Stop uploading your data! Just link your notebook with google drive

After this tutorial you’ll be able to connect every dataset or file system with google drive. But after that you have to look two features

  • Google colab asks you to acceed to ur drive content, so keep caution.

  • After giving permissions you won’t have to reload your data every 10 minutes as the traditional way.

Let’s do it!

  1. Import the google drive library
    from google.colab import drive
    drive.mount('/gdrive/My Drive')
  2. Set your drive up
    drive.mount('/gdrive/My Drive')
  3. Save your file’s path to any variable

my_path = '/gdrive/My Drive/my_dataset/firulais.csv'

  1. Work with several tools. For example I use here cifar to load some dataset to a google drive folder

cifar = datasets.CIFAR10('/gdrive/ My Drive/dl-pytorch/datasets', download = True)

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