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Ana Karina Gonz谩lez

Ana Karina Gonz谩lez

Public speaking 101

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My current challenges in Public Speaking
I could identify three main weaknesses on me:

  1. Body language: I can explain clearly ideas but when I do a speech, my body sometimes doesn鈥檛 connect with my words. It鈥檚 common that I don鈥檛 do well-justified movements.
  2. Rising and falling intonation: When I speak my tone is neutral for that reason (sometimes) the audience wouldn鈥檛 pay attention to my speech.
  3. Facial expressions: It鈥檚 difficult to me express my feelings through my face. I would like to connect my fluent words with my gestures.

My current challenges:

  • I am affraid to talk in public.
  • I haven鈥檛 a big vocabulary.
  • I need more practice to develop my speaking

My current challenges are:
Making powerfull speeches
Talk concise and precise
Add the perfect dose of emotions

I get nervous, so it becomes difficult for me to articulate thoughts and ideas.

  • In my mother language, I鈥檓 a good speaker. However, in English, it鈥檚 hard to explain my ideas fluidly.
  • At the beginning of my presentation about the topic I want to teach of course I feel nervous and I speak really quickly but with some minutes I into the flow and everything it鈥檚 easier than the beginning.

I like speaking in public. I speak very well at presentations at the university. But I never speak in an auditory of more than 30 people. 馃槮

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  1. Me pongo un poco nervioso al hablar en p煤blico.
  2. No puedo transmitir mis ideas de la forma que me gustar铆a.
  3. No me puedo expresar corporalmente, no s茅 como hacerlo y adem谩s me da verg眉enza.
  4. No puedo improvisar, me tengo que aprender las cosas de memoria.
  5. No puedo hacer entonaciones que acompa帽en lo que quiero decir, todo el discurso tiene el mismo tono.
  6. Estoy aprendiendo a articular mi mensaje y darlo de una manera objetiva y que se comprenda.
  7. Cuando hablo, lo hago de una forma muy r谩pida, supongo por intentar acabar r谩pido, lo que ocasiona que mi mensaje no se entienda.
  8. Tiendo a olvidar palabras que quiero decir y me trabo en vez de improvisar y buscar nuevas palabras.

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  • How to handle a big crowd?
  • Experience. I need more experience on stage. In different situations, from an educational or motivational speech to a stand-up routine.
  • Be able to manage my team better. Being aware of what it is important to say instead of running the pace to say everything.
  • Improvisation, an ability that I want to improve.

Hi, here are my current challenges:

  • I鈥檓 afraid of talking to the camera
  • I have to practice and polish my pronunciation
  • I get nervous when talking with other people
  • I don鈥檛 have a huge vocabulary
  • I鈥檓 not fluent yet
  • Even when i麓m prepared i feel nervous in front of a croud
  • I need a lot of preparation
  • i need to understand what i麓m saing
    -i feel ansious in front of a croud.
  • Is dificoult to me articulate thougts and ideas

Demonstrates your knowledge

  • Articulate thoughts clearly & effectively
  • Develop vocabulary & fluency
  • Build professional growth

Demonstrates your confidence

  • Stand out
  • Reinforce your leadership skills
  • Helps drive change
  • Personal satisfaction

My Public Speaking Challenges:

  • Repeat a lot of fillers
  • Forget what I鈥檓 going to say
**My current challenges in Public Speaking:** 1.Lack of confidence. 2.Deal with challenging people.

two reasons why public speaking is very important demonstrate your knowledge.
you develop vocabulary in fluency due to the fact that you are exercising that beautiful mind of yours,

You are at your best when you are able to articulate thoughts clearly and effectively. You are at your best when you are able to communicate everything you are thinking in words and be able to talk to others.
you build professional growth, Being able to speak in public makes it a great opportunity for you to express and show your knowledge.

benefits of public speaking. Discuss why it is so important and why we must all get out of the comfort zone and start making ourselves available to always speak in public. The ability that someone has to address an audience face to face or through a camera is what we call that person who has public speaking skills.

My current challenges in Public speaking: * I became an insecure person and it's difficult to share my ideas and emotions // become more secure to be able to share my ideas and emotions * I don't change my tone of voice, so everything sounds like a robot // Improving different tones of voice as people follow my speech * I don't interact with people // I need to see people's faces and interact with the people as they can follow and they feel part of the talk

quiero aprender programacion

My mainly challenge when I try to speak (English) in public is don't find the correct words to say a clear and direct message
I am scared to speak to a camera or in publci because I start thinking that people are looking at me and are making fun of me, or that people are going to judge me based on my performance, based on how I look and that I am not going to be good enough for it.
I like speaking in public, but i want to perfect my technique, improve, airn to reach listeners bether.

thank you

Mi biggest challenge is being able to speak about a subject in english as good as I do it in spanish.

