Things to do before and after a workout

Get a good sleep before a workout

When starting any fitness program, the first thing you need to be careful with is your sleep. Ask yourself if you are getting enough sleep before going to the gym. Remember that experts recommend to get at least 8 hours sleep. Resting well is going to give you enough energy to do burpees or sprints, and it is also going to help you control the hunger.


One of the most important things to be able to workout properly is to drink enough water to hydrate your body. Everybody knows the benefits of drinking enough water to keep our bodies functioning in the right way, however, when we talk about working out it is fundamental to replace the water that the body loses, if we don’t keep the body hydrated it can start malfunctioning.

Eat something

Before starting our training it is necessary to give the body the nutrients to use when working out. Generally, it is a good idea to eat fruit or complex carbohydrates that can provide the body with enough energy for the workout. This will help you to have a better performance in the workout.

Clothes and footwear

Being comfortable is totally necessary to have a successful performance. If you are going to train outdoors make sure you have the clothes to face the weather, that are comfortable and that protect you from the sun. Footwear is also essential when working out outside, you should have the right one for your type of feet and the results you expect to achieve. If you are going to the gym you need to wear comfortable clothes that dry quickly.


Before starting any type of workout you need to warm-up, this means to get your body in the mood for a workout. By doing this your body will have a transition from being still to actually move.

After the workout

Stretch out

After any workout it is necessary to stretch the muscles. This will help us to cool down and rest from the routine we did in the session. Experts suggest to hold the stretches for at least 15 seconds every time. Doing this contributes to the elasticity of the muscles and prevents cramps.

Take a long cold shower

If you trained in the heat it is a great idea to take a cold shower to release the tension and tone up the body.

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