What Everyone Should Know About The Process Behind App Design

Les comparto este artículo interesante sobre todo el proceso de diseño para diseñar una aplicación móvil: I realized something the other day: I’ve been designing apps for nine years now! So much has changed since the early days and, it feels like developers and designers have been through a rollercoaster of evolutions and trends. However, while the actual look and functionality of our apps have changed, along with the tools we use to make them, there are some things that have very much stayed the same, such as the process of designing an app and how we go through the many phases that constitute the creation of an app.artículo

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I could share with the case study how we design the app at my work - app design process.
Maybe it can inspire someone…


On the example of development of hyper casual games https://www.innovecsgames.com/blog/hyper-casual-games/, I can say that the development of a mobile application is not easy. There is no such scheme “One-two, and it’s ready”. Many stages can intersect with each other or go in parallel. It took Instagram more than three years to become a convenient and beloved application by millions. And they still continue to make improvements and add new features.