When learning English there is no magic trick, like everything in life, it requires effort and commitment. In any case, we have some tips for you to enjoy the incredible journey of learning a new language, especially English.

To start studying English, it is best to have the help of a teacher. It is vital to have someone who motivates you and tells you which is the easiest path to follow.

If you are one of those who prefer to study alone or first want to see if you are interested in the language on your own, then the following 5 tips will help you walk.

train the ear

From our first minutes alive as babies we begin to hear sounds and voices and eventually begin to relate these to what we see. Little by little we are assimilating vocabulary by listening to our parents and relatives.

First, we start by copying the sounds we hear and as our memory improves, we begin to form our first sentences. The process of learning a new language is similar to what happened when we were children.

Listen to our help to learn English. We learn to speak English first by listening and then by repeating. Listening comprehension is one of the most important characteristics and should be one of the first to be developed.

To start training your ear you can start watching movies with subtitles, interviews or talks. Through the subtitles I try to understand what is being said and try to repeat it by imitating the pronunciation of the words. Although it seems that it is useless, little by little you are training your ear and incorporating vocabulary.

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