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Curso de Inglés Avanzado: Pronunciación

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Te enseñaremos cómo mejorar tu pronunciación en inglés de manera consciente, para que logres una inteligibilidad fluida y elocuente que te hará sonar más como un hablante nativo.

  • How to practice and improve fluency everyday
  • Have a fluent conversation in English
  • Understand intonation and stress
  • Understand connected speech

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Avatar jose manuel meneses silva

jose manuel meneses silva


The way information is transmitted, the way the teacher explains things. The teacher's charisma.

Clases fluidas, detalladas, solventes y un buen teacher.

Avatar Jose Martin Rangel Espinoza

Jose Martin Rangel Espinoza


Great course! I learned a lot of things that I didn't know before.

Avatar Elvis Jara Valderrama

Elvis Jara Valderrama


EXcelente curso, a seguir ,completare la escuela de ingles de Platzi y tomare nuevamente los cursos que me hace falta reforzar.

With the tune words sound very different. Thanks for these course. It help me very much.

Avatar Fred Jaramillo

Fred Jaramillo


all the classes were fun and were very well explained with good examples

Avatar Cruz Ángel Núñez Martínez

Cruz Ángel Núñez Martínez


You will learn little details to improve and pay attention the way you listen and speak

Avatar Darío Guzmán Murúa

Darío Guzmán Murúa


Top teacher! This course is fantastic, tons of great tips with easy examples, don't miss it!

Avatar Eliezer Frías

Eliezer Frías


Mariana is a great teacher. The exercises with scenes from movies and poetry helped me a lot. I really enjoyed her course.

Avatar Patricia Arce Adame

Patricia Arce Adame


It was very funny, I have learned so much with this course. Thank you so much Miss

Avatar Luis Fernando Monsalve Mero

Luis Fernando Monsalve Mero


Me gusto muchísimo esta parte del curso, espero poder seguir aprendiendo mas

Avatar Jorge Octavio Totena Jaramillo

Jorge Octavio Totena Jaramillo


It was a very effective course. However, I think it was also very technical. Sometimes, the best way to learn everyday speech and pronunciation is by listening and imitating native speakers.




This course has helped me a lot with my fluency and pronunciation; i feel like it's one of the best courses i have ever tried.

I loved this course, After this course, I feel like I'm improving my English pronunciation. Thank you all!

Avatar Mauricio Ulises Martinez Velez

Mauricio Ulises Martinez Velez


Liked the course, a new technique (face massage), the teacher helped me to remember some rules.

Avatar Enrique Escobar

Enrique Escobar



Avatar Edgar Lopez Arroyo

Edgar Lopez Arroyo


The best of the course was the practice and all the excercice to improve my skills talking in english.




hello, tank u platzi for give me the best teacher to learn english more faster than other courses on line un colombia.

Avatar Diego Alejandro Lesmes

Diego Alejandro Lesmes


The best of the course was the teacher and also the warming up exercises

Avatar Daniel Velez

Daniel Velez


This course take time to acquire the knowledge, however it is an important course to understand and practice intonation and stresses in English; to ensure that communication is understood by both parties.

Excellent method, in this class, I can learn a different kind of pronunciation, and more things,

Avatar José Armando Gastelo-Roque

José Armando Gastelo-Roque


The content was a little bit difficult to assimilate but the professor was really good to teach and a nice a beautiful person too.

Avatar Manuel Alejandro Rebelez Aguilar

Manuel Alejandro Rebelez Aguilar


Teacher's great pronunciation despite to not be english native speaker. She makes real effort to explain on detail what she's teaching.




Es un tema importante mejorar la pronunciación pero tiene demasiada teoría no aplicable en la realidad

Avatar Marleny Mateo

Marleny Mateo


She is Excellent teaching

Avatar Gabriel Naranjo Orozco

Gabriel Naranjo Orozco


Good course, good contents, I think, you should give more courses about pronunciation because this topic is not well-known for English learners.

Avatar Guillermo Ramírez

Guillermo Ramírez


La energía y performance de la profesora creo que fue fundamental para poder entender como entonar y pronunciar durante las diversas clases

Avatar Maria Victoria Cevallos Burgos

Maria Victoria Cevallos Burgos