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Curso de Inglés para Entrevistas de Trabajo

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Triunfa en entrevistas de trabajo en inglés aprendiendo cómo prepararte, los tipos de entrevistas, preguntas que te pueden hacer y la mejor forma de responderlas para obtener el trabajo de tus sueños

  • Hablar de tu experiencia profesional y tus logros
  • Responder las preguntas difíciles de los reclutadores
  • Preparar tu presentación en inglés
  • Destacar de otros perfiles en tu entrevista

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Avatar Adrián Alfredo Rojas Duarte

Adrián Alfredo Rojas Duarte


This course was very useful, it helped me to prepare for my job interviews in an amazing way, thank you very much!

Avatar Andrés Meza

Andrés Meza


This course have excellent tips for a job interview. Now I´ll go to work in my project.

Avatar Robert Carvajal Franco

Robert Carvajal Franco


It seems to me a very complete course, which helps us to better prepare for interviews

Avatar Santiago Romero

Santiago Romero


Excellent course, I'm really grateful and ready for my next interview in my dream job

Avatar Fernando Arismendi

Fernando Arismendi


Excellent course, excellent teacher, thanks! it was very useful for to preparate my interview, also that is mi first interview in english.

Avatar Alejandra Herrera

Alejandra Herrera


This course helped me a lot! I learned so much and I already know my do and don't in a interview, before and after

Really good cintent, helps me a lot during the process. I wan to do more topics

Avatar Martina Dellacasa Durante

Martina Dellacasa Durante


This course will help you to understand how you can present yourself in the best way possible during an interview

Avatar Daniel Mendoza Lozano

Daniel Mendoza Lozano


Thanks! I will use many of the tips from this course. Ironically, I have performed some job interviews as the interviewer but not as the interviewee. so this help me a lot!

Avatar Andres Felipe Cogollo Hincapie

Andres Felipe Cogollo Hincapie


well explained and also cover a lot of topics that you have to face in an interview

Avatar Miguel Alejandro Sánchez Ruiz

Miguel Alejandro Sánchez Ruiz


it is a great course so much that when you finish it, perhaps you regret not have done it before

Avatar José Eduardo Vinagre de Dios

José Eduardo Vinagre de Dios


This is a great course. It is a perfect tool to me, in order to prepare my next job interview

Avatar Alberto Flores Ocaña

Alberto Flores Ocaña


A perfect course, in wich i can improve my english skills, focused on a job interview, also i improve my skills to talk with an interviewer and how i prepare better from the interview

Avatar Sebastian Suarez Navarro

Sebastian Suarez Navarro


Thank for this experience, i love platzi and this tipe of curses

Avatar Mario Castro Martínez

Mario Castro Martínez


This course is a excellent, right to the point, practical guide to succeed on english job interviews, and with an even better teacher, couldn't ask for more!

Avatar Angie Carolina Montenegro Ibarra

Angie Carolina Montenegro Ibarra


I learned a lot about job interviews, and now I feel more confident to have my interview with my dreamed company.

Avatar Jibran Antonio Tannous Puerta

Jibran Antonio Tannous Puerta


Carolina was a wonderful teacher, She told us every detail that we should know about it. I saw every mistake I made before in my past interviews.

Avatar Iván Santiago Tellez Hernandez

Iván Santiago Tellez Hernandez


The course is amazing because you can know-how to be more brief and concise during a hiring process and the advice that the professor gives are useful to improve your profile

Avatar Irma Davila

Irma Davila


This course was so useful and had a clear advice when applying for a new job




It was an excellent course because the content and the teacher's explanation was focused on improve our communication skills in order to do a highligth interview

Avatar Juan Carlos Mariño Morantes

Juan Carlos Mariño Morantes


EL contenido en verdad es muy útil, es un curso corto pero que aporta demasiado como si su duración fuese el triple

Avatar Brayham rodriguez

Brayham rodriguez


I am fascinated with this course. I really want to thank the teacher for all the tips and adviced she shared with us. Now i fell more confident about the way to face an interview.




I have learned about my mistakes in previous interview. I also learned how to answer some difficult questions during an interview

Avatar Obed Pérez Saucedo

Obed Pérez Saucedo


This is a great course for prepare your next english job interview, and it´s not only about the language becuase goes far away with exlusive tips for the industry.

Avatar Roberto Arriaga

Roberto Arriaga


Conocimientos que se van directo a la caja de herramientas: es decir, tooodo es aprovechable

Avatar Eric Munevar

Eric Munevar


Excelentes consejos practicos y comunes para el desarrollo de entrevistas de trabajo

Avatar Edwar Andres Villarreal Forero

Edwar Andres Villarreal Forero


good course, very practice and concise . I wait to find my dream job with this lessons

Avatar Ramón Galán

Ramón Galán


Muy interesante por toda la información que facilita para una entrevista, además con muchos ejemplos. Muy bien la profesora en suss explicaciones.




The structure and the elements of the course makes it easy to organize the mind and prepare the interview