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Curso de Inglés Avanzado: Pronunciación

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Te enseñaremos cómo mejorar tu pronunciación en inglés de manera consciente, para que logres una inteligibilidad fluida y elocuente que te hará sonar más como un hablante nativo.

  • How to practice and improve fluency everyday
  • Have a fluent conversation in English
  • Understand intonation and stress
  • Understand connected speech

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Avatar Elías Mena Segura

Elías Mena Segura


Buen curso, muy divertido, siento que aprendí mucho, la profesora es muy buena y carismática :)

Avatar Javier Gamez

Javier Gamez


Excellent course, now I will pay more attention to the intonation and how a say everything to avoid getting misunderstood.

Avatar Sofía Galeano

Sofía Galeano


Excellent content and excellent teacher! Will review some exercises again, some are a must to do every day

Avatar Nikoll Belen Bonilla Hancco

Nikoll Belen Bonilla Hancco


The teacher is very understanding and assertive. The content is very complete.

Excellent method, in this class, I can learn a different kind of pronunciation, and more things,

Avatar Jorge Antonio Hernández Guzmán

Jorge Antonio Hernández Guzmán


This course was very funny. A lot of important content regarding pronunciation was given. I really enjoyed the teacher's way of explaining the topics, with a lot of examples and an excellent attitude.

Avatar Jonathan Martinez Martinez

Jonathan Martinez Martinez


Muy buen curso para aifnzar la procunciacion en el apredizaje de ingles

Avatar Jennifer Paola Yague

Jennifer Paola Yague


it is excellent. Mariana methodologies are great, easy to understand and to apply in real life.

Avatar Jordi Dimas

Jordi Dimas


I learned how to practice and improve fluency, how to have a conversation, have a better understanding on intonation and stress and connected speech

Avatar Ariel Díaz Ailán

Ariel Díaz Ailán


This course was one of the most relevant for me since I started to study English on Platzi.

Avatar Luis Fernando Jimenez Ramirez

Luis Fernando Jimenez Ramirez


i had a good time with this subject and feel good. thank you for this material in platzi

Avatar Sthephany Pérez

Sthephany Pérez


Super completo la profesora es muy buena explicando el contenido y el material de soporte se puede descargar para revisar

Avatar Melvin Dickinson Sánchez Peña

Melvin Dickinson Sánchez Peña


The teacher masters each topic of the course. Teach in an easy and fun way.

Excelente curso, excelente contenido, excelente profesora. El curso está muy bien estructurado.

This course helped me a lot to understand intonation and stress, with a graphic and funny way to explain, and the enthusiasm of the teacher was great! Thank you.

Avatar Roberto Fernandez Mata

Roberto Fernandez Mata


La profesora es excelente para explicar cada tema. Si se realizan los ejercicios, se puede avanzar mucho a la hora de pronunciar. Eso si, hay que practicar mucho

Avatar Cristóbal Gabriel Tapia Pardo

Cristóbal Gabriel Tapia Pardo


gran curso para aprender sobre la entonación adecuada en las palabras, oraciones o instrucciones

It was a great course, excellent teacher, great videos and content to expand my vocabulary, I am very happy with my progress, thanks to the teacher! :)

Avatar Edgar Garcia Rios

Edgar Garcia Rios


I liked the teacher's ability to transmit her knowledge. thanks you a lot of this cours.

Avatar Graciela Rivera Perez

Graciela Rivera Perez


Me gustó que las clases fueron dinámicas y que pude reforzar lo aprendido con los ejemplos y el material de apoyo.




I fell in love with her. She has a better accent than other English teachers.

Avatar Iván Alexis Pelayo Ascencio

Iván Alexis Pelayo Ascencio


It was an amazing course and amazing teacher, I love it

Excelente Teacher y Excelente curso..../* Nice*/..............

Avatar Andrea DelPilar Gómez

Andrea DelPilar Gómez


I'd learned many tips to improve my intonation and a useful tool to practice every day, thanks a lot!

Avatar María Iliana Salinas Gutiérrez

María Iliana Salinas Gutiérrez


Excelente curso, de los mejores que he tomado. Felicitaciones a la instructora.

Avatar Arantxa Giovanna Rosas Del Valle

Arantxa Giovanna Rosas Del Valle


Mariana took the time to review and make comments on my project and sent it to me by email, no other teacher did that before

Avatar Roger Flores

Roger Flores


Incredible interesting English course, great teacher and great content!

Avatar Carlos Machado

Carlos Machado


It was the most complete course on phonetics, I have taken courses of that at the university. But they weren't too complete. Thanks a lot.

Avatar Janeth Hernandez

Janeth Hernandez


I have to say: soooo hard! At least for me but so usefull, thanks teacher!