolina González

Diana Carolina González


I learned a lot about how interact with other people in different situations and how the way I talk should depends on the context.

Avatar Angela Espinosa

Angela Espinosa


El ingles es muy claro, la informacion muy consisa, y orientada a la necesidad

Avatar Daniel Mejia Posada

Daniel Mejia Posada


Da tips muy valiosos para hacer conversaciones formales e informales. A la vez también se disfruta del listening.

Avatar Constanza Salinas

Constanza Salinas


Me gustaría tener exámenes entre módulos. De todas formas, la profesora es muy buena y tiene un gran método de enseñanza.

Avatar Diana Angelica Rodriguez Rodriguez

Diana Angelica Rodriguez Rodriguez


Nice course but I like more when the teacher no only speak and speak, I mean the teacher is so good but probably the classes need more exercises or practice

Avatar Stefan Sanchez

Stefan Sanchez


Good course and great teacher! I learned in a very short time how to communicate my ideas depending on the level of formality needed

Avatar Carlos Escalante Erosa

Carlos Escalante Erosa


I will miss the way the teacher taught all of us, and i hope that so many more people, and i wish that a lot of people more, learn with this awesome course:)

Avatar Obed Paz

Obed Paz


It's okay, this kind of courses could be better I think. But I liked it.