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Austin Snyder

English Teacher


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Curso impartido

Curso de Conectores y Contracciones Informales en inglés

Curso de Conectores y Contracciones Informales en inglés

Growing up in the lush green grasslands of Oregon, USA has been a pleasure. In this gorgeous state you can encounter ancient forests, grassy plains, roaring rivers, peaceful lakes, and glacier-carved mountains. I spent most of my time hiking through the mountains, rafting in rivers, and camping with massive fire pits.

Once I reached the age of 20, I was determined to become an authentic ESL teacher to travel to different regions, to educate others, and explore other ways of life. In the present, 5 years later, my life has changed so much in many amazing ways. Traversing through small communities to huge iron jungles has given me much skill in communicating with people of all ages and ethnicities. Communicating with colleagues from around the world who use different teaching styles has given me so much experience in such a short time.

Teaching ESL was something I never expected to do at the age of 19, but at the age of 20 I was fully immersed into this wonderful world of instructing others from different cultures. My methodology has always been to help others comprehend the English language in a relaxed, fun way. I love to use my athletic, energetic side to create classes that can be physically engaging as well as mentally. Everyone enjoys a class in the park on a nice, sunny day or maybe a class at the pool discussing swimming terminology. When it comes to my active classes, anything goes!


English Teacher
English Teacher
Wall Street English
English Teacher



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thanks teacher am platzzi

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