ūüėĪThe unbelievable dream


All of a sudden, I was in a jungle, alone and wondering what could happen if I didn’t manage to get out of that amazing but dangerous place. I didn’t even have a compass and my cell phone didn’t have any signal. What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to run? scream? cry? I thought to myself that it could be just a dream but in case I was wrong, I started to look for a safer place to stay and due to the night was near, I also was looking for some pieces of wood in order to make a bonfire.
I remember that I walked miles and miles and whenever I went, I couldn‚Äôt manage to find anything I had in mind. At this time, I was very frightened, and I was about to desperately scream and only the memory of my mother could get up my courage. I was wondering what I needed to do to wake up from this extremely dream and then I started to listen some steps coming in my direction, so I thought: ‚ÄúI had better start to move out of here because maybe they are hunters‚ÄĚ So that was I did, I started to run until I arrived on a river, then I was crossing it to get the other shore when I fell down and the water started to pulling me through the current. I thought that it would be the end when I remembered that I had taken swimming classes, so I started to fight against the current. I was happy because I finally could find how my swimming classes were of use to save my life.
Now I was on the other shore in search of new opportunities I thought, but what I didn’t know was that it would be just the start of a series of dramatic situations.
Only after 5 minutes of walking, I could hear the roar of a tiger, what got me totally freaked out. It had given me to understand I was in a riskier place, because I had never heard that kind of sound on the other side of the river. So Immediately I wanted to return to the river, but I couldn’t remember the path I had followed. If I had marked my path, it would have been easier to find the river. I was so desperate and exhausted that I fainted. When I opened my eyes, I was in a cabin with other people. If I hadn’t read a hospital signal in there, I would have thought I was in danger. Finally, I have arrived in a safer place. They asked me some questions and just then I realized it wasn’t a dream. What have happened was that when I was dancing in a disco, some people had kidnapped me and bought me here, according to what they told me, to extract my organs in order to traffic with then, so now I could remember the steps I had hear previously, so they were chasing me. After that, they told me I would be able to take the next flight to Lima unless the weather got worse, so the peace returned to my soul.

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