How to use prepositions of time: in / at / on

We use “In” with:

  • Parts of the day: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening
  • Months: in november, in july, in february
  • Seasons: in summer, in fall, in winter, in spring
  • Years, decades and centuries: in 2005, in the 1960’s, in the 21st century

We use “at” with:

  • Clock time: at 3:00, at 8:35, at 12 noon
  • Single words that mean a time of the day: at Night, at Midday
  • With certains words or phrases like: at the beginning of, at the end of, at that time, at the moment

We use “on” with:

  • Days: on Monday, on Friday, on Sunday
  • Dates: on November 20th, on Christmas Day, on Graduation Day
  • Parts of the day that are specific: on Tuesday Morning, on Saturday night, on the Night of May 9th.
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