Do/Does como verbo y/o auxiliar.

Do/Does como verbo y/o auxiliar.

Utilizado como verbo Do/Does en comparación a otros verbos en este caso el verbo like/likes

“She likes to exercise”

Do/Does podria ser el verbo pero en este caso ya se esta usando el verbo like/likes. un ejemplo con Do/Does sería:

“She does exercise”

En combinación con otros verbos su uso es como auxiliar Do/Does y se utiliza par oraciones interrogativas y negativas.

“She Doesn’t like excercise”

“Does she likes excercise”


He, She, ItDoes
You, We, TheyDo
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Great apport, Ismael, about the use of do/does as verb and auxiliary. However, when you are referencing to a third person about an action like your example.
She doesn’t like exercise
It’s okay, you aren’t including the s, es, ies, exception, but, this rule applied as well for the question form. The result should be
Does she like exercise? Without the s.

un año

Yeah, great contribution!