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Curso de Inglés Intermedio para el Trabajo

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En este curso aprenderás a comunicarte en Inglés efectivamente en el trabajo. Conocerás vocabulario básico y cómo agregar valor a la empresa con tus habilidades.

  • Use practical skills at work
  • How to improve your soft skills
  • Have a successful career
  • Use basic vocabulary for the workplace

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Avatar Javier Pajarito Caicedo

Javier Pajarito Caicedo


I like too much the speaking way of Jeff. It Is clear.

Avatar Anthony Castelblanco Benavides

Anthony Castelblanco Benavides


It's a great course. You could review some tips of management and leadership.

It was a great course, I learned a lot, all those study cases help me too much. I like to listen a native speakers because it helps my listening and speaking while a I mimic them.

Avatar Carmelita Rocío Santos Castillo

Carmelita Rocío Santos Castillo


Thank you so much for this amazing course. I definitely learned a lot of important information about work, how I must behave at work and how I have to work with my team. Congratulations Platzi and teacher!

Avatar Raquel Robles

Raquel Robles


Excellent. I love this course. I learned how solve issues at work in a very efficient way. It has many tips I learned and I am going to practice at work. Thank you.

Avatar Jesús Emmanuel Guerrero

Jesús Emmanuel Guerrero


It wasn't a great course, it wasn't an english course it was a course in english thats all, but for practicing it is not bad

Avatar Nicolas Morales

Nicolas Morales


The topics are pretty good explained, as there are some tactics in order to improve and learn how you can performance any kind of job.




It's a very complete course in terms of vocabulary, tips, examples, concepts and soft skills.

Este curso permite aumentar mucho el vocabulario respecto al ambiente laboral y situaciones reales en el trabajo.

Avatar Jehan Franco Chalacán Araujo

Jehan Franco Chalacán Araujo


Great course of new words and information. It really helps at work environment.

Avatar sandra glenda Montenegro Fierro

sandra glenda Montenegro Fierro


i liked a lot and i'm so happy because I understanded everything. I liked how this teacher give the class, i already toke one class with him before.

Avatar Mario Arturo Gómez Paredes

Mario Arturo Gómez Paredes


Excelente contenido, sobre todo las famosas soft skills, actualmente tienen mucho peso en el ambiente laboral.

Avatar José Alfredo Calderón Renteria

José Alfredo Calderón Renteria


¡Excelente curso!, da muchos buenos consejos para aplicarlos en la vida laboral

I learned a lot about me as a human and as a part of an organization. Thanks

Avatar Leidy Fabiola Cruz

Leidy Fabiola Cruz


✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨good course, good methodology, important topics for our future. Never stop learning! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Avatar Luz Stefanny Osorio Hernandez

Luz Stefanny Osorio Hernandez



Avatar Eduardo Kiriakos Piazza

Eduardo Kiriakos Piazza


Easy to follow. I love the Jess's courses, I hope to see more =D. I think I'm improving my English quickly through the School.

Avatar Ezequiel Mendoza

Ezequiel Mendoza


Excelente curso para mejorar el trabajo y la comunicacion en ingles. Excelente teacher

Avatar Sergio Brandon De Lucio

Sergio Brandon De Lucio


Nice course, I learned a lot of vocabulary and get a lot of context about how to manage myself in an emprise

Avatar Alejandro Enrique Aparicio Dávila

Alejandro Enrique Aparicio Dávila


Muy bueno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!v

Avatar Jonathan Parada Cordova

Jonathan Parada Cordova


Thanks a lot, it was an excelente course for improve our skills as a professional persons and take good decisions at the office, thanks!

Avatar Angela Patricia Uribe Laiseca

Angela Patricia Uribe Laiseca


An excellent course. Focused on vocabulary to use at work. I recommend it.

Avatar Miguel Angel Daza Salamanca

Miguel Angel Daza Salamanca


buen curso todo se entiende bien faltan los quiz durante el curso buen curso todo se entiende bien faltan los quiz durante el curso

Avatar Angel Gabriel Villalobos Rivera

Angel Gabriel Villalobos Rivera


Maravilloso, un curso que ame de inicio a fin, aprendes mucho en muy poco tiempo y el profesor enseña realmente bien y conciso como manejarse efectivamente en situaciones reales

Avatar Norma Yamileth Diaz Escobar

Norma Yamileth Diaz Escobar


I would say this teacher is one of the best teachers that I know. This course really I have enjoyed, because I learned new vocabulary, and I feel as take classes of other courses but in English. That's perfect, excellent. Five stars

Avatar Jean Carlos Villalobos Bermudez

Jean Carlos Villalobos Bermudez



Avatar Rafael Espino

Rafael Espino


All Jess's courses are great. You can understand everything because he speaks very clearly and loudly. Also, as you practice your English, you can learn about other important topics, such as soft skills for your work. Highly recommended.

Avatar Roberto Pérez Favela

Roberto Pérez Favela


Good course, very different to the ones that we did. It's a good mix I think.

Avatar Nicolas Alvarez Tobon

Nicolas Alvarez Tobon


This course was hopeful, I learned so much. Thanks, Platzi for this course, btw, The teacher is great.

Avatar Esneider Granada Valencia

Esneider Granada Valencia


An excellent course about the things that I should know about work. And a excellent teacher, all the course I was able to understand everything.