How to use correctly the definite article “the”

Source: https://platzi.com/clases/2504-conjunciones-superlativos/42299-when-to-use-or-not-the-definite-article-the/
Only use it in the next cases:

  1. Something already mentioned.
  2. Something/someone unique.
  3. A particular person.
  4. Adjectives for a group.
  5. Family names.
  6. Musical instruments.
  7. Newspaper names.
  8. Systems or services.
  9. Organizations.
  10. Something unique in the context.
  11. A particular place.
  12. Famous monuments, buildings, museums, works of art, etc.
  13. Hotels, bars, pubs, and restaurants.
  14. Ordinal numbers.
  15. Decades.
  16. Geographical areas, groups of rivers, mountain ranges, and oceans.
  17. Countries if they include: republic, kingdom, states, or plural names.
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