Comparative and superlative adjectives (better, worse, efficient, slow, faster, quicker, powerful)

Comparative adjectives
We use comparative adjectives to compare two people or two objects. We use than before the second part of the sentence.

Good - better: Email is better than regular mail.
Bad - worse: Calling is worse than messaging.
Efficient - More efficient: Messaging is more efficient than email.
Fast - faster: Email is faster than sending telegrams.
Slow - slower: Regular email is slower than calling.
Superlative Adjectives
We use superlative adjectives to describe an object that is at the limit of a specific quality.
Upper: Some people believe Mac is the best hardware brand.
Lower: Some people think that messaging is the worst way of communication.

Fast - Fastest
Slow - Slowest
Good - Best
Bad - Worst
Efficient - Most/least efficient

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