How to ask questions to understand tasks and requirements

Types of questions

Closed questions:
Only have 1 correct answer:
Do you like the red shirt or the blue? red/blue
Did you go to the party? yes/no

Open questions:
They have many different answers
What is your job? -> a lot of answers

Probing questions: (pregunta de sondeo)
To get an idea to the level of your audience.
Has anyone here led a marketing campaign?

Leading questions: (pregunta inductiva)
We use them because we want someone to get to a specific point.
You can’t cook so I can assume that you go out to eat all the time…
So the person maybe answer YES because we leading the, there.

Loaded question:
You can’t cook, so you must burn your food all the time, and your food tastes horrible. Right?

Funnel questions: (it starts broad and then go down to a very specific question).
Do you like cats or dogs? dogs. okay - Do you like big o dogs or small dogs?. I like small dogs
Do you like pugs or chihuahuas?

Recall and process questions:
When I ask you something that we already talked before.
Process question is about a certain process
What do you think about the main character? there’s no right answers, there’s no awrong but anyway starts a conversation go in.

Rhetorical questions:
The answers is usually obvious, so you don’t have to answer because is rhetorical question.

The 5 whys
A method that we can use to identify the core or the route of a problem. (Sometimes the problem isn’t actually the reason).
For this we have to ask why 5 times.
That 5 whys state is a very good way to find the real problem and fix it once and for all.

Know who to ask
Make sure you ask to the right person to obtain what you need.
For this you need to know the role of each person.

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