📝 Summary: Why We Struggle Learning Languages | Gabriel Wyner | TEDxNewBedford

Source: Why We Struggle Learning Languages | Gabriel Wyner | TEDxNewBedford

By Luis Francisco Montero Hernández @luisframontero

  • Myth about learning English: Kids are exceptionally good at learning languages, and when we grow up, we lose that gift.
  • Learning languages is correlated with the time exposure to the language.
  • If a kid and an adult are exposed to a new language the same frame of time, the adult has better exploitation and learning.
  • Real advantage of the children: they are fearless.
  • Other advantage of the children is the advantage of time (we don’t have 15,000 hrs to learn any language).
  • Use space repetition system (flashcards on steroids) in order to learn a Language.
  • When you combine image and sound, they interconnect and form memory, and an experience could be interconnected to to images and sounds in order to make strong connections and memories.
    ++* If you want to learn a language efficiently, you need to give that language life. ++
    * Every sounds needs to be connected to images, and senses, and emotions, and tastes.
  • Grammar cannot be an abstract gramatical code, it needs to be something to help to tell your story and your life.
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