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Basic vocabulary

Getting a large vocabulary in English takes time, it is best to start with the basic things that you observe in everyday life. For example you can start learning colors, numbers and animals.

One strategy you can use to incorporate basic English is to build your own dictionary with words arranged by topic. In this way it will be easier for you to remember and relate the different terms. It also allows you to start with the topics that most interest you.
interest and more useful to you.

attainable goals

When learning a new language like English, it is always important to set different goals that are realistic and measurable. For example, you can propose to learn fifteen words per week or learn twenty phrases per month.

Write down your goals, set a time frame, and assess how well you did when that deadline is met. If it was too easy then your next challenge should be a bit more complex and if it was too hard try going a bit slower. The important thing is to stay motivated and engaged.


try to think in english

Although it sounds weird and seems unnatural, this is a great tool that helps considerably to incorporate the English language. Before doing anything we think, this is how human beings work, try to make those thoughts in English.

It is normal that at first before speaking you think about what you are going to say in Spanish, translate it in your mind and then say it in English. But, if you directly think about it in English, you will be able to communicate more fluently. Doing this exercise is a great way to add words that you use all the time to your vocabulary.

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