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En este curso conocerás y desarrollarás las habilidades necesarias para ofrecer excelente servicio al cliente; habilidades enfocadas en establecer una buena relación con el cliente, paciencia, escucha activa, lenguaje positivo, manejo del tiempo, persuasión y más.

  • Apply customer service skills in English
  • Learn how to develop customer service skills
  • Learn the principles of good customer service
  • Understand what is customer service and why it is important

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Avatar Jorge Roman Galvis Angulo

Jorge Roman Galvis Angulo


custome service is a good , i think with this job i learn speak and write more english . thanks

Avatar Patricia Arce Adame

Patricia Arce Adame


an excellent course, thank you so much Cesar. I loved it, besides the way you teach is terrific


Avatar Fernanda Amorim Machado

Fernanda Amorim Machado


Great course! I have learned about different skills and how to deal with customers depending on the situation. The teacher was easy to understand. I also had the opportunity to learn new vocabulary. Thanks!




This is a very good course. You learn English, and at the same time about Customer Service, the teacher explains in a very easy way, I liked it very much.




Excellent course, the teacher is so accurate, and concise, love this course thanks Cesar Caicedo i followed you on Twitter follow me back, please @rudyoliva7 great job.

Avatar Rafael Mora Molina

Rafael Mora Molina


Los ejemplos aportados son muy útiles para el día a día. El profe sin duda, de lo mejor.

In the past I learned working in a call center; but it was a great course, learning the funds to successfully attend people, not only at work but in life. Thank You, Cesar, for your experience. I enjoyed it a lot!

Avatar Camilo Jose Vallejo Isaza

Camilo Jose Vallejo Isaza


It helped me to refer to a client in the best way without harming my work, also to understand why it is important to have a good relationship with the client and at the same time the simplification of responses

Avatar Kevin Valencia

Kevin Valencia


Es un magnifico curso en el cual te da consejos efectivos para poder realizar un excelente servicio.

Avatar Sergio Montesinos Medina

Sergio Montesinos Medina


Buen profesor. Buenas explicaciones. Nivel básico, pero mejor que otros realizados




The teacher provided great explanations and examples. I loved his attitude as he showed throughout the classes how good customer service looks.

Avatar Alexander Rafael Silverio Hernandez

Alexander Rafael Silverio Hernandez


The course was great it helped me a lot to review information that i received in the training in my new job as a customer service agent. I think the title of the course is a little confusing, because i expected a course related only with phrases and expressions to use in this field, and it is more related to explain all the fundamentals of this job as call handling, empathy, etc

Avatar José Antonio Lacayo González

José Antonio Lacayo González


Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente. Excelente.

Great Teacher. I really liked the content of this class. Also, i got new pharses to apply at work when talking to customers.

Avatar Chava Isay López

Chava Isay López


The teacher shows how to treat our customers in order to give an excellent customer service. Thank you for this course!

Avatar Mauricio Andres Rojas Nova

Mauricio Andres Rojas Nova


The teacher showed an impressive skill to communicate things. The way he talks and express was appropiated and excelent.

Avatar David Felipe Castañeda Rubio

David Felipe Castañeda Rubio


When everyone spends time on the front lines, it’s easier to stay aligned around customers and maintain service levels when things get busy. This statement is ¡PURE GOLD!

Avatar Viviana Cardenas

Viviana Cardenas


Muy interesante curso acerca de servicio al cliente, toco el tema de Habilidades blandas, las cuales son súper importantes hoy en día, Lo recomiendo :-)

Great course, talk about a lot of things, the role play was the best part. It's ok, I guess.

Avatar Monica Segovia

Monica Segovia


Me gusto la manera de explicar del profesor es muy clara y se sabe explicar muy bien. gracias

Avatar Julian Escobar

Julian Escobar


El curso en si es genial! Las enseñanzas que deja son muy buenas, y se pueden aplicar a tu vida profesional o a tu vida personal.

Avatar Israel H Pérez Gómez

Israel H Pérez Gómez


Excellent teacher and very clear communication from him. It was a delight to be on this course

Avatar William Andres Serrano Oyuela

William Andres Serrano Oyuela


Es muy claro y consiso aunque me gustaria que el profesor acompañara en el vocabuario y en los textos

Avatar Juan Olima

Juan Olima


muy útil para el rol de atención al cliente, buen contenido y profesor. Saludos

Avatar Johanna Marcela Sánchez Guerrero

Johanna Marcela Sánchez Guerrero


Aprendí a manejar ciertas situaciones con clientes. Ayuda a mejorar tus habilidades de servicio al cliente y te da tips importantes.

Avatar Marlyn Marquez

Marlyn Marquez


i liked that the instructor was very clear in each topic

Avatar Jessica C. Dolores S.

Jessica C. Dolores S.


The course provides valuable information, it's easy to understand, gives vocabulary and advices usefull for customer service attention