Lesson: The Past Simple Tense

Welcomo to this tutorial to learn how to use the Simple Past Tense

  • We use the past simple to talk about activities or routines which started and ended at a specified time in the past. All subjects take the same conjugation of the verb. Remember that regular verbas end in ‘-ed’ and irregular verbs change their form.

  • We can use phrases like: yesterday, last night / week / month / year, etc.

Affirmative Statements

The boys played soccer in the park yesterday.
I drank a glass of milk last night.

  • We use “did” and “did not (didn’t)” for interrogative and negative forms and we leave the verb in its base form.

Interrogative Statements

Did you buy the new car?
Did Mike and Nancy understand the assignment?

Negative Statements

The little girl didn’t cry for her mother.
The students didn’t study their lessons.

Now you have the bases of the simple past tense, It’s your turn to practice.

Remember: The best way to improve your skills in English is Practicing.

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