Ways of effective communication

If you are in the process of becoming a leader it is mandatory that you improve the ways in which you communicate with others. Sometimes, it is not a matter of improving what we already have, but more of finding new strategies for transmitting the messages in a more effective way. Try some of the ones we suggest here and give us feedback.

Open meetings

Although this resource is not appreciated by everyone it can be a good way to achieve the goals you have with your team. For instance, you can call all your team members to brain storming sessions. In that way, they will feel they are taken into account and they have a saying in the decisions made in the organization. However, do not use this resource too much, some leaders spend more time in meetings than actually working on the tasks to make their team successful.


When communicating with people from outside your team, it is a good idea to establish communication via email. Make sure you don’t send too many, people might get bored from reading them. Also, keep in mind not to write emails that are too long, instead, go straight to the point and express your ideas in a concrete way.


If you consider that calling can be a good option you may do it with some of your collaborators, This resource is used especially when things are very urgent or when there is an emergency. Try not to resort to this since today people receive a lot less calls than before.

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