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En este curso conocerás y desarrollarás las habilidades necesarias para ofrecer excelente servicio al cliente; habilidades enfocadas en establecer una buena relación con el cliente, paciencia, escucha activa, lenguaje positivo, manejo del tiempo, persuasión y más.

  • Apply customer service skills in English
  • Learn how to develop customer service skills
  • Learn the principles of good customer service
  • Understand what is customer service and why it is important

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Avatar Patricia Arce Adame

Patricia Arce Adame


an excellent course, thank you so much Cesar. I loved it, besides the way you teach is terrific

Avatar Jorge Roman Galvis Angulo

Jorge Roman Galvis Angulo


custome service is a good , i think with this job i learn speak and write more english . thanks




This is a very good course. You learn English, and at the same time about Customer Service, the teacher explains in a very easy way, I liked it very much.

Avatar Fernanda Amorim Machado

Fernanda Amorim Machado


Great course! I have learned about different skills and how to deal with customers depending on the situation. The teacher was easy to understand. I also had the opportunity to learn new vocabulary. Thanks!

In the past I learned working in a call center; but it was a great course, learning the funds to successfully attend people, not only at work but in life. Thank You, Cesar, for your experience. I enjoyed it a lot!

Avatar Rafael Mora Molina

Rafael Mora Molina


Los ejemplos aportados son muy útiles para el día a día. El profe sin duda, de lo mejor.




Excellent course, the teacher is so accurate, and concise, love this course thanks Cesar Caicedo i followed you on Twitter follow me back, please @rudyoliva7 great job.


Avatar Laura carrillo

Laura carrillo


This is an excellent course, specially if you work in a call center, or something like that




This course was the begining to develop my skills in customer service, even in my first language.

Avatar Brayham rodriguez

Brayham rodriguez


This was an excellent course. Th eprofessor explain to us every topic with perfect details.

Avatar Allan Josué Chávez Sin

Allan Josué Chávez Sin


The teacher was so great! Their explanations were so understandable and the content is quite clear and right to the point.

Avatar naybe yuliana cordoba zapata

naybe yuliana cordoba zapata


the information was good, the teacher and the examples too now I have to practice

Avatar Miguel Prada

Miguel Prada


Excelente curso, definitivamente todas las clases hablan de temas y habilidades que bien enfocados te pueden ayudar a fluir con cualquier situación y dar las mejores soluciones posibles para ambas partes. 5/5

Avatar Roberto Arriaga

Roberto Arriaga


El servicio al cliente es algo que nececita toda empresa o negocio independiente de su tamaño, les agradezco estas enseñanzas

Avatar Goldenes Herz

Goldenes Herz


El contenido del curso es bueno pero el volumen de grabacion muy bajo casi no se escucha

Avatar Francisco  Javier Baculima Hidalgo

Francisco Javier Baculima Hidalgo


Apply customer service skills in English Learn how to develop customer service skills Learn the principles of good customer service Understand what is customer service and why it is important

Avatar Eduardo Gámez

Eduardo Gámez


It helps you to understand that customer service is not about answering questions, it's basically an art in which empathy, knowledge and active listening can make the difference from a good or a bad company.

Avatar Alberto Antonio Perez

Alberto Antonio Perez


Good course, because i learn some new skill and the diferences between each others and some advice that I will can apply in my future work.

Avatar Jehan Franco Chalacán Araujo

Jehan Franco Chalacán Araujo


Great course I have never taken a customer service course. I think is veru useful.

It's a really good way to learn concepts and words useful in the field of costumer service.

Avatar Daniel felipe diaz lugo

Daniel felipe diaz lugo


in this course, y learned about the strategies and many tools to apply in a good way customer service and I learned what to do and what not to do to create a good relationship with the consumer and even more important in the long term

Avatar Guido Pessolano Petralli

Guido Pessolano Petralli


Excelente curso, me a dado un muy buen enfoque a la hora de como solventar problemas que los clientes puedan tener con mis productos. El Profe excelente también, muy clara su forma de explicar los contenidos. Mis dieces!

Avatar Edgar Michell Contreras Zambrano

Edgar Michell Contreras Zambrano


I'd take this course because I will start to work at a Call Center. But the things you learn with the teacher can be usefull not only for the job but for your life too 👌🏼

Avatar Rogelio Reyes Orea

Rogelio Reyes Orea


great and excellent course I will apply all this knowledge in my work this course helped me improve many things and be aware of how to give better customer service

Avatar Brenda González

Brenda González


Excelent course, thank you to share all this content.

Avatar Gabriela Govea

Gabriela Govea


The positive language is definitely going to be a game changer in my day to day work. Even though it might sound obvious, it really makes a difference with customer interactions. Great course! I will keep coming back to it, no only for knowledge, but for inspiration!

Avatar Roberto Pérez Favela

Roberto Pérez Favela


I love customer service, but one important thing is I love to work in customer service for companies that have a great purpose, like Platzi for example.