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The secret is really simple:
Leave the fear! and every day practice what you learn.

Share, there is always someone willing to listen to you.



Curso de Inglés para principiantes

The Alphabet
• A: ei
• B: bi
• C: si
• D: di
• E: i
• F: ef
• G: gi
• H: ei
• I: ai
• J: yei
• K: key
• L: el
• M: em
• N:
• O: ou
• P: pi
• Q: kiu
• R: ar
• S: es
• T: ti
• U: iu
• V: vi
• W: dobel iu
• X: eks
• Y: uai
• Z: zi

  1. Candle
  2. Popcorn
  3. Keys
  4. Orange
  5. Umbrella
  6. Yoga
  7. Ice Creams
  8. Sand
  9. Zebra
  10. Grass
    How do you spell that?
    • Computer
    • Clock
    • Robot
    • My name is Christian. My name is spelled C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N

Number 1-30
• One
• Two
• Three
• Four
• Five
• Six
• Seven
• Eight
• Night
• Ten
• Eleven
• Twelve
• Thirteen
• Fourteen
• Fifteen
• Sixteen
• Seventeen
• Eighteen
• Nineteen
• Twenty
• Twenty-one
• Twenty-two
• Twenty-three
• Twenty-four
• Twenty-five
• Twenty-six
• Twenty-seven
• Twenty-eight
• Twenty-nine
• Thirty
How many dogs are there?
There are three books
How many books are there?
There are eight books

How many billiard balls are there?
There are fifteen billiard balls

How many color pencils are there?
There are twenty-one color pencils

How many candles are there?
There are seventeen candles

  1. There are Four Kittens
  2. There are Twenty apples
  3. There are Thirteen golf balls
  4. There are Eight cupcakes
  5. There are Five robots
  6. There are Six books
  7. There are Ten hands
  8. There are Fourteen Rose
  9. There are Nineteen cups
  10. There are Thirty balloons

What time is it?

Preposition of time
In, on, at


  1. I go to work on Monday in the morning
  2. I go to the bank on Tuesday in the afternoon
  3. I go to school on Wednesday in the morning
  4. I go to the gym on Thursday at night
  5. I go to the restaurant on Friday in the evening
  6. I go to the park on Sunday in the afternoon

Hello and goodbye
• Hi
• Hello
• How are you?
• Good morning
• Good afternoon
• Good evening

• Bye
• Goodbye
• See you later
• Take care

Introducing yourself
I am Paola.
My last name is spelled M A R T I N.
I am 31 years old.
I am Canadian.

Complete the text
Good morning.
My name is gyna
My last name is spelled Pedraza
I am 29 years old. I am from New York City.

Jobs and personality

Verb to be
• I  am
• He, she, it  is
• You, we, they  are

  1. She is a doctor
  2. He is a teacher
  3. He is a student at Platzi
  4. She is a chef
  5. They are pilots

Jobs and personality
• She is a doctor
• She is happy
• She is a teacher
• She is angry
• They are policemen
• They are funny
• He is an actor
• He is serious
• He is a student
• He is intelligent


  1. He is angry
  2. They are funny
  3. You are serious
  4. I am happy
  5. She is intelligent
  6. She is a nurse
  7. He is a dancer
  8. She is an athlete
  9. She is a developer
  10. I am an architect

• This is a bakery
• This is a hospital
• This is an airport
• This is a school
• This is a pharmacy
• This is a bank
• This is a bookstore
• This is a train station


  1. This is an airport
  2. This is a pharmacy
  3. This is a Pet store
  4. This is a bookstore
  5. This is a library
  6. This is a hospital
  7. This is a restaurant
  8. This is a bank
  9. This is a school
  10. This is a bakery
  11. This is a post office
  12. This is a movie theater
  13. This is a train station

Preposition of place

• The apple is on the box
• The apple is between the two boxes
• The apple is behind the box
• The apple is in front of the box
• The apple is in front of the box
• The apple is next to the book

• The school is next to the restaurant
• The police station is between the bank and the store
• The drug store is in front of the police station

What do you like to do?
• I like to watch TV
• I like to cook
• I like to run in the park
• I like to play guitar

• Cook
• Swim
• Play Soccer
• Do yoga
• Listen to music
• Exercise
• Run
• Play the guitar
• Paint

Likes vs dislikes
• I like to dance
• I don’t like to exercise
• I like to play soccer
• I don’t like to play tennis
• I like to eat pasta
• I don’t like to eat fish

• I like to reading
• I don’t like to smoke

Adverbs of frequency
• 0%: Never
• 5%: Rarely
• 10%: Seldom
• 30%: Occasionally
• 50%: Sometimes
• 70%: Often
• 80%: Frequently
• 90%: Usually
• 100%: Always
Rules adverbs of frequency
Noun + Frequency + action
Example: I never drink coffee.

Sometimes I go to the beach.

• I never eat cereal for breakfast
• I always go to the park on Sunday
• Our father occasionally cooks dinner
• She often drinks tea
• My mother is seldom angry
• Sometimes they watch tv in the afternoon
• The baby rarely cries
• I usually go to work at 7 o’clock

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