triunfar en una entrevista de trabajo

think before you answer
Answer clearly and briefly
Always tell the truth
If they ask you about yourself, emphasize your training, experience and results of your work
Don’t use fancy words
Do not respond with evasions or doubts, or with monosyllables
Try not to use blunt expressions “always, never”, nor use catchphrases “I mean”, “this”, “well”…
Show enthusiasm for the job, but don’t beg for it
Do not speak ill of the companies in which you have worked
Do not refuse to answer questions
If they ask you questions such as: if you go on a trip with your boyfriend/girlfriend, what do they ask for one or two rooms? respond that in your opinion that matter is irrelevant to deduce your suitability for the position you are applying for. Say it seriously but not aggressively. These questions assess your emotional control
Think and respond positively
Don’t say you need the job terribly
Do not criticize past entrepreneurs
if you don’t have experience:: Don’t say, “I just finished my studies and I don’t have professional experience” approach the answer differently… "I am available to work and willing to put into practice all the knowledge I have acquired in my studies

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