My current challenges are:

  • Sometimes I don鈥檛 find the right moment to give my opinion in a discussion
    -鈥淪ometimes I鈥檓 afraid to express my opinion.鈥
  • "I need to make videos on social media because I love it, but I鈥檓 embarrassed to speak on camera and exposing myself.
  1. My voice breaks when i speak in public.
  2. Doesnt matter how good I prepare my presentation, when i鈥檓 in front, i cant help but have terrible thoughts about how bad it will be, and i get distracted by seeing my audience鈥檚 faces.
  3. I would love to improvise more, specially in meetings where people, out of nowhere, ask for my oppinion.

My challenges are:

  1. I鈥檓 not totally confident.
  2. My body lenguaje is poor
  3. I can speak to small groups but not a big audience.
  4. My mind often goes blank

I鈥檓 currently working for a multinacional company that builds teams across the globe, I usually work with people from different countries in Europe and It鈥檚 quite a challange to communicate effectively my ideas. I know they understand what I鈥檓 saying and the fact that english is not my native language, but I want to improve every day to reach higher roles.

what a good class

Current speaking challenges:

  • Although I have great ideas and information while I speak, I noticed that the general tone or energy of my voice is not appropriate.
    -I tend to talk quickly
    -My facial expressions do not convey confidence or security

My current challenges in public speaking:

  1. I have scenic panic.

  2. I feel like I don鈥檛 have the ability to give a good speech.

  3. I haven鈥檛 a big vocabulary.

My current challenges are:

  • Developed more confidence of myself when I speak in public.
  • Motivate the other people to listen to me when I speak in public.

Public speaking is very important to broadcast ideas and thought. It鈥檚 a skill that, if you improve it, it makes you growth your personal and professional career.

my current challenge is to create speeches that inspire and mobilize beliefs in people 馃棧锔

que mal ponern de titulo en espa帽ol y entro y veo q esta en ingles no enga帽en a la gente pues

I still can鈥檛 talk looking at the camera, actually talking virtually is my biggest challenge
I think I have areas for improvement when teaching face-to-face courses

My actual challenge is to develop better communication skills in order to communicate a 90% of my ideas in English and Spanish, because I鈥檓 not planing to have too many speeches, but I鈥檓 a Journalist and I really want to communicate myself in the most clear and understandable way.

  • To Explain, simplify or summarize complex or long ideas in a good manner in order to be clear for my audience.

  • To Catch the attention of my audience or receptors and maintain them gripped with my ideas (Using tricks like good tone of voice, avoid pet words or pet phrases and also a good rhythm in my speech or ideas).

  • To Communicate myself quickly; avoiding ramblings or running in circles around the same idea or argument.

My current challenges in public speaking

  1. i want to talk fluently on front of others without feel scared or scenic panic
  2. i need improve my vocabulary and social skills
  3. In my job im constantly talking with others

I could identify that sometimes when I鈥檓 speaking the other person didn鈥檛 listen to me.

As a spanish native speaker i think that my biggest fear it is to not be able to communicate my ideas in properly in the english language. But I also believe that it is a challenge that i am working on.

Hi , I am Daniel , my current public speaking experiences are as a teacher in the University. One of my biggest challlenges are: - Online clases: To keep the students motivated throughout all the class. - To avoid the use of 鈥渕uletillas鈥, sorry I forgot this expression in english, but it is about to tend a use a word several times when i am speaking. - Call to a action: This idea i took from Freddy Vega course and it is about to connect the theory with the practice.

My current challenges:

  • My body language doesn鈥檛 explain my words and my movement鈥檚 doesn鈥檛 is correct
  • My intonation when I speak, my tone is really neutral and don鈥檛 transmit my emotions.
  • Volume voice is really low because I鈥檓 nervous
  • I鈥檓 Neutral. My Face is really difficult to express my feelings through my face.

I need more practice

++My current challenges in Public Speaking

  • I need more practice to develop my speaking.
  • Be able to manage diferentes teams or manage interactive audiencie
  • Generate confidence when I speak.
  • Speak more fluency.

When i do online speaking is a lot easier and i can share a lot of things, bur when i do it in person, i fail in these things:

  • Im not fast enough or prepared to answer people questions at the end of the presentation
  • Visual contact is non-existent
  • I dont make participation dynamics or use techniques to keep public atention

My challenges are:

  1. Generate confidence when I speak.
  2. Generate empathy.
  3. Make my public speaking fun.
  4. Control my timing and tone.

My current challenges in Public Speaking are:

  • To create a great & consistent speech with a vast vocabulary.
  • To find a place for practice my presentation with the correct audience (everyone with same level of understanding upper intermidiate - advance of native speakers).
  • Struggles with my memory 馃槶.
  • Domain the use of phrasal verbs precesily.
  • Practice the power of humor with several attendes.

I think my challenge is: not to forget every idea I want to share.

鈥 I truly don鈥檛 have a bad time when I must to public speak but when someone rise their hand ask something I get nervous because I am not quite sure if I will have the answer so it鈥檚 difficult when that happens
鈥 When people are talking and checking their watch the clock it鈥檚 terrifying because it seems that when I am talking is not interesting, so I lost the attention and start to ramble
鈥 In my opinion, I do not have a huge impact over the audience as I would like due to my speech is not powerful

My current challenges are:

  • Improve my speaking skills.
  • Speak more fluency.
  • Feel more comfortable when I鈥檓 speaking English.

My current challenges:

  • is to talk more slowly and first getting control of my thoughts of what I麓m going to say.
  • Modulating my pitch. I tend to talk always in a high pitch and I want to modulate my voice tone.
  • My mind tends to be blocked when I麓m in front of people. I don麓t feel nervous but sometimes I forget of the right words to use.
  • Be more fluent
  • Vocalize
  • Confidence
  • Articulate thougths
  • Open my mind to use more vocabulary instead of use the same words
  • Crutches (muletillas)

It gives me anxiety when I have to talk to somebody, I can stutter; but, my body language it鈥檚 ok, also my vocabulary,. My pronunciation is fine, I need to practice more, but I鈥檓 on the way to get it.

I need to work in my breathing. I need to make pauses. I need to speak more fresh. I need to speak like when I speak with my friends.

One of my biggest challenges is to control my anxiety before and during speaking in public. When I get nervous I forget what I was about to say, even if I had it already in my mind.
And due to this anxiety, I start mixing words and not being fluent at all.

My current challenges in public speaking

I think I should improve my habilities in rising and falling intonation, because in some moments I don鈥檛 make the intonation correctly. On the other hand I guess that I improve my listening and reading skills because it refine my knowledge, if I haven鈥檛 topics or ideas to discuss, I can鈥檛 make a great speech

My current speaking challenge are:

  1. Lack of body language: I know that it is very important to express an idea and be sure that we are sharing what we want to.
  2. Intonation: Do not talk at the same level, use low and high pitch.
  3. Lack of confidence: I need to practice more to be confident talking in a crowd and in front of a camera. And avoid talking fast, and do to connect with people, expressing my ideas and message accurately.

My current challenges in public speaking

  • I鈥檓 afraid of speaking in public
  • Lack of ideas and creativity when thinking of a topic to talk about
  • Lack of confidence
  • I have limited vocabulary.
  • A long time ago since I speak in public (in my native language)
  • I have no experiences talking in public/video in another language.
    . I鈥檓 not a fluent speaker

My weaknesses on me :
I am affraid to talk in public (spanish or english), that鈥檚 my strong weakness
I haven鈥檛 a huge vocabulary
Sometimes the ideas in my head aren鈥檛 clearly

My current challenges in Public Speaking:

1. Articulating my thoughts.

  • Whenever I鈥檓 going to give a presentation, I might have an idea of what I want to say, but somehow it鈥檚 hard to put them into perspective.

2. Body Language.

  • Once I already have what I want to say, I have no idea of where to put myself or what to do with my body while speaking. Nowadays it鈥檚 not that hard due to video calls, but when I have to stand up, I have no clue what to do.

3. Speed.

  • I鈥檝e noticed that I tend to speak kinda fast and sometimes this whether makes me run out of air, makes my message harder to understand or I forget what to say cause I鈥檓 always thinking of the next idea.

I mainly struggle with body language and breath management, especially in English. When speaking in Spanish, however, I tend to move a lot, but my intonation is mostly neutral. And about fears and stuff like that, those feelings are long gone, fortunately.

Those are my current challenges in public speaking:

  1. Entonation. I talk really soft and it is very dificcult for me to make falling and rising tones.
  2. Body comunication: Sometimes, I鈥檓 seem like a robot. I have difficulties with movements and facial expresion to complement the comunnication process.
  3. To be afraid. I鈥檓 really afraid to public speacking. I guess it happens because I鈥檓 afraid of being wrong in front of more people.

I could identify these challenges:
1. To speak in public
2. To demonstrate more info with my expressions and hands
3. Be more emotional in my speech

I have several challenges in speaking English and I want to improve it with this course.

  • Have the capacity to communicate my ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Do my best to pronounce the English words better and sounds more native.
  • And the last one, sound more fluent when speaking.

鉁岋笍 Tips to get confidence speaking in public

馃殌 - Grow your vocabulary
馃殌 - Practice impromptu speaking
馃殌 - Learn how to give and receive feedback

My challenges:
鈥 Increase vocabulary
鈥 control my feelings when I鈥檓 nervous
鈥 connect words
鈥 improve body movements
鈥 feel and show confidence

My main challenges are my body language and facial expressions, as well as my fluency with words (even in Spanish).

Very good exercise. I don鈥檛 use to think of my weaknesses, but I have many and especially if we are talking about public speaking.
Since a was a child, I used to do what other people said, I was just like a follower, and for everything, I said: 鈥測es, what you say is ok鈥. But now it鈥檚 time to change, and I know that I鈥檒l do it 馃挭馃挌馃

My current public speaking challenges.

  • Confidende to speak an audience in english.

  • More vocabulary to add on sentences.

  • Get fluency building and explaing ideas.

  • Practice pronunciation everyday and tongue exercies.

My current challenge is:
To modulate my pace because I know I have good grammar structure but when I speak in English I tend to speak very fast and I make mistakes, so I need to slow down and be more aware of it.

My public speaking challenges are:

  • Communicate my ideas precisely
  • Feel confident when speaking to others

With Platzi I鈥檓 improving each time more my English, but for me sometimes is difficult to have fluent speaking, because sometimes suddenly I forgot the word or their definition in English and my mind automatically block, that is my big challenge continues speaking without entering in panic

My current challenges are:

  • Improve my pronunciation

  • be able to give chat about technology topics

  • increase my confidence and vocabulary

my public speaking challenge are:

  • I want to be confident
  • I tihink the humor is very important, but how can I be funny and interesting at the same time?

Those are my weakness

  1. Assertive communication
  2. Pronunciation skill
  3. To be empathic with everyone
  4. Making powerful speeches.

My challenges for public speaking are:
-Overcoming my stage fright
-Feel sure of the knowledge I have
-Be more sure of my English skills

My challanges are:

  1. Speaking with fluency.
  2. Improve my speaking in a interviews.
  3. Improve my speaking for business.

My weaknesses are:

  • I鈥檓 not confident.
  • I get nervous when I forget something in English.
  • I don鈥檛 have a vast vocabulary.
  • I鈥檓 always scared when I need to do something new.

My current challenge are:

  • Practice my English skills
  • Be more confident

My current challenges are:

  • Extend my vocabulary
  • Say what is necessary
  • Stay focus
  • Learn how to improvise
  • Speak louder and clear

My current challenges:

  • More confidence when I鈥檓 speaking
  • Speack fluently and more native
  • Be talkative
  • Express my ideas, get into new topics and improve myself without get nervous
  • accept that mistakes can be made and it鈥檚 nothing to be ashamed of in public speaking

My current challenges:

  1. Be more fluently on English speaking
  2. Use new vocabulary
  3. Be more confident on speeches
  4. Add emotions to the speech

Public speaking helps in many different areas it鈥檚 something that all of us should be working on

My next challenge is:

Being more confident in my presentations in English, sometimes I鈥檓 shy and nervous

Well, in Spanish language, i`m a good speaker in speeches. But I think who I Have a few problems to solve in public speaking:

1- Show more confidence from myself
2- Correct the use of 鈥渇illers鈥(muletillas in Spanish).

In English I have not experience in speeches
But I think who maybe are the same problerms.


  • That there鈥檚 someone else more expert than I in the subject
  • Not being passionate enough
  • Making mistakes
  • The Slides
  • Fear of failure

i love this course 鈥

Demonstrate your confidence