First P: Preparation

Definition of STTIP (Setting, Time, Tools, Ingredients, Practice).
First P: Preparation.
Before you start, consider STTIP.

  • Informal or formal?
  • Who are you talking to?
  • Where are you?
    Time: How much time do you have?
  • To prepare
  • To talk
  • To answer questions
    Tools: What do you use for the presentation?
  • Slides
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Video meeting software
  • Audio only
    Ingredients: What ingredients will you put on de presentation?
  • Your style
  • Rhetorical Questions
  • Stories
    Practice: How will you practice?
  • Alone
  • With a Partner
  • With a Coach
    Tips for formal presentation
    • Slide Design (for your audience)
    Make informative and clear slides.
    • How to make an outline (For you)
    Record the main points.
    Tips for informal presentation: small talk
    It is a little bit flexible.
    • Introduce yourself
    • Ask questions AND listen
    • Share details about yourself

• Do all the talking
• Ask questions WITHOUT listening
• Share TOO much
Avoid religion and politics.

When do you correctly, small talk can?
• Be fun
• Help you make new connections
• Learn more about other cultures.

How to practice
3 Way to practice.

  • Alone. Record yourself.
    o Timing
    o Audio
    o Video
    o Take notes.
    o Repeat
  • With a partner
    o Partners give you suggestions.
    o You can learn from their style.
  • With a coach
    o Faster progress
    o Learn new techniques.
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