What will you learn about intentions and complex comparisons


Bienvenido o bienvenida al Curso de Ingl茅s Intermedio Alto B2: Intenciones y Comparaciones Complejas donde mejorar谩s tus habilidades de ingl茅s.

Todo lo que aprender谩s en este curso

Te encuentras comenzando un curso intermedio/avanzado de Ingl茅s, por lo que ya deber铆as tener un buen manejo del idioma, ya sea las habilidades de speaking, reading, writing y listening.

A lo largo del curso continuar谩s mejorando tu ingl茅s e incorporando vocabulario relacionado con:

  • Continuous actions in the future and in the past
  • Reporting statements
  • Appearance statements
  • Usefulness and lack of usefulness
  • Intentions and plans in the past
  • Beliefs and opinions of the past
  • Acquired information
  • Offer advice and suggestions
  • Express regret about the past
  • Emphasize a statement
  • Complex comparisons
  • Comments about people, animals, objects, ideas, and places
  • Expressions: 鈥渁s soon as鈥, 鈥渁s much as鈥

Si te sientes preparado o preparada. Let鈥檚 go!

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Hi my name is Claudia, I鈥檓 from Peru 馃嚨馃嚜. I am very excited to learn. 馃摑馃摎. #NeverStopLearnign 馃挌馃殌

I鈥檓 ready 馃槂

My name is Leonardo, I鈥檓 from Colombia and I鈥檓 ready to start this course!

Hello, my name is Gabriel from Argentina.
I am living in the town of Vicente Lopez located north of the federal capital of my country.
My goal right now is to finish English school to improve my English.
Good luck to you all !!

Hi! My name is Waleska, my name is Russian but I鈥檓 from Venezuela. I鈥檓 currently living in Mendoza Argentina. I鈥檝e been trying to practice English for a long time but it鈥檚 time to do it consistently. Let鈥檚 see!

Hi my name is Claudia, I鈥檓 from Peru 馃嚨馃嚜. I am very excited to learn. 馃摑馃摎. #NeverStopLearnign 馃挌馃殌

Hi Seyma and all Platzy Comunity! I鈥檓 Jorge from Chile and i鈥檓 very excited to begin this curse. In fact, by doing the classification test, i鈥檝e discovered that my english level is higher than i believed. Full motivated, so let鈥檚 start learning!

Yes, excellent

I麓m ready!!

Good class
hola soy \[Gilberto Esp.]\(https://www.linkedin.com/in/gilbertoesp/) de M茅xico.馃嚥馃嚱馃/ Emocionado de leer a tantos de ustedes en los cursos avanzados de la Academia de Ingl茅s. 馃摉 Cuando se presenten dejen alg煤n link para hacer crecer la red de Platzi en otras plataformas.

ready to take the course

The key is parctice, participate and persist.

Hi my name is Carlos, I鈥檓 from Colombia and would like to improve my english vocabulary and fluenty

good bye

Hello! My name鈥檚 Diego, I just moved to Atlanta, USA, from Venezuela, and I chose Platzi to master my English. I鈥檓 very excited to start! 馃槂

I really want to step out from B2 to C1. hopefully with some effort I will accomplish it.
This appears to be a good opportunity for doing so, I鈥檓 pretty glee and full of expectations about these course videos.
Let鈥檚 get into it!!

Hello, my name is Nikole and I want to learn English to the extent that I can take courses that are 100% taught in this language.

Hello ticher


good afternom

very good

soo cool





I鈥檓 ready



Hello, my name is Diego Flores from Mexico. I living in Tijuana and I want to improve my English to apply for jobs in international companies.


Very good

excelente clase

Hello, my name is Estefany Loza, I am from El Salvador, I am very happy to learn with you.


Hello! My name is Kevin and I鈥檓 from Argentina. I did more than 30 English courses here in Platzi and this is another one for me. I want to continue improving my English skills.
Let鈥檚 go!

Hello! My name is Wendy

Hi my name is Wilmer, I鈥檓 from Bogota Colombia. I鈥檓 so excited with this course. I鈥檓 sure thar I鈥檓 going to learn a lot!

Hi Seyma! My name is Gemma, I鈥檓 from Per煤 and I鈥檓 very excited to start this class. 馃槂

Hi everyone! I麓m from Mexico but living in the US.

Hi, I鈥檓 Alexander
I鈥檓 from Costa Rica and I work as Graphic Designer.
It鈥檚 nice to meet you!

thank you Seyma, Im a nurse too!!

Hi, my name is Paula I am from El Salvador. I am ready to learn.

Excited to start this classes!

First class and I鈥檓 already excited! 馃挜馃寛

Hi, my name is Evelin. Iam from El Salvador. I am ready to learn.

hi my name is Jessica,I鈥檓 from in El Salvador

excellent classes

Hi, my name Mily I麓m from El salvador, I麓m excited to learnd more english in this module

Hello! My name is Victor Guandique. I麓m from El Salvador and I麓m excited to learn. My pleasure

Hello! My name is Alejandra, I鈥檓 from Honduras, and I鈥檓 ready to continue learning.

This is the first course I take in the medium-high level of English here in Platzi. I鈥檓 so excited! 馃槃

Happy to start a new course at Platzi English School!馃榿馃馃馃コ

Excellent class

this teacher is a little bit dull, sorry

I麓m Estefany, i麓m looking forward to improve my english and take review in many topics!

Hi, I`m Ana Silvia from El Salvador. i will do my best in this course.

I am ready!!


Hello, I麓m Jose Geronimo

Skater! how cool is that!

Me gustan estos videos

I鈥檓 ready

Thanks teacher, Im very excited for this course its my first class with you, let`s start

Vamos a darle!

Here we go! 馃槂

You can know when a course is going to be awesome and how much you鈥檒l learn just by watching the first class.

I had this feeling with this one. 馃馃敐

lets go! =)

Looks really interesting.

Let鈥檚 start !

I鈥檓 excited with a new teacher, i like to meet new accents 馃槂

I鈥檓 excited to start this course 馃槃

A lot of new things to learn. I鈥檓 ready

Looks amazing